Hi lovely people of Food tube.
I am in Malta. Look around, this fantastic 16th Century square! And to celebrate where
I am. I’m going to make a fantastic zucotto pudding. Yeas it’s so wonderful. So easy to
make! Let’s start with a bowl, which I laid in with
some cling film. Some lovely biscuits. Sponge biscuits. Or you can use the pantone which
is good. Because I’m in Malta I’m using an Amoretti.
If you don’t have an amoretti use a sweet liquor which is fantastic.
150ml. And then you make sure you wet it a little bit.
Once it’s nice and soft, you lay in one, you press it.
You lay in two, you press it. Now slowly, slowly you can lay in one on top of the other.
Ever so easy! Don’t worry if it’s one long one short. It’s
going to fold in anyway. So easy. Even your children can do that! Press
you hands properly inside. Make sure they’re all nice and laid in.
Now bless them. Wash your hands nice and clean. The ricotta.
Now, here in Malta, we’ve got fantastic ricotta. This particular one is ever so melty, ever
so sweet. There’s about 500grams of ricotta. Caster sugar, you need about 4 tablespoons,
oh yes. And then you mix it. Oh my, my, my. Have to be almost like cheesecake mix.
Now you’ve got some toasted almond flakes. Just put them inside. Yes! Just a half handful.
Fantastic mix candied fruit, handful. Straight in. Chocolate chips, who don’t like chocolate
chips? Hallelujah! I love it.
Oh yeah. Have a mix. Have a look at that colour. It is incredible!
The bowl is already prepared. Pick it up. Half of the mix, press it. Biscuits, you press
it on top. Two, three. Don’t be afraid to break it. Press it, press it press it.
With the rest I’m going to put one and half tablespoon of cocoa powder.
Then you mix it and it becomes like a chocolate. Cocoa powder itself is not very sweet, it’s
a little bit bitter. So you lower a little bit of the sweetness of the desert. All in.
It’s good. Spatula!
Press it. Now a few more biscuits on top. Then slowly press it. Don’t be afraid. Little
clingfilms laying on top. You need to press it because you need all the food to combine
all together to be pressed altogether. Then, you’ve got a plate, put it on top, put
a weight on top. Put it in a fridge for all day and all night.
This is what I made yesterday. Yeah! Look at that! It’s so perfect. It’s not finished
yet. Cocoa powder. Because I need to stop that
little bit of sweetness, because it can be very sweet.
Are you ready? And look at that! I can’t believe it! Come on! You can see the
almonds, you can see the candied fruit and the chocolate. The little layer of cocoa powder
and the ricotta is underneath. Right on the middle there is the sponge biscuit inside.
I am in 1600 Century square in Malta. It is a dream, so let’s celebrate it.
Yes! Everything has come out! So what?! What a bit celebrations.
The flavour is incredible. You make it. Such joy to cook it and present it to you.
From my heart, I really mean it. Salute! And don’t forget to subscribe.
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