– Why would someone
do this to cheesecake? – (squeals)
– It’s confetti cheesecake! – (both sigh happily) ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re gonna
be doing something a little different. – Always. Always,
because you guys are so extra. – (FBE) Today is
National Cheesecake Day. – (squeals)
– I love cheesecake, especially chocolate cheesecake. Ahhh.
– (gasps) I love cheesecake! It’s my favorite dessert
in the whole world. Every day should be
National Cheesecake Day. – (FBE) And because
it’s National Cheesecake Day, we’re gonna learn about
the history of cheesecake while you eat and rank
five cheesecakes. – Whoa! That’s nice!
– Never had it. – (FBE) You never had cheesecake?
– No. – I grew up in a bakery business.
I was a fourth-generation baker. My dad made very kind
of cheesecake so brilliantly, whether it was
a coffeecake cheesecake, soft cheesecake,
the hard New York cheesecake, so I grew up with cheesecakes. – (FBE) Okay, so with the first one,
we’ll be paying an homage to the origin of cheesecake.
– Okay. All right. Put my learning hat on.
– Thank you. It looks very flaky,
but it looks good. – What?! There’s caramel?!
Okay, I’m digging in. – That crust, that’s [bleep]
homemade [bleep]. That’s that– that’s not
gonna be the graham cracker crust. – That’s really good.
It’s definitely different than normal cheesecake.
– You tell me first. – Best cheesecake
I’ve ever eaten. – Mm. That’s my kind
of cheesecake. – The top is like
crumbles of something and some caramel.
It’s incredible. I’ve never had
a loaded cheesecake like this. – You guys prank us too much,
then you give us this. ♪ (angelic music) ♪ – It’s very good. It takes
like baklava a little bit, (laughs) especially the crust.
– Wow. That is so good.
– (FBE) On a scale of one to five, what would you rank it?
– Like, a four. – Five. Goddamn, that’s good!
– Four. – It’s that good.
It’s a four. – Three. It’s right in the middle.
– Four, you know? It is delicious. – A three.
– Three. – Four.
– Why I gave it a three was because of how much
crust there was. (chuckles) There’s just so much.
It’s literally this big. – This is a five.
That is delicious! – A four. I really liked
the crust mixed with the flavor. – (FBE) So, many believe
cheesecake originated from ancient Greece.
– Oh, wow. – Oh, I thought it was
from the United States. – (FBE) In fact,
the first known written recipe can be traced as far back
as around 200 A.D. – Oh. I wonder how they made
that combination of cheese and cake. – That was even before I was born.
– Of course it was. 20 years ago was
before you were born. – (FBE) The first known cheesecakes
were actually flat cheese patties that were pounded smooth
with flour and honey and then cooked
on clay griddles. – That’s interesting, ’cause
Greek cheese is very, very good. – (FBE) So, since we couldn’t
get the authentic cheesecake, we wanted to pay homage
to its origin by having you try a cheesecake which incorporates
another traditional pastry of Mediterranean heritage:
baklava cheesecake. – Oh my god!
So, it is baklava. Okay. (laughs)
– I can’t remember the last time I had a baklava,
but now that I think about it, yeah, it tastes exactly like it.
– It’s good, but it wouldn’t be my first choice for cheesecake.
I think there are better combinations. – (FBE) So, this next one
is a little bit simpler, much more classic.
Many people would think that it’s really close
to the traditional. – Yeah, that was
way fluffier than normal. Ours is more dense.
Yeah, this just looks like a basic cheesecake.
– I knew this was a New York cheesecake,
because I used to bake them at my bakery.
My dad would make ’em, and you bake ’em in a pan,
and the little round tins they go in, you fill
the surrounding pan with water so they don’t burn. – It’s good. You know,
nothing that special. It’s a lot–
it’s a different texture. It’s a lot more thick.
– What’s it taste like? – Cheese and graham crackers.
But the cheese’s a little– – Now, this one, I like. – Cheesecake is so good.
– Ah. Yeah. I could just sit and eat–
well, I will. I’ll sit and eat the whole thing
if you let me. – Mm. Mm-mm.
(coughs) – I haven’t had
cheesecake in a while. This just reminds me
of how good it is. (chuckles) – I don’t know how
to describe it. It’s just amazing.
