[music] CHEF MEASSON: We are coming here
from George Brown College. And we are a school that
delivers a certificate and diplomas. We teach pastry and baking. Also, we teach culinary,
hospitality. So, the students I brought to
Yssingeaux, some are in first year of their diploma and
some are in their second year of their diploma. The idea is to bring the
students to the school and really to showcase the French
pastry to its highest level. So, the students are really
exposed to new techniques and new style of cakes. A modern approach to
pastry and desserts. [music] RICHARD HAWKE: George
Brown, we have two groups; we’ve got our basic group
that has one year experience and we have a more
advanced group that has two years experience that
already has their diploma. We’ve got three or
four different themes. We’ve got entremets,
plated desserts, and we’ve also got confectionary. With the beginners’ group,
we’re working more on classical French pastry
and classical techniques. With that, we’re still
keeping the quality flavours but we’re working more on
a simpler style of pastry whereas with the advanced
group, the one that has the two years of experience, we’re
working on more modern products as we would see in any
French pastry shop today. To show them the new techniques
and the different ways that they might not have seen. We might be doing exactly
the same recipe, but for them, they’ll be doing something
in a completely different way. And normally, most of the time,
it’s a lot more simpler. It’s a good opportunity for
them to come to France to look and see the modern techniques
that we have here in France but also sometimes the
classical techniques that we’re still using. [music] BLAIR MASTERVICK: Students have
come to advance their knowledge in pastry, being that France
is the mother of all pastry. We teach more of a traditional
style of pastry so they’re now learning a more modern style
of pastry, the French way. And they have picked
up many techniques and flavours that are
different to what we use. CHEF MEASSON: I really believe
that bringing the students to the Yssingeaux pastry
school, but also to France, really exposes them to where all
the good product come from. It’s really important to
make the connection with the product that are local
and sustainable and to put this in the level of pastry
we’re doing this is to me, it’s a blessing. So, it’s really — it’s
something that I find the student really can experience
and it’s amazing. ARIEL MESEC: It is
the world of pastry. Any baker will dream of coming
to practice at this place. My adventure’s just beginning
so going off to Monistrol is — definitely looking
forward to it. And it’s not just a job,
it’s more of an art, so… Everyone at the school is
so amazing, so nice and I really enjoyed —
really enjoyed being here. SONIA BARHAM: It is small,
but it is very informative. And the teachers are really,
really nice and understanding and they help you
through everything. This has very much
expanded my learning. I don’t want to go home. (laughing) I love being here. It’s really nice. There’s a lot of opportunities
and a lot of things to learn and discover about my career. [music]