– Hey, I’m Sadie Sink! – And I’m Noah Schnapp! – I’m Caleb McLaughlin.
– And I’m Gaten Matarazzo. – I’m Finn Wolfhard, from
the show, Stranger Things. – Everybody is excited for season three– – Us included!
– But in case you haven’t seen seasons one and two, or you
just need a quick refresher, we’re here to catch you up
and get you nice and ready for the new episodes. – Here we go.
(Caleb trilling) (both clicking) (electronic music) – Super fast, here’s a quick rundown of all the important
characters in the series. – There’s Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas, the most awesome one,
who are all best friends. – Mike has a sister named Nancy and Will has a brother named Jonathan. Nancy’s dating this really
cool guy named Steve Harrington and is best friends with Barb. Will’s mom is Joyce Byers and
the Hawkins chief of police is Jim Hopper. – Oh, we can’t forget Eleven,
but we just call her El. – Hawkins, Indiana, here we come. (electronic music) – So season one opens
in Hawkins, where we see a big, scary laboratory,
something is clearly going wrong, because alarms are going off and lab coat guys are panicking, but we’ll get back to
that, because right now, our boys, Mike, Will, Lucas, and Dustin are playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons in Mike’s basement. – [Mike] The Demogorgon!
(boys yelling) – We’re in deep shit. – (coughing) Nerds. – So anyways. – After the game, they
all go their separate ways and while biking home, Will gets attacked by this scary monster that we can’t see. Spooky. – Everyone starts freaking
out about Will missing, but as the search goes on, we meet El, a girl with a shaved
head in a hospital gown who doesn’t seem to speak, and has some scary
Men-in-Black types after her. – You must be Benny Hammond. – I’m afraid I am. – Who should she run into and
end up becoming friends with? That’s right, the boys. – Except for Will, of course. – Yeah, he was busy at the time. – [Will] (On Phone) Mom? – Will? Anyway, while Will’s
mom, Joyce, and Hopper are looking for Will, Nancy and Barb go to a pool party at Steve’s house. And while Steve and Nancy
are kissing upstairs, the Demogorgon attacks Barb (monster roaring) and brings her to the Upside Down. – The Upside Down is a
mirror world of our own except everything is awful
and creepy and ruled over by hideous monsters of unspeakable terror. (monstrous roaring) But again, Eleven can
communicate between our world and the Upside Down,
so that’s pretty neat. – Now, at this point, Will has figured out how to communicate with his
mom from the Upside Down using various Christmas lights which he can flick on and off. – This leads to Joyce
covering the whole house in tons of Christmas lights
and figuring out a system of inter-dimensional
communication all her own. – Which makes her look like
an absolute crazy person. She’s not. – I don’t care if anyone believes me! – Also, we get some gnarly
flashbacks that show us El was used in these terrible experiments where she’s sent into the black void at the lab near Hawkins. – Eventually, state troopers find what appears to be
Will’s body in the water of the local reservoir. As you’d imagine, everyone’s
pretty shocked and upset. – But Hopper, bless him, is suspicious. – Okay. (thwack) (thump) – [Sadie] and discovers that the tiny child’s corpse in question is just a stuffed dummy. Hate when that happens. – Totally. – While the school has
this assembly for Will, one of the bullies tries to fight Mike, but Eleven, in disguise, of course, stops him using her telepathic powers and makes him pee his
pants in front of everyone. – Dude, Troy peed himself! – A fair, but brutal, punishment. – Brutal, indeed. So Hopper decides to
break into Hawkins Lab to see what the hell is going on, since they faked a
child death and whatnot. Unsurprisingly, he gets caught,
drugged, and returned home, where he wakes up and discovers several secret listening devices. – The boys, along with El, go looking for the
non-deceased Will in the woods, as do Nancy and Jonathan. Nancy gets stuck through a hole in a tree, and then into the Upside Down, but Jonathan is able to pull
her back through the goo hole before she gets barbed by the Demogorgon. – Never say “goo hole”. – Will’s mom, Joyce, and Sheriff Hopper – – Just Hopper. – Right, Hopper and Joyce go
and find El’s birth mother and get a better idea of what’s
going down at Hawkins Lab. Which clearly involves
kidnapping newborn babies with cool powers. – And the boys, out by the old quarry, looking for answers, are
attacked by the pee pants bully, Troy, who, despite having a knife and a lot of pent up anger – – And sucks! – Gets his arm broken by El’s mind. (crunching sound) (Troy screaming) [Sadie] Oh, and El also makes Mike fly. Or, maybe should we just say hover? – [Finn] I can say that that