– That’s good. It’s so pure,
so simple and clean. – After the baklava one,
I’m gonna give this a four. – Just so good! Five.
– A two. I just didn’t like the taste
as much as the other one. – Five.
– Four. Yeah. I like this one better.
– Five. You know, I really love simple.
– Five. – This one, I would give a five.
I like very traditional cheesecake. – Five. It’s so good.
Classic. Can’t go wrong with it. – Five out of five.
It’s simple. It’s classic. I like classic things.
– Four. It’s not, you know, something crazy like,
oh, say, white chocolate raspberry (chuckles) or some
of my other favorites. – (FBE) All right, so this one
is actually New York style cheesecake, and many consider it
to be one of the most popular types of cheesecake.
– All right. Well, I don’t like it. – (FBE) Many say when New York
dairyman William Lawrence discovered cream cheese in 1872,
it influenced the modern age of American cheesecake,
because initially, traditional Greek cheesecake
was made with ricotta cheese. – I love that.
Cheesecake is so old. I never knew that it had
this classic history. It makes me respect it more. – (FBE) The next one is gonna
be considered a little bit more eco-friendly and very
different ingredient-wise. – It’s gonna be
a vegan one, isn’t it? (gasps) [Bleep] yeah!
I was just gonna say I’m gonna have to look up
a vegan cheesecake. Ooh, this is Oreo cookie.
I’m gonna guess that this right in here is
the middle of the Oreo. – It’s just full,
packed of sugar. And it’s beautiful. – Nah, fam. It’s the consistency
that is a little off. – Hmm. Mm-mm. So, I’m not a fan
of Oreos, and so the crust is a little much for me.
– This is creamy, and it’s good. And the crust is good.
But it’s all chocolatey. I do not like chocolate.
– This tastes a little bit more chocolatey,
and I really like the chocolate. – The filling doesn’t really have
a whole lot of flavor. It’s just creamy. It doesn’t taste like cheese.
It doesn’t have that tang. – It’s not that I don’t like it.
It’s just not my thing. It also tastes like
it’s not really… cheese. – Something tells me
that’s not regular cheesecake. – It would be a three,
’cause it didn’t taste like a cheese. – Five.
– I’ll give this one a five. – I give it a two.
– Three only because of the top. The middle is very good.
– A five. – I’d probably say a two.
– Five. – Five. It kind of tastes
like cheese, but not too much so it’s overwhelmed with cheese
and cheese and cheese. – Right. It’s just so good.
– Two, ’cause it’s– now it’s got a funny aftertaste.
– Not a fan, especially with the aftertaste I’m getting.
This… sorry. You’re the cheesecake
that got the one! – This one was actually
a vegan cheesecake. – It’s different. (chuckles)
– Wow. Did not expect that. Cannot tell.
– I’m surprised. It tasted good, because…
I’m not judging vegan people or anything, it’s just
most vegan things I have, I don’t really like ’em.
– I gotta have the real deal. I can’t– I can’t eat diet stuff.
I’d rather eat less of the real thing. You know, it just
changes the flavor. – (FBE) So, this next one
is very different from the rest and a really unusual
flavor or combination. – Okay. Ketchup flavored. – This is the point
where a prank comes in. Okay, I’m really nervous. – Okay. So, pistachio on top. Looks like there’s raisins in it and maybe sweet potato.
– Looks very weird. – That is not the proper color.
It’s green and orange. That doesn’t sound right.
– This does not look great. Not great. Why would someone
do this to cheesecake? – It looks gross. (spits)
That’s disgusting! – Goddammit. Okay, that’s better
than I expected. But it is savory.
– I don’t know what it is. I don’t like it.
That’s all I know. Ooh! I don’t like that at all. – I don’t like that.
No thank you. – Cheese. Cheese.
That’s real cheese. – Ew. I don’t–
– That’s real cheese. – What the [bleep]… is that?
That’s disgusting. – (muffled) Napkin! Well, and now we know
where the booger-flavored candy from Harry Potter ended up,
because that was terrible! – I actually like it.
It’s sweet and salty at the same time.
– I’ll be kind and give it a one just for ingenuity.
– A one. I no like-y. – A two.
– A zero. – A zero. I would toss this out!
– Solid one. – One.
– This was a big zero. – (both) One.
– I can’t stand that! – Four for this.
