Hi lovely people of Food Tube, I am at my home in my garden and I’m gonna show you how to make Family Lasagne It’s so simple, everyone can make it… it is delicious We will feed all of the family. I love it. First of all, what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna make a white sauce or bechamel We’re gonna use 100 grams of unsalted butter just melting this butter… lovely. 80 grams of flour. Cook the flour a little bit, make sure they’re all melting nice. You don’t wana get the taste of flour… come and have a look All the lumps is gone Fantastico. Then we’ve got 1 litre of milk Just put it inside Keep stirring it Make sure all the lumps and everything is been disolved Just keep stirring it You need 100 grams of Parmesan cheese… you can use other cheeses as well. I like cheddar cheese as well. I love it actually. Stir them all inside Pinch of salt Pepper… very, very important because for me, pepper is like a spice Nutmeg! you need about a quarter of a nutmeg. Look at that… It really gives it that extra flavour. Now you swap to a whisk. Keep whisking it, for about 10 minutes, maybe 11, maybe 12. Also check your flame, make sure it’s not too high. Make sure it doesn’t stick underneath. This is why you stir it all the time The white sauce is done… you can see it’s thickened up. The nutmeg… the Parmesan give it that fantastic lift. Let’s start to put the lasagne together now I have some lasagne sheets… fantastico We need a nice Ragu, which I made this one earlier. If you don’t know how to make Ragu, click here on the side and there’s perfect Ragu and you can make it Just start to make little bits of the Ragu sauce right underneath. Now we start to put the lasagne sheets in We have to cut it, because that is too big Then again we get the fantastic Ragu Make sure you cover it everywhere It is so important Nice little bit of bechamel or white sauce… everywhere Now some mozzarella… use your hands Parmesan cheese.. just grate it nice. How simple is this? This is enough to feed all the family, I can see the other side they’re all waiting for this lasagne, come on! Come on, let’s speed it up! Cover… Ragu. Come on this is quick! Let’s put some Mozzarella inside, Parmesan. Oh look at that, look at that beauty. Come on! I’ve spilled Mozzarella everywhere. Parmesan! Few seconds, we need a nice aluminium foil… close it. Now you put it in the oven. Temperature, 180 for 35-45 minutes. This one is gonig to cook inside my wood fire oven Ohh my my! The perfect family lasagne Let’s serve it to the family Who’s hungry? [Cheers] Here it comes. Oh even the small one. Yes! Who wanted it first? [Me, me, me] This is the Family Lasagne. Do subscribe… it is free. Who’s enjoying it?! [Me] Hallelujah This recipe was adapted from my book, ‘Gennaro’s Italian Year’ It has lot’s more lovely dish for you and your family to enjoy too. Let me know what you think you lovely people and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel Let’s all enjoy the FoodTube channel I love you all. Bye!