Taking the world by storm, he’s here in the
UK for 2 weeks doing a tour. He’s here with us tonight to see if he can do our challenge.
Lets give it up for Randy Santel guys! You guys can get some photos with him before we get started , but we are going to bring it out. This is the Double Knuckle Challenge
guys! Randy we wish you the best of luck! Thank you! Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel,
“Atlas” with Atlas and Zeus Promotions. Tonight I’m excited! I’m going for win #23 of the
trip. I’m in London, England. I’m taking on the Double Knuckle Challenge at Octoberfest
Pub. It looks delicious! My first time having pork knuckle. I’ve also got a bunch of chips,
German potato salad, a full bowl of sauerkraut, which I’m probably going to be eating early
on. I’ve got 45 minutes to complete the food challenge. Only two people have won so far.
If I win I get this whole meal free, which includes this liter of beer I have to finish.
I also get the glass. I think the record is 35 minutes, so lets get the record and the
win! Alright I’m going to start with the meat first while it’s still moist and tender. Lets
get it down! One, two, three! Holy crap it’s hot! Out mate did it this morning and he started
off well for the first five minutes and then it went straight down hill. Yeah he has to
keep the pace up, that’s the key. It’s a lot of food to eat in a very little amount of
time. We’ve got bets already. We absolutely do! We got the nose down here. I reckon 27,
and I said 36. He’s using the beer well as a lubricant. The key is the multitasking – he’s
doing more than one thing at a time. The meat is still smoking hot, so lets get these fries down! 15:00 – Beer is done, meat is done, fries/chips
are done. Now we got these two big ol bowls of delicious sauerkraut and potato salad.
Lets get them down. Were only 15 minutes in so we are ok. Now I got a coke to wash it
all down. This is probably going to taste 18:30 – Lets get the rest of this down! 21:00 – Very, very good challenge! New record!
Time to party in Octoberfest Pub in London! 21:15 – New record. It made my night that
these guys were here because they saw one of my challenges last time I was here! Thanks
for watching!