is awesome and very rad. The squad from Hawkins Lab knows about El hiding out
with the boys at Mike’s house. The “Bad Men” as they’re called,
set out to kidnap her back. Luckily, her superpower mind
is able to flip the vans over, which rules very hard. (whooshing sound) (glass shattering) – Very, very hard. – Now the boys and El are in hiding, and it’s a full-on manhunt from scary Bad Men in black suits. Luckily, Hopper finds them first, and the whole team concocts a plan to build a sensory deprivation tank which will allow El to find
Will in the Upside Down. – [Mr. Clarke] What is this for? – Fun. – El finds Will in the Upside down using one of her classic
telepathic tricks, and while the boys wait
with her in the gym, Hopper and Joyce speed off to Hawkins Lab, where they’re convinced they’ll be able to find the
entrance to the Upside Down. – Unsurprisingly, they’re
caught almost immediately. [Security Officer] Don’t move! – [Finn] And taken to see the
head bad dude, Dr. Brenner. Hopper convinces the lab guys to let him and Joyce go into
the Upside Down and find Will since the entrance is in the lab. On the condition that
neither of them saw anything or admit they they were
there in the first place. – We’re gonna find her son, and then we’re gonna forget
that any of this ever happened. – [Gaten] While all of this is happening, Nancy and Jonathan, and an unwitting Steve
who is being a jerk, have set up a trap for the monster, who they catch, and set on fire using a bear trap and gas, as one does. (monstrous screeching, fire roaring) – Unfortunately, when the fire goes out, the monster is gone. – [Nancy] Where’d it go? – Guess what? Government agents working with Hawkins Lab find the kids at Hawkins Middle School, – They found us. – And after El makes
their eyes start bleeding, which is very cool, the monster smells blood and is off to join everyone at the school. – Demogorgon! (screeching) (bricks crumbling) – So the Demogorgon is
just busting up stuff, leaving a real mess of
bodies and school supplies as the kids run around trying to stop it. – In a final showdown, Lucas clumsily tries to find more rocks to slingshot at the monster. – Get the rocks! Get the
rocks! Get the rocks! – I am getting the rocks! – El shows up, using
all the powers she has, annihilates the hell out of
the Demogorgon, and it dies. It’s a horrible monster, and it definitely ate
Barb alive, so it’s fine. – Sadly, though, El
disappears at this point, too, and nobody knows where she went. But Joyce and Hopper find and rescue Will from the Upside Down, so that’s good. – Smash cut to a few months later, everything seems back to normal. – Will is herald “The Boy Who Came Back”, but still seems to be slightly
affected by his ordeal. – Where am I? – He also burps up a black slug, which is probably not great. – But on a more positive note, we see a final scene where
Hopper treks off into the woods and leaves a stash of Eggo Waffles, El’s absolute favorite food, in a dropbox. Leaving us on a hopeful
note we might see her again. – And then – – We forgot to talk about the part where Jonathan beats the crap out of Steve, – Kick his ass, man! – [Nancy] No, stop! (crunch) – But other than that- – That does it for Season
1, but what about Season 2? (funky music) We’ve still got all the boys. We’ve got Will, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin, Nancy, Steve, Jonathan, Hopper, Joyce, and, of course, Eleven. No more Barb, though, due to being eaten. – Yikes. And we also meet some new characters, but we’ll get to them in a bit. – [Finn] We open on dark Pittsburgh, where a group of masked
individuals are fleeing the police and eventually are able to escape because one of the people in
the group has special abilities to project images in the police’s minds. In this case, a tunnel collapsing and
blocking the cops’ way. (Tires screeching) (Sirens) (Glass shattering) – We see her nose bleeding
just like Eleven’s does, so that’s probably connected. The scene changes back to
good old Hawkins, Indiana, where the boys are at the local arcade, trying to figure out who the new high scores
on the machines belong to. A mysterious character named Madmax. – Cool name. – Who’s Madmax? – Better than you. – We also find out that even though Will is
back from the Upside Down, he’s not all the way back. – He walks outside the arcade and is struck with the dark vision of the horrifying shadow monster looming over the entire town. – Will, (gasp) – Are you okay? – It’s no big deal. – Back at school, Nancy and Steve are still going steady, and we meet two new transfer
students in from California. The devilishly handsome Billy, and his step sister, a
