It’s a Sweet Revenge unlike any other. We’re talking about deserts and giving you an idea for Mother’s Day. Kathy Masunaga Sweet Revenge Q: Are you folks doing anything special for Mother’s Day? We have a new pie, a hibiscus strawberry pie. It has cheesecake mousse topped with fresh strawberries in a hibiscus tea gelee, with some fresh local whipped cream in our butter crust. We will also have black bottom banana cream pies and Q: What is the hot item on your menu? Definitely our chicken pot pies. They were listed in Honolulu magazine’s 100 best dishes. We make them from scratch, roast the chickens whole, use the bones to make stock for the gravy, steam fresh carrots, and of course make the butter crust from scratch. Q: How did you decide to get into this? I started making lilikoi butter and baking desserts with a friend’s catering company, and began making pies because I wanted to begin making savory as well as sweet pies. Q: What is it like to run your own food truck? A lot of hard work, abd a lot of fun. We meet the nicest people – I think only nice people like pies. We work 7 days a week – i don’t like shortcuts so everything is made from scratch. Q: Where can folks normally find you? We have so many places people can find us. We have a cafe in the john a burns school of medicine where pies come out monday through friday at 1030am. We participate in the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation’s farmers markets at the Blaisdell, Kailua, Kapiolani Community College, Mililani, St. Clements church. We also offer delivery in the honolulu area on wednesdays. We tend to have the greatest variety of pies at the farmers markets. Your top morning headlines, after the break. You’re watching KITV 4 MORNING News. We’ll be right back.