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Reardon and today we are making a giant Butterfinger chocolate bar with crunchy
thin layers of caramel with peanut butter in between. Here on How To Cook
That I make giant chocolate bars and give them to people who doing giant
things and we’ve done a giant Hershey’s Kiss, a TimTam, Toblerone Snickers, Kit Kat, Twix, Mars Bar and even a Ferrero Rocher. Let me know what you’d like to see next
in the comments below. This one had heaps of requests but we don’t actually have
Butterfinger here in Australia so I had to order some in from the US so I
could have a taste. Butterfinger bars taste peanutty and
they have an unusual crunchy layered texture so it took lots of experimenting
and doing things in my kitchen to figure out how we can make something very
similar without the use of commercial machinery and without commercial
ingredients. So to make it what you’re gonna need is sugar, peanut butter, water, glucose syrup or
corn syrup, more peanut butter, and corn flour or cornstarch. And you’ll also need
a tiny bit of citric acid. I’ll put all the recipe quantities on the
howtocookthat.net website for you in grams and ounces and cups and i’ll put
a link to that below. With the peanut butter in the corn flour we want to warm
up the peanut butter in the microwave and then mix through the corn flour. Now we don’t need the peanut butter to
be hot we just need it to be a little bit more liquidy to make it easier to
mix in. In the real butterfinger they use freeze-dried flakes of corn and if
you can get hold of those just switch them out for the cornstarch but they’re not corn flakes like the
serial corn flakes so don’t use that. Place the sugar water and glucose syrup
into a pan and stir that until the sugar is
dissolved. Then use a wet pastry brush and wash down the sides of the pan. This just gets rid of any sugar crystals
that are on the side of the pan because they can cause it to crystallize back
out which is not what we want. Add a candy thermometer and then add in
the citric acid just sprinkle it over the top. And now we want to let that boil unstirred until it goes golden and we
want to keep heating it up until it reaches 310 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove it
from the heat and stir through the peanut butter that doesn’t have the
cornstarch in it. And this is only one sixth of the total amount we’re going to
need for this giant bar but we have to make it in sections or it would be too
big to handle for the next step that we need to do. Immediately pour that out
onto a large baking silicon mat and spread it out evenly be careful not to
touch it as you know it is extremely hot. Let it cool slightly and then spread
some of that peanut butter cornflour mixture over the top of one half. Using
the mat fold the hot sugar over the peanut butter and press it down slightly.
Lift the mat off, now if it’s sticking to the mat like this it needs to be a
little bit cooler. Try flipping it over and see if the bench is cooled down the
other side so you can peel off that one. Spread more peanut butter mixture on one
half and then fold it over again. Then fold it again and you can see that
we are starting to get layers there but we want them to be much, much thinner. Try and keep it in a rectangle shape just use your hands to shape it. Then put the
mat over it and roll it out with a rolling pin just to flatten it slightly.
Then fold that in half and roll it again and we want to continue to roll and fold
and roll and fold because this will make the layers thinner and thinner. And I’m
going to do this about 10 times and if it gets too firm to work with just pop it on tray in the oven for about 30 seconds to
warm it so that you can try again. And you want to make sure you shape it
into the shape of our bar. I’m doing this bar in two halves because
i have to get it into my hand luggage and onto an airplane. So if i wasn’t doing that I’ll just make
it is one big one but you still gotta do it in batches obviously. So make your
rectangle shape and then leave that one to cool and when you make your next
batch you’re just going to stack that warm one
on top of the one that’s cooled. Just pushing it down gently with your hand so
that that’s stacked up there so we’ll have three batches stacked up on each half of
the bar. Pour some tempered chocolate onto the
baking paper and add the bar on top and you can see all those layers in the
candy there. Once that chocolate is set take a
knife and trim around the base to make it nice and straight. Now balance the bar
onto two glasses and pour tempered chocolate over the top just letting it
drip down the sides. Now if you have not tempered chocolate before I have a whole
video explaining the various ways to do it at home and what it means. It just means that the chocolate will
set firm at room temperature. If you don’t do that will only be firm
while it’s in the fridge which is not going to work when we’ve got to take it on a plane. Now you can go to the chocolate playlist on Youtube.com/howtocookthat or I’ll put a link to it below so you can find that
chocolate secrets video. Once those drips have set, just run a
knife along the base to cut them off. Now to wrap it just place the two halves topside down
onto some yellow contact and obviously if you’re not going on a plane you could
just have the one bar instead of the two halves. And then place a piece of core-flute
board over the top and wrap the contact around sticking it together at the
underneath there. Then flip it back the right way up and at each end peel off the backing and then just fold that down over the
end of the bar like you’re wrapping a present. Then pull out the sticky part, just pull
it out to flatten it and push the ends together. Cut off the excess using pinking shears
so you get that jagged zigzag edge. Then you just want to print out the words and