young skater named Max. – Like Madmax, maybe? – Oh, and Joyce is now dating the manager of the local RadioShack. – Our old friend Hopper is
called out to the local farm where he discovers all pumpkins are rotted
all the way through. – Will is seeing a doctor
from Hawkins Lab, Dr. Owens, who’s helping him deal with his PTSD. But we all know it’s
something more than that. – Time for some good news. It turns out El is alive and well, and living with Hopper up in
a remote cabin in the woods. – She’s living in the woods, and getting extreme cabin fever. And also occasionally visiting Mike through her little void space (static) [Eleven] – Mike? – Because government bad guys are really looking hard for her, even a year after her disappearance. – While the boys are trying their hardest to make friends with Max, Hopper heads into the woods to explore more of the weird goo stuff that is killing all the pumpkins. And discovers that the problem
is seemingly emanating from, yup, Hawkins Lab. – Oh, and Nancy and
Steve have a huge fight at a Halloween party, and by the end of the night, it seems like she’s
actually warming up more to Will’s older brother, Jonathan. – [Nancy] Jonathan? – While the boys are
out Trick-or-Treating, Will has another terrifying run-in with the mysterious shadow monster. This time, in full view. Gotta tell ya, it’s pretty scary. (roaring) – Meanwhile, El, who wasn’t
allowed to Trick-or-Treat, because it might expose her, does her own void black
space trick to go see Mike, who she misses a lot. – Mike? – After their Halloween night out, Dustin returns home to find some weird tiny
salamander-looking creature rummaging in his trash and adopts it. – What are you, little guy? – And names it the natural choice D’artagnan. Or, Dart for short. After the previous night’s fight, it really looks like Steve
and Nancy are done-zo. History. Kaput. No more Stancy. – Whomp, whomp. – El, fully sick of being
cooped up in the cabin, sets out on her own to find Mike and the rest of her friends at school. – [Eleven] Where is school? – [Sadie] Where, coincidentally, Dustin has managed to lose Dart. And we’re still not entirely sure Dart is. – While the boys look for Dart, El sees Mike with Max
and runs away in tears. (thud) [Max] Ah! – And Will has yet
another horrifying run-in with the shadow monster, who
swiftly inhabits his body. (whooshing wind) Again, probably not a great thing. – There’s a weird rivalry going on between Steve and Billy, too. Cool guy drama, I guess. – [Steve] Maybe you should
just shut up and play the game. (thud) – While Joyce and Hopper try to make sense of these new drawings
that Will keeps making of the shadow monster and the
Upside Down world tunnels, Nancy and Jonathan are scooped
up by the government agents for asking too many
snoopy teenage questions. – Let us out of here! – But eventually, Dr. Owens decides to show them the portal to the Upside Down. In an attempt to get
them to shut the hell up. – [Dr. Owens] We understand
each other now, don’t we? – Dustin has been keeping
Dart a secret from his friends since he recaptured him, which, I’m sure he had a
perfectly goof reason for, right? But, surprise surprise. – It turns out that
he’s a baby Demogorgon. And he ate Dustin’s family cat. (hissing) Whoops. – And Hopper, who seems to have figured
out Will’s cryptic maps, starts digging in one of the
desiccated pumpkin patches and discovers an entrance
to the monster’s tunnels. And, of course, because
he’s Hopper, he jumps on in. – He’s a brave one, all right. But he’s also stupid. Because he almost immediately
gets knocked out by monster gas, I guess? (Hopper coughing) Then, the tunnel, which seems
to be a part of the monster, starts enveloping him. (roaring) [Hopper] Wait, no! No! No! But more on that later. – Meanwhile, El, who discovered Hopper’s
research on her origin, heads off to find her birth mother who we find almost completely
catatonic in a rocking chair. Unable to communicate. – Sunflower. Rainbow. – That’s a bummer. Oh, and Nancy and Jonathan enlist the help of a wacky private
investigator, Murray Bauman, and end up hooking up at his weird garage. – With help from Bob, who has
a real knack for puzzling, Joyce is able to find Hopper and is quickly joined by scary dudes in E.T-looking
suits from Hawkins Lab, who begin to burn the tunnel because apparently the monster
absolutely hates warm stuff. – One unfortunate side effect, however; Will is clearly being
inhabited by the monster, as this tunnel-burning causes
him to convulse in pain, too. And honestly, he’s been acting
super weird for awhile now. (screeching) – Dustin enlists our old friend Steve to help him capture the
