Hi alright guys i’m back at James house and
that means giant food we survived the teacake headbutt we had a few days of concussion but
after that it was all good so with Easter coming up there’s these things in the Uk you
might be able to get them around the world called creme eggs it’s actually one like that
and they’re getting smaller aren’t they yep they are getting smaller and smaller so we
thought enough is enough cadbury wake up we’ve got a light fitting that we just bought from
the shop this is how we discovered it so we’re in a shop and we normally don’t know what
we’re doing with these giant foods and we’ve found this electrical light don’t you think
giant creme egg when you see that yeah baby good tikmes now we’ve got the fitting we need
to make our mould, we’re going to paper mache that old school. Shall we leave it in there
or not? I don’t think so mate I think if we grip this bit together with a bit of tape
that looks like some sort of futuristic thing maybe we could keep it as a memento we can
re-make the light look at that – amazing we’ve got a light out of it and this thing it looks
like something wolverine would have in the X Men thats what I was thinking too I didn’t
want to say it but stay away argh I just smacked my head on the wall. Folks we are just setting
up our paper mache station and that is pva glue right mate it is and a funny story happened
to you didn’t mate in the shop yeah we were in the shop earlier and I got ID’d for pva
glue amazing what do they think you might be doing with that? I’m not sure but don’t
know why the guy ID’d me so we’re gonna work from the base which is good tip in life it’s
good to work from the base up yep so the paper mache should hopefully help hold some of these
flimsy bits together and so it begins guys we’re not gonna film the steps otherwise it’s
going to take ages and I want to help James here but yeah first strip is down first strip
is going on nicely so we’ll build it up and let it dry off it’ll be nice and crisp egg
shell. Right guys we did it we’ve now got our mould
paper mache’d one side as you can see it’s starting to look like a big egg shell for
the top we’ve got a new bowl with paper mache again ready to go on top for our chocolate.
Right i’m not gonna say what I think that looks like but basically we’ve got a huge
sheet of foil here and the creme egg wrapper we’re just trying to scale it right hopefully
we’re gonna paint this to look like that right yep our own giant version of course yeah crazy.
So i’m painting with these colours and trying to film at the same time so i’m pushing this
around and fast forward now to hopefully a nice big wrapper.
Right the folks alright mate our creme egg sign, we’ve done our first layer of paint
we needed to like touch it up a bit so that is looking good i’m happy with that where
are you taking me? I the fridge we have one of our moulds which we have lined with foil
yes we have for extra ease yep a bit of hygiene thing there the other mould is sat on the
chair over there you can see it in the corner and it wouldn’t be a giant food video mate
without a bit of melted chocolate that’s right so it’s going there we’ve got about 5kg of
chocolate sat here look i’ve got purple fingernails that’s cool isn’t it like that? you usually
paint them black don’t you yeah a bit of a gothic to be honest so yeah that’s all we’re
gonna do right we’re gonna melt this chocolate up put it in our moulds good times start lining
it up freeze it line it chill it line it chill it line it chill it line it chill it line
it then hopefully we’ll have a bit of an egg – yeah.
We’re just gonna put a few lumps of chocolate in there just to get an initial layer in our
mould remember we’ve got to do this to both halves good times oh yeah just working that
in there like that – gotta get it right to the tops too so it moulds together. Right
guys we’ve had a busy old session in james kitchen setting up the shells lets have a
little look there are two boats can you see that two boats of shellness in there they
need time to set we’re gonna get them out of the foil now drizzle them in chocolate
for a nice smooth finish then i’ll come back tomorrow when we’re gonna do the filling it’s
intense but it’s gonna be worth it. Morning guys we’re back at James’s house yeah it’s
been an overnight set right yeah all we were doing was melting chocolate yesterday so we
won’t have much to show you i’m afraid no it’s been a little bit boring steps so hence
the change of clothes we’re back check out this is one half it’s rock hard it’s solid
there is no way that is even harder than the headbutt one right i’m not headbutting that
there’s no way it’s got thick walls so we’ve got two of these which we are gonna bond together
a little bit of bad news painting the foil was not amazing it’s come out good when we
started doing it but it’s crinkled up so i’ve got a little project later where i’m gonna
do that again at home so i’ll film a bit of that and for the moment we’ve got to get our
filling in here it’s like a little boat isn’t it it is we tried to do that earlier with
the foil but it kind of backfired looks more realistic now it looks like a chocolate noahs
ark. Right folks it’s time to make the fondant
James is having his breakfast good morning coco pops the breakfast of champions so what
we’ve got here is a bowl and there’s a good amount of icing sugar in there and i’m just
gonna add a little splash of water at first that’s probably a little too much initially
but we’re just gonna sort of make a paste with it and obviously it’s gotta be quite
thick and manouverable and we’ll die a little bit of it orange to make a yolk colour i’m
not pointing at your genitals mate we’re up nice and high this time good that’s why we’re
laughing if you’re wondering we just filmed this a moment ago and my arm is getting quite
heavy it’s like I wasn’t actually shooting james face so brokeback creme egg getting
worse sorry. Right folks turns out we need more icing sugar
so i’ve just bought 14 more bags we’re nearly there!
Hey man them arms are growing ooooh yeah yeah it’s coming together well we’ve got our fondant
there we’ll just take a little batch and dye that yellow for the yolk bit it’s gonna go
into our chocolate ark amazing thing just happened in the supermarket which you just
saw just after that some old man was in the background going hello so i’m not gonna keep
him in there this is all about you and me today james yeah man lets do it. Oh my gosh
look at that looks like a frozen avalanche while that’s going in there we’ve got another
pot right there which we are going to dye yellow to make our yolk excellent good yolk,
cracking yeah. That looks like egg yolk already lets just
do that lets leave it does it taste the same? Or does it taste like yolk oh my god that’s
amazing. Oh my gosh check that out so just let it sort of rest on there we’ve got half
of the mixture going in here the other half going in the other half and we’re just gonna
let it set overnight to really firm up – thanks. Right folks just to show you right now as
we have to leave this in the fridge to set overnight again and that was a nice quick
shift today we’ve got two eggs there all getting a set so i’m gonna go home now and replicate
or failed wrapper and this time we’ll do it with acrylics right folks so we’re here in
my kitchen I managed to get hold of some lacquer for our wrapper so here we go it’s working
really well I just gave it a nice spray of the lacquer and our acrylic paint is sticking
to it really well so any minute now we should say a funky brand new big old wrapper good
times. Check that out that is looking pretty darn
good the acrylic pain worked a treat it’s gonna set overnight then i’