Hi Bold Bakers! With summer just around the corner I have
created a one-stop frozen dessert destination on my website. There you will find over 50 flavors of my
famous 2-ingredient no-machine ice cream, ice cream cakes, frozen sorbet, and even frozen
yogurt. So even though I’ve made loads of favors of
ice cream, the most requested are plain vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, so that’s what
we’re gonna make right now. We’re gonna start by making our base which
is just two ingredients. Pour your heavy whipping cream into a bowl
and whip up until soft peaks form. The cream you need to make this ice cream
has to be a whipping cream, with something that is at least 38% fat content. Also you have to buy it in a store, you can’t
make it at home. Once your peaks form, add in your cold condensed
milk and continue whipping until nice and thick. So now if you can’t buy condensed milk in
your country, do not worry, you can easily make it at home and I’ve got a recipe on my
website. All it is is milk and sugar. Now just note you cannot make it using Truvia
or Stevia. Once your ice cream base is done, I like to
add in a little bit of vanilla extract for extra flavor. So once your ice cream base is nice and thick
it’s ready to go. Now think of this like a blank canvas, and
the first flavor we’re going to make is vanilla. So here I have a vanilla pod and all you want
to do is just split it down the middle with a knife, and then scrape out all of those
lovely seeds. You want to get them all out. Now you can buy vanilla pods online or get
them in specialty stores. Now into this we’re going to add a little
bit of vanilla extract just to give extra flavor and then fold these ingredients together. In my opinion it’s really important to have
those seeds in there to make it look like real vanilla ice cream. Okay, lovely. So that’s vanilla, really easy to make. Now the next we’re going to make is one
of my favorites, strawberry ice cream. So into my bowl I’m going to add in my base
again, and then here I have some strawberry puréed, now you can use fresh strawberries
or even frozen and purée the until they’re nice and fine. Now we’re just gonna pour that in there,
and then fold it into your ice cream base. You can see now what I mean by the ice cream
base being a blank canvas, you can add anything you want in there, any of your favorite flavors. Just keep on folding, lovely. You can also give it a little taste, you want
to add a little bit more strawberry in there, go right ahead, this tastes amazing. And that is our strawberry ice cream. Another easy flavor. So now our next flavor is chocolate, now this
is the most requested flavor and it’s super easy to make. In my bowl here I have a little bit of melted
chocolate, now I use bittersweet, but you can use a milk chocolate if you like. Now what you want to do is melt this, melt
it over a Bain-Marie or even gently in the microwave and your ant to make sure that it’s
nice and cooled before we add our ice cream base to it. Add your ice cream base directly on your chocolate
and then with a spatula swiftly fold it together. Now your ant to do this step kind of quickly
because you don’t want the chocolate to set on the cream, you want to mix it all the way
throughout. So just with your spatula, fold and fold and
fold, until it’s all mixed through. Look at that, gorgeous. I love how it changes color. Okay, let’s have a little tasty-taste. Oh yum. Oh my gosh, and that is chocolate. Super easy, you definitely will be able to
make it yourself. So here I have a lovely little tub that you
can freeze your ice cream in and I’m gonna put a link on my website of where you can
buy these. Now just go ahead and fill your tub all the
way up to the top with your ice cream base. And then what you’re gonna do is pop it into
the freezer for a minimum of 6 hours but it will actually last in your freezer for up
to 6 weeks. And you can just enjoy it whenever you want
it. Before you know it your ice cream will be
frozen and you’ll be able to enjoy any of the amazing flavors you created. And, make sure you go over to my frozen dessert
destination where you’ll be able to get loads of recipe and inspiration all summer long. If you haven’t tried my homemade ice cream
recipe yet, it is a must for this summer. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll
see you back here really soon, for more Bigger Bolder Baking.