Hi guys! Let’s start with another I Could Kill For Dessert! Today I’m going to prepare to you guys a Blackberry Jam with Porto Wine… Love, this thing is looking too crystallized… …that we can use on a salad… It’s not gathering leaves to eat! And I’m just going to drink some red wine, ok? Let’s start with the blackberry and Porto wine jam. You will need these ingredients that are right here on the side, which are: The zestes of an orange, 150 grams of sugar, 500 grams of frozen blackberries. Guys, you don’t need to buy fresh blackberries, cause they are expensive. Frozen blackberries are cheaper and it will look really pretty. 200ml of Porto wine, if Paulo didn’t drink all the wine. So let’s see… One small pan. The blackberries and Porto wine. The sugar. And the orange zestes. Turn on the stove. Mix it a little bit. There will form a little foam here, so we will take a ladle and take all this foam out. Now we’ll turn down the stove, but don’t stir too much or it will crystallize… And it will reduce for more or less 2 hours, at least one hour, but 2 hours would be ideal. For the salad we will need… One pack of arugula, one pack of oak leaf lettuce, 4 fresh figs, one pack of goat cheese, pink pepper to taste, salt to taste, and caramelized nuts, that I will teach you how to prepare. So let’s go! Let’s chop the arugulas… Salad is: gather the leaves and eat! But no, let’s “make” the salad… It’s not “gather the leafs” and eat! Ah right, it’s not… So, the lettuce is done… Take the edges of the figs out… Pink peper… Those who don’t like goat cheese, can use other white cheese… Macro Lens 50mm F 2.8 Now I’m going to caramelize the nuts, for us to use it on the salad. I’m going to chop the walnuts. Don’t walnuts look like a brain? The Brain, The Brain… The Brain and Pinky… One cup of coarse sugar. “It goes straight to the pan” The jam here is already creating foam. I’m taking some of it out… The caramel is almost ready, don’t let it over cook! There’s a very good technique to know if the caramel is good or not. You place your face above the pan. When the vapor comes up, and your eyes start to water, it’s because it’s at 170C, and the caramel is perfect, with the ideal taste, for you to use on the salad. So, the caramel is done. Now the nuts… Turn off the stove. Mix it quickly so the nuts can caramelize together. It’s important that is gets cold. Leave it here for a while. Guys, I’m going to take some of foam out again. It’s the entire time taking it out. Whenever you get the foam out, you’ll have a more shiny jam. So guys, the jam is ready! Now you mash the blackberries a little bit. Store them in little containers, But hum, love… Why are you putting them inside the containers? Aren’t you going to use it in the chicken, or the salad… I’m putting it inside the cups cause I’m going to take them to the fridge now. So it can get cold, and we can use it, ok? Instead of putting the entire pan… The double of work, right? “A little flourish is always welcome!” Doesn’t it look cute? So, let’s finish our salad now. This is a little hard anyway… “You let it get too cold!” “Chop the walnuts while they are still a little warm” I made it! So, here’s done! I’m going to put some on top of the salad. “And…mix it all” “Put the jam when you are about to serve” It turned out a light lunch, right? I think so… Super tasty! You can serve it as dinner. Anything, it’s perfect! Honestly, for me, it was a “I Could Kill” show! So, any comments, any doubts, suggestions, ask us! Click down here! Like! Thank you! And I hope you enjoyed it! I Could Kill For Dessert, and you? Subtitles by the Amara.org community