**music plays** A lot of the students that I work with aren’t
sure of what they want to do and I think that the practical skills and the life skills that
you can pick up through hospitality…umm…are awesome, no matter what pathway you take. You know, post-school. **music** Yeah, I’ve always liked the idea of cooking, I’ve been doing it since I started high school. A lot of skills that I’ve found
we’ve learnt in the kitchen lately use a lot of time management, condensing everything
into 70 minutes. And then a lot of leadership is involved, and working as a team to get
everything done. Working in a rural area, I think the Gateway
to Industry Schools program’s great for, I guess, identifying what’s in the local
area. As far as producing a new workforce, the next generation of workers for our local
area, I think it’s great for that. Because, in Dalby we’re really based around a lot
of trades, a lot of agriculture, but with that we get seasonal workforces, which then
means that we’ve got a really strong hospitality industry for a town of our size. So, I think for me, being able to see, I guess,
tangible physical results from kids and their improvement, but then also see that the skills
I’m giving them can lead them straight into a job or a tertiary or vocational pathway
after school. I think, giving them those options is a great thing. But, once you can get them
in, get them working, particularly if they really enjoy what they’re doing, you can
see the progression really quickly, I think, and having real world opportunities for them,
yeah, gets that progress going, I think. Yeah, it does make me realise…umm…that
I’m on the right path. Since doing hospitality and doing home ec.(economics), I’ve realised
I want to go on the path of doing like events management and hospitality in the future. It’s not so much the actual skills that
you have related to that field, but more also the ability to, I guess, turn up on time,
wear your uniform correctly, present yourself well…things like that. But, also, in hospitality,
if you can make a coffee, that’s also (laughs) a helpful thing. **music plays**