now husky-sized Dart, who is trapped in the cellar of his house. – You ate my cat. – But Dart is super strong and busted out. – Uh-oh. With Will, Joyce, Hopper, and Bob in the hospital recovering, Dustin and Steve set out in
the woods to search for Dart. And with the help of their friends, erect a kind of Demogorgon
fortress in the woods. Things do not go as planned. This is Stranger Things, what do you expect? – But, we do find out that Steve is kind of a great babysitter. In ways that only a Hawkins
babysitter would need to be. (roaring) [Steve] You want some? (screeching) Get back! – I still can’t believe Max’s family moved into this bonkers town. – Oh, come on. You love it. – While all this is happening, Will, now operating as a kind
of spy for the monster, which, in true D&D style
is called the Mind Flayer, summons armies of Demodogs to the hospital with great ominousness, I might add. – It made me do it. (screeching) – We take a break from the
storyline to rejoin El, who discovered from her mother that there are other kids like her, and sets off to find them on another bus. – She ends up in the big city, and eventually finds her sister, who is the girl from Season 2, Episode 1, with the gang of masked folks. – The gang of misfits encourages El to work
on developing her powers and eventually enlists
her help in their mission. – Shirley Temple is
gonna get us all killed. – Which is to kill
everyone involved with El and her sister’s torture
as young children. A vendetta, if you will. Don’t cross badass girls, I guess. – But El isn’t really
big on the murder thing, and, eventually, sensing
trouble back in Hawkins, parts ways with the crew and heads back home
again on a Greyhound bus. – Back to the hospital, where dozens of
Demogorgons have broken out and are ripping apart
scientists and soldiers all over the place. It’s just a full-on blood bath. – Oh yeah. Bad news all around. Hopper, Joyce, Bob, Mike, and Dr. Owens are running around trying
to avoid the monsters, but also have to put Will to sleep because he’s a straight up shadow monster Kapo at this point. – He’s lying! He’s lying! He’s lying! – Just when it seems
like everyone’s screwed, 80’s technology genius Bob sneaks past the monster
hoard to the security room, where he successfully
opens up a path to escape for the rest of the crew. Way to go, Bob! – Tragically, Bob suffers a hero’s fate, and gets gruesomely disemboweled
by a group of Demodogs. – [Bob] No! – (Joyce screaming) – You’re with Barb now, Bob. The surviving gang escape
back to the Byers’ house, but are eventually set
upon by more Demodogs – That’s not good. – They just can’t catch a break. – But just as they prepare
to go down fighting, a limp Demodog corpse
flies through the window. (glass shattering) (screaming) – [Gaten] Heralding the return of, you guessed it, Eleven. As Hopper leaves with El, Steve is charged with
babysitting the kids, which, he is, again, very good at. – Does everybody understand that? – Babysitter Steve. Mom steve! – Alas, an irate Billy
comes by looking for Max, and he and Steve end up in an epic fight. (glass breaking) One that is actually ended by Max, who threatens to nail bat Billy. – I guess that’s why they
call her “Mad”max, huh? (bat whooshing) – Joyce, Jonathan, and Nancy try to exorcize the
shadow monster from Will before it completely consumes him. Using the only weapon they know hurts him. Heat. (monstrous screeching) (wood breaking, hissing) – Meanwhile, Steve and the kids head down to the tunnels to try and burn up the
monster with some gasoline. Hard to imagine they’ll be able to do what a bunch of soldiers
with flame throwers couldn’t, but you gotta admire their pluck. – And, of course, no monster could be fully
defeated without El, who, alongside Hopper, descends
into Hawkins Lab’s gate. And as Hopper fires off a
machine gun at the Demodogs swarming all around them, El uses her powers to fully close the gate
beneath Hawkins Lab. (monstrous screeching) (Eleven screaming) – Bye bye, mister Mind Flayer, way to go, El. – Cut to a month later, where the government finally was forced to admit their role in the death of Barb and Bob, and Hawkins lab is shut down for good. – And as a nice little
wrap-up for our heroes, all the kids end up at
the school’s Snow Ball, where Dustin has a,
let’s say “new” hairdo. El shows up looking very
dolled up to dance with Mike, and, oh, they finally kiss. – And, oh, Lucas and Max are a couple now. Pretty damn cute if you ask me. – Unfortunately, in true Hawkins form, the final shot warns that stuff is about to get
extremely real for the kids in Season 3. (thunder) (lightning cracks) – Anywho, now that you’re all caught up, you’re ready to dive into Season 3. – That was good. (clap) – Check it out on Netflix. (jazzy music)