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today we are going to make delicious Gajar ka halwa it is a carrot based sweet
desert popular in the Indian subcontinent and it is also relished
along with vanilla ice cream let’s note down the ingredients we need 1 and 1/2
kgs grated carrots 1/2 a cup of refined oil almonds 8 to 10 chopped milk half a
liter granulated sugar 300 grams but you can adjust this according to your taste,
Khova 200 grams, Ghee 2 tablespoons and whole cinnamon sticks green cardamom and
cloves four each. Let’s move on and start making the Gajar ka halwa. Take a thick
bottom pan and put in the oil once it heats up, you can add the
whole cinnamon cardamom and cloves and fry it for a minute or two then we will add in the grated carrots we are going to fry this for a while
till the raw smell of carrots is no longer there and you can see the color
changing it turns into a pale orange color and as we cook it’s going to start
changing into a brighter orange we need to keep stirring in between
otherwise it will burn at the bottom if you can use a non-stick pan
that would be really nice as you can see the carrots have changed color now it
looks a brighter orange and now we are ready to add in the milk we need to cook it till the milk dries
up that will take around five to ten minutes and once the milk is dried we
are going to add in the Khova this is going to give the carrot halwa
rich flavor mix it in properly now you can see that the Khova is no
longer visible, it’s mixed nicely and now we are going to add in the sugar when we add in the sugar you can see
that the sugar gives out water when the sugar dissolves that’s no problem we
have to cook it for a longer time so that the water dries up again that’ll
take say about another five minutes the waters all dried up and you can see
the color of the carrot halwa is also changing it is turned into a deep orange color now we’re gonna add in the Ghee and also two pinches of saffron
or Zafran we are going to cook it for another two
to three minutes before the carrot halwa is ready this is a very popular desert and it’s
loved by everybody and it’s also served in marriages and other parties don’t miss to
serve Gajar ka halwa along with ice cream now we can transfer the Gajar ka halva
into a serving dish. Thanks for watching my video please do try this recipe and
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