everybody welcome back Paula is here now Paula’s real last name is John Garang which is a Sicilian name she’s the organizer of getting our Just Desserts it’s about this past weekend’s fundraiser and then of course you have one next year to talk about that so tell us about that well Rick last year I decided to create an event for female chefs and I found out that most of them were in the kitchen making desserts so I thought about it since their pastry chefs I would create something called getting our just desserts and I trade named it as such and each year will benefit a different charity and we pulled together 24 pastry chefs and it was last night we had 400 people it was absolutely fabulous we also had two wine distributors who presented you know sparkling wine dessert wines yeah mine yeah it was it was just a blast and who was the the charity that you’ve been this year benefited the Girl Scouts last year went to breast cancer and now I’m searching for next year’s charity well an extra could be bigger and better than ever yeah he’s an example of some of the dessert we had presentations from the boulders machette mary nirn who’s one of six female executive chefs in the whole United States The Fairmont Princess Hotel Katie honey the Camelbak in the L’Enfant Anela and you know the coudé tart you know some of the smaller restaurants as well now my favorite line from any movie ever made my favorite line is leave the gun get the cannolis Godfather one Clemenza every Italian family just to make reference to the Italian since you’re aware of paisan yeah you know I think the Italians have the F factor in their lives it’s food family right the fun factor the Festa there’s fashion at least we forget Fine Arts absolutely and you know last but initially the festivals that they do that you know the Fontanella restaurant hearing okay so now you get to make which is ricotta cheese yeah that’s way to tell you and to that I add to its kind of the two factor two tablespoons of sugar I added some already just kind of sweeten it a little bit ricotta is a very nice mild cheese very easy to deal with and then you can add and basically I use pair jeans I can’t chokolate dark chocolate with almonds and I just kind of put them in a little plastic bag and smash them okay and some people like to use chocolate chips but I love dark chocolate so I put that in there and then I’m going to use this the quarry the caramel oh it’s twerker it’s from Livorno in Italy and you can get this at Walgreens and we’ll mix that up you can use also this from lemon nimona Liberty yeah and this is very popular in benezia where I was last summer studying Italian and last year I’m Sicilian was studying Italian and also I went one year to fit in okay Florence to study Italian because I never studied Italian in college I studied Spanish so that’s all you do is just whip it up like that that’s right and it smells great now if you want to do this you could buy the shells already made a lot of Italian delicatessens sell describe like the New Jersey italian-american deli up their intestines okay and so yeah I went there to to buy the cannoli shells I didn’t after doing this event last night I don’t have enough time that delicatessen is located on Cave Creek just north of Thunderbird if you want to pick up shells it’s a New Jersey italian-american though right and basically you just stuff the shells and they’re pretty easy to stuff like that and then I use a an espresso spoon get in the center so kind of oh you don’t want to be disappointed when you get to the middle it looks like a little air pocket but you know they’re really simple to make and they’re a real popular dessert not only with the Italians but you know everybody I know loves cannolis now you don’t want the secrets to this is this I know you know this but yeah you want to stuff these shells before you serve them you don’t want doing like the day before right no no that’s a good job that’s right you never want to put these in the refrigerator yeah and then you want to sprinkle them with powdered sugar give it about 30 seconds okay Daughters of the American dream was a book I completed last year it’s a essays in English at Italian first generation Italian American women the bright side is in English left sides in Italian and it has about 20 recipes from the different provinces of regions of Italy and the cannoli recipe is in the book where can you get this book through Sri circle press if you call 602 eight six three nine seven four four okay I got a copy to you there fourteen ninety five plus tax wonderful that’s me my father was a amateur photographer he worked 40 years to the New York Times and his darkroom was in a closet in our apartment look at a Leica camera I still have the Leica that must be worth a lot of money yeah well thank you so much Rick I really appreciate that they can our pleasure to present the chefs and the and good luck in your event next year thank you Thank You Paula okay Ilona over to you I’m busy [Music] well we’re busy too over here because the Arizona Humane Society’s adoption program called Feliz friends is getting ready to wind down but before it does we want to get an update on it from kim nestle good morning Tim Kim now you also have a pet of the week for us right you good morning Ilona this is penny and as I mentioned earlier it could cost you even less than that to adopt her today at noon that’s because this week we’re wrapping up felis friends and that’s our adoption program in which we actually waive the adoption fee but we request a monetary donation so penny as you can see is a very friendly German Shepherd mix also very active and unfortunately somebody tried to make her look like a Doberman you might notice they cropped her ears yeah a little bothersome there the way the ears look but a very friendly spayed female 5 years old housebroken very happy and lovable and just one of the many pets available today at noon and again there is no adoption fee now this program continues through September 30th so you can come and get a dog a cat a puppy a kitten or a little critter and there’s absolutely no fee but we do request a monetary donation and we’re going to show you actually what we’ve been doing here at the Arizona Humane Society is posting the names of people who adopt and make a donation and you might notice that many of those amounts are equal to or very close to or even greater than our usual adoption fee of 65 dollars so the program is just going wonderfully we’ve been able to place literally thousands of pets in new homes through this program that is wonderful now I know that like you said it’s coming up on to the end here is this something you may continue again in the future