glue them on over the top. So today’s guest we have Seth Franco who
is a famous basketball player and a motivational speaker who speaks to
students all around the world. Hey, nice to be here. So I have a few
questions for you first I’d like to know where do you live? Well i live in Pittsburgh now and I’m
originally from New York. Nice place. And what is the best thing
about Australia? The food! Are you sweet tooth or savory? Uhhh I’m more of a sweet tooth. You’re on the right channel! What is the longest time you’ve ever
spun a ball on your finger for? You can pretty much spin it as long as you
want. And is there a world record? I believe it’s over three hours long. I have a confession i have never tried
to spin a ball on my finger before. Do you want to try and spin a basketball. Hmm, yeah. We go speak at schools especially with
the young kids, I’ll spin a basketball and i’ll grab their finger and put it
on. I’m a bit nervous. Don’t be nervous Just like that. There you go that’s pretty cool! Now if i actually wanted to learn how to
do that how long did that take to learn to do it yourself? I tell kids that if they practice every
day for a few minutes probably about a month and then how to do it or they
could. Or they could just have you and then you can do it instantly. Okay is your favorite
basketballer Kobe or Jordan? Michael Jordan in my book is the best
part who’s ever played the game basketball. Some people may have an argument. Yes in the comments let us know who you think it’s the best. And you
were playing college basketball you had a scholarship, life was on the up for
someone who wants to be a basketballer then what happened? I woke up one morning and I wasn’t able
to walk. That’s pretty scary! Yeah i was frustrated and scared I reached out to a buddy of mine, he
took me to the hospital and I had surgery on my left leg. I went from being in a wheelchair to
crunches to using a cane to walking. How long with that process? Oh a couple months. It sounds easy in
fast-forward and I’m sure it would have been frustrating. Yeah, during that time when I
couldn’t work on playing basketball my legs I worked on basketball tricks and
hand-eye coordination just trying to pass the time. And so with that the end of your
basketball career basically? No I continue to play, even though i was struggling. I was still
strong enough to compete and hide my pain. Kenny the Jet Smith a former NBA player
with the Houston Rockets who played during Michael Jordan’s era, he recommended me to the Harlem
Globetrotters. So I went out and tried out for the Globetrotters, a 10-day try-out.
Every day like a reality TV show they would cut one player and ended up making
the team. That’s awesome. Yeah and so yeah I
started to live my dream out. We traveled all over the world, was on
television, newspapers, magazines, radio it was a dream come true. So you went from living what you thought was
going to be a dream to your hopes just getting totally dashed and then was
there ever a moment there where you just actually felt like giving up? That’s a great question because that
moment came after playing with the Harlem Globetrotters. Ok. I never finished that year so that
dream came true and I never finished my rookie year, I was two weeks away. We were in France on a world tour I went
to get up into the game and I started to cry. I couldn’t get up the trainer took me to a
vehicle and we went to the hospital and the doctors came out and said you have
what’s called hip dysplasia. In Australia everybody, all the babies like I know my
kids were screened for that and I get put in a brace if they have it. Yeah most of the time if you diagnosed
it’s when you’re young child or an infant. I had a minor case of hip dysplasia
and they say the minor cases of hip dysplasia or the worst because they go
undetected. Right. That is not like a text book situation. Yeah i lost the ability to walk later on.
I had to stop playing and they said you have to have both your hips replace. Wow,
how old we then? I was 25. And so that’s not something a 25 year old usually goes through. Yeah, so three years ago I had my left
hip replaced the next month my right hip replaced. Wow. So my story is
still unfolding and I go through times where I feel discouraged but I’ve
learned something great … it’s okay to struggle but it’s not okay
to give up. Take your pain and do something negative with it and hurt someone
else or you can take your pain and turn it into something positive. That’s powerful. And sometimes the
fastest way to get out of a tough time is to take
your eyes off yourself and help someone else. I love that, others focused. Even our interview
today maybe there’s someone watching who’s
going through something. Maybe they’ll be reminded that they have the power to
choose the right attitude no matter what they’re going through. yeah, which is awesome. Well we love what you’re doing, we love that you didn’t give up and that you are now others focused in doing what you’re doing.
And on my channel on How To Cook That we have a special way of saying thank you
to people who we think are doing amazing things. Cool! So we have one more question for you do
you prefer Milky Way or Butterfinger? Butterfinger! Butterfinger. Ok well i have here for you today a
giant we can get this off a giant a Butterfinger bar! This is great. So you can try and pick it up if you like. See if you can spin that on your finger. This is no joke, this is heavy! No this is no joke this is actually a real giant Butterfinger. That is awesome, you just made my day! Great, well we’ll get you to open it
up i don’t think you’ll be able to bite it. This really is a giant Butterfinger. It really is a giant Butterfinger, that’s right. This is what it’s all about right here! That’s really good. Be inspired to do
giant things Tastes just like a Butterfinger. Subscribe
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