Welcome back to another cooking video, I am
Chef Devaux and today I am going to teach you how to make two beautiful garnishes that
you can add to your sushi platters or any other food recipe for that matter, and just
elevate that presentation and make it a little bit more beautiful.
Okay, so let’s start with the carrot one first, let’s go.
Carrot Swirl Garnish Alright so you start off with a big carrot
and just cut a slice off one side to have a working surface, and then you take a cheese
knife or something similar to create a thin slice, and you make a thin slice with your
carrot, and then you take this thin slice, place it on a cutting board and grab your
knife. Now you cut 45° angle slices across your carrot which are 2.5cm wide, 1-inch,
and 7.5cm long, 3-inch, and you just make these slices all the way across your carrot,
however many. And once you’re done with that you take your carrot slice and you place it
in some slightly salted water. This will make it a bit pliable. After two or three minutes
you take it out and then you cut smaller incisions on the inside of the carrot which are about
2mm to 3mm wide and leave the top and bottom of your carrot slice uncut so it stays as
one piece — just like so. Once you’re done you pick it up and you curl
it tightly around a chopstick and then place it down on the cutting board and place something
on top of it to keep it in place for two or three minutes. After two or three minutes
have passed you take it off and then unwind it softly, and place it wherever you need
to and just feather out your curls, and voilà there you go, the carrot swirl is done.
Vegetable Twisties Alright, so now to make a very simple garnish,
it’s called a Triangle Twisty and literally you can make this with any vegetable. I am
just using a cucumber here. I am just going to cut the skin off and then I am going to
refine the edges of this piece I just cut off the cucumber to make it into a rectangle.
Alright, so now I am going to cut two slits into the rectangle leaving a margin about
2mm to 3mm on each side and cutting them from opposite sides to create three even parts
that are still united together in a sort of zigzag shape. Now I just bend the two arms
out and that makes a little triangle which just adds a little something to a plate, and
just livens it up a little bit. You can make these out of any vegetable, basically, and
the best thing is you can use scraps or leftovers to make these pieces of garnish — so that’s
great. Alright, so there we go, now you know how
to make these beautiful garnishes, it’s up to you to add them to your sushi platters
and any other food type, just elevate that presentation a little bit. Just make it look
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