I know it’s kind of salty a little bit, but it’s good. – (FBE) All right,
so that one was actually a honey wasabi pea cheesecake.
– Yeah, it tasted gross. – That was one of the worst desserts
I’ve ever tasted. It’s just shameful. – Those flavors do not
go well AT ALL together! No! Where is this from?
Who invented this? WHY did you invent this?! – (FBE) Cheesecake has evolved
from its traditional plain flavor to sometimes adding fruit or syrup
to now having almost every flavor of cheesecake you can think of,
from sweet to savory. – Yeah. Yeah, that’s good.
I like to try new things, but I would never in
a million years have that again. – We change a lot, the cuisine,
and that’s what makes it really good. Sometimes, of course,
you long for the original one or what you’ve been used to eating,
but definitely it’s something to try, and you know, you will
never regret it. – (FBE) Finally,
since we’re celebrating National Cheesecake Day…
– We sure are. – (FBE) …here is
a celebratory cheesecake. – What is that?
– (both) One, two, three! – (both gasp)
– (squeals) – It’s confetti cheesecake!
– (both sigh happily) – It’s a birthday cake cheesecake!
– Isn’t this just straight cake? This doesn’t even look
like cheesecake. – (chuckles) I don’t taste
any cheese in this. – It’s just creamy, creamy, creamy,
except for the cake, but that’s good, ’cause the cake kind of
breaks up the creaminess and everything.
– I don’t know how I feel about this one.
The taste is not that great, but it looks nice.
– This one’s pretty good. Not the best of them,
but has a very regular cake kind of taste.
– Frosting. Cheese. – And that’s cheese.
– This is my favorite so far. – Oh, that’s disgusting.
It is so sweet. I mean, the taste.
It tasted gross. – Oh my god.
It’s so good. – That’s a winner.
It’s not overly sweet, and I can handle it.
It’s actually– it’s very tasty. – I give this one a three.
– It’s gonna be… (whispers) a two.
– This would definitely be a one. – Please, can I go over?
It’s the last one. Like, a 50.
I’m not over-exaggerating. It’s that good.
– Four. It’s good. It just wasn’t the best.
– Negative 14. It was gross. – Three.
– Five. – Four.
– Four. Yeah, nothing beat
the baklava cheesecake. – Three. But I certainly
would love to see this with candles in it
for my next birthday. That would be great.
– (FBE) It seems like there’s a national holiday
for almost every food group out there nowadays.
– Yeah. There’s so many. – (FBE) And as of today, there’s
approximately 313 food holidays. – Wow. There’s 365 days a year,
so they should just fill it up to all the days.
– I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish that you’d be off for school
on those days. – (FBE) National Cheesecake Day
is celebrated on July 30th of every year.
– First time I hear about it, but when I leave,
it’ll go on my calendar. – (FBE) Do you consider these
real holidays? – No. It’s not a holiday.
They don’t even call it a holiday, do they?
They just call it a National Cheesecake Day.
– Everything has been made up by industry to create a buzz.
It’s an official holiday. We have to wish people
a Happy Cheesecake Day on Facebook. (chuckles) You know,
or on Instagram or whatever. – (FBE) So finally, we wanna know
what is the best cheesecake or flavor of cheesecake
you have had in your entire life? – I’m not gonna lie.
I’m gonna go with that baklava one. It was really good.
– Coffee cheesecake. I was hoping that you guys
had that, but ah, darn. (laughs) You didn’t.
– The best that I’ve had is probably that vegan one.
That was really good. – The birthday cake one.
This was me. – I like classic cheesecake.
It’s just the right amount of cheese, just the right amount of sweetness.
It’s small. It’s simple. I think that might be the best. – Confetti cheesecake!
– Oreo. Oreo cheesecake from here.
It was delicious. It was the best one
I’ve had in my life. – My dad used to make
a marble cheesecake. It was with just chocolate
dripping through the cheesecake with a top and a bottom.
It was like coffee cake. So good. – Plain, New York deli cheesecake
that I grew up with. And then when I got to New York,
I was going everywhere and eating cheesecake.
I just love it. That luscious, little ridge
of dense, lovely creaminess with a little bit of tang.
Oh! Just the best. – Thanks for watching us
enjoy some great cheesecake on Generations React.
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