Hi Bold Bakers! In the past I have done videos that I call
Best Ever, like my Best Ever Chocolate Cake and my Best Ever Cinnamon Rolls. Now, I call these Best Ever because they are
the best recipes that I have come across over my career as a pastry chef. Today I’m going to share with you my Best
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and unfortunately for right now it is only available to the United States and Canada. [Crunches] Okay, that’s snacks out of the
way, let’s talk brownies. So now our first ingredient into the bowl
is melted butter. Now I get a lot of questions about the butter
I use– do I use salted or unsalted and I always use salted, ‘cause it gives that
little bit of extra flavor to all of your baking. But it’s honestly up to you what you want
to do. So our next ingredient is brown sugar. Now I love to bake with brown sugar because
it gives your baking a lovely caramel rich flavor. If you don’t have brown sugar, you can always
use white, and also, I have a. Video of how you can make your own brown sugar
on BiggerBolderBaking.com along with the recipe for these brownies. Then I’m gonna follow that with some white
sugar. So here I have some flavorless oil, and by
flavorless oil I mean any type of oil except for something very strong like olive oil. Now what this does to your brownies, it makes
them really moist and fudgy. So you don’t wanna miss out on this, it’s
like our secret ingredient. Then I’m gonna take my whisk and just whisk
it all together for around two minutes. So now I know to call something Best Ever
you really have to stand by what you say, but I know that you’re going to love these. Now you know when you get a brownie and there’s
a little bit of fudgy stuff in the middle? Well these brownies are all fudge. There’s no cake, they’re all rich, gooey,
fudgy, yumminess. So I know you’re gonna freak out when you
see them. Okay, that’s all mixed up, now we’re gonna
add in our other ingredients. So now, into here, we’re going to add in some
vanilla extract. Now you know I love baking with vanilla extract,
if you don’t have it you can leave it out, but I recommend adding it in because it gives
such lovely flavor. Next we’re gonna add in some salt, because
you know I always say baking needs salt. So a little bit of salt in there brings out
all the flavors of the cocoa and the chocolate, yummy. So our next ingredient are eggs. Now I don’t want you to worry, if you don’t
eat eggs, you can still make these brownies. You can replace eggs with applesauce, mashed
banana, I have lots of options on my website so make sure you check out the recipe. Now just crack all your eggs in there, and
then just whisk them in until they’re well combined. So this is the kind of recipe that I love
because you mix it all by hand, you don’t need a machine at all. Okay lovely, everything is combined, now we’re
gonna add in our last few ingredients. Now I’m gonna place a sieve over my mixing
bowl, then into this I’m going to add in some flour, now you can use gluten-free flour if
it’s all purpose, or you can even use a whole wheat flour because sometimes I get
questions about that too. Okay, now here is the star of the show: rich,
dark cocoa powder. Now when it comes to cocoa powder, don’t buy
sweetened cocoa powder. You don’t want any sugar in there. You want pure, dark, rich, yummy, bitter cocoa
powder. So, buy as best quality as you can. And just in case you’re thinking of using
hot chocolate powder instead of cocoa powder, don’t do it. I used to do that when I was young. It’s not the same thing. Okay, great. Everything is in there. Now just sift in your dry ingredients. So now you don’t often see me sifting ingredients
but when it comes to cocoa powder, I always sift cocoa powder ‘cause it can end up having
lumps in it and you wanna make sure they work themselves out before they go into your mix. Okay, lovely, everything is in there. This is looking great. I’ve got my spatula now and I’m going to
fold these ingredients together. Now I have said this to you many a time but
I’m gonna keep on saying it, when it comes to adding in flour, you don’t want to beat
in flour, you want to gently fold it into your mix, be it a cupcake, cake, whatever
it is. If you over mix flour, it can actually make
your baked good kind of tough, so just very gently mix it in, until it’s all combined
and then stop. Ohm this looks like chocolate lava goodness. So now our next ingredient are big chunks
of dark, bittersweet chocolate. So in you go. Now I like to chop up my own chocolate so
I get big bits and small bits all the way throughout my brownie. But I always recommend, use something that’s
a little bit darker like 72% cocoa solids, you get a really nice balance of bitter and
sweet. Okay, and then just gently fold those guys
in. Oh man, [laughs] this is hardcore brownie. And that’s it! Lovely! It’s ready for our tin. So here I have my tin lined and ready to go. Now this is 7×11”, now if you have a little
bit of a bigger tin, you can use that, don’t worry about it, you just wanna make sure you
don’t overcook your brownies, so they might take less time. And then we’re just gonna go ahead and pour
in all of these lovely, gooey, yummy batter. Look at that, it’s funny how I just know
by a batter that this is going to be awesome. Now all you want to do is take your spatula,
and just kind of spread it out into the corners of your tin, make it nice and level, gorgeous. If you have noticed already these also make
really thick brownies. So they’re definitely Big and Bold, for sure. Okay, this is looking fantastic, mmm, tastes
yummy, it’s ready to be baked off. Bake your brownies off at 350 degrees Fahrenheit,
or 180 degrees Celsius, for 35-40 minutes. Now when it comes to these brownies, the key
is not to over bake them, you want to have them still nice and squishy in the middle,
so don’t go longer than 40 minutes. I am so happy with out these turned out, and
they smell amazing. So now I let these rest for around two hours
just so they can kind of relax and settle into themselves. Now I’m gonna take them out of the tin. You know when your brownies are perfectly
cooked when they’re a little bit firm around the outside but they’re still soft to the
touch in the middle. Then I’m gonna cut into them so you can see
all our hard work pay off. Now I’m cutting these brownies only into eight,
but you can actually cut them up to 16 pieces because they’re really rich and thick. So everybody is gonna have enough. Just look at that. Now the little bit of a scary thing about
this is, and a little bit exciting, I have no idea what it looks like on the inside,
until you lift it up and show it, so I’m really hoping all of my hype and building up to this
is gonna pay off, so let’s have a look. [Laughs] Yeah, that’s it. Absolutely insane. Look at that. Really fudgy, moist, it’s almost black on
the inside. That’s how soft it is. And then big chunks of chocolate dotted all
the way throughout, like seriously, Best Ever Brownie. [Gasps] Of course now I’m gonna have to try
some, because that’s my job. You see, this is the kind of dessert that
I am all about. It is rich, it is dark, it’s sweet, it has
a little bit of bitterness to it, and it is so unbelievably moist. I stand by what I said, Best Ever Brownie
recipe. I really hope you make this recipe and love
it as much as I do. Let me know in the comments below what other
Best Ever recipes you’d like to see me do. And don’t forget to head over to Naturebox.com/Gemma
and claim your free snacks. I know you’re going to love them. And I’ll see you back here real soon for
more Bigger Bolder Baking.