This is what I brought into my classes this
week. It’s an amazing thing. It’s a Bunya Nut Pinecone. And we have some Bunya trees not far away
and there were lots of these on the ground so I collected a few and put them in my freezer. And then I brought them into class .. to show
the kids. So I did some research. We talked about them and we really had a good
look at them and let them feel and touch. I pulled one apart and got to see the nuts
inside. And it was really amazing. And I said, ‘Ok, some people say that the
universe and all the things in it, even this bunya nut pine cone happened as an explosion,
or out of a black hole or just all by itself. But the Bible tells us that God created something
like this amazing bunya nut pinecone for a plan and a purpose. And I thought.. it’s so beautifully designed
it couldn’t have just happened by accident. So today we are going to look in the Bible
in Genesis chapter one and see how God created the world and plants and trees and things
like this bunya nut pinecone. Then I take the kids through the Genesis chapter
one story and I sometimes use a picture book and put the Bible text in it or we’ll look
at a children’s bible and read it or we might even get them to read it themselves out of their
own bibles that the Bible Society gave to my classes. So it’s really good for them to be able to
read and hear the text for themselves. And then we go through talking about how something
amazing like this bunya nut could have been created by God for a plan and a purpose. Isn’t that awesome? With the older kids, I often read the text
and do a basic drawing on the board for the kids to follow along. It focuses their attention and allows some
artist creativity which they do enjoy. There’s also an excellent video clip from crossroad
kids. I will put a link below so you can view it. God said, I command the earth to produce all
kinds of plants including fruit trees and grain and that’s what happened. The earth produced all kinds of vegetation,
including a bunya nut pine tree that produces these wonderful pine cones. And I have given the green plants as food
for everything else that breathes. These will be good for animals both wild and
tame and for birds. And I can tell you, the possums love bunya
nuts, the nuts inside. Also people love them too. Now God looked at what he had done. All of it was VERY GOOD. So there’s a simple idea for you. Just Get something from your garden, bring
it in and use it to introduce the Genesis chapter one story. Nature is such a wonderful teacher and God
gave us so many beautiful things that He created and designed for a purpose and for us to enjoy. They’re not an accident! You’re not an accident. The kids that we teach are not an accident. God has plan for each and everyone of us. This bunya nut pinecone has done it’s job
this week. I’ve defrosted it so many times, it’s all
starting to fall apart, and this is all pieces of it that has fallen apart as it’s defrosted
every time I take it out and show the class then put it back into the freezer. But it’s been really good to use for my lessons. And I hope you find something pretty neat that you
can use for your lessons too. Thanks so much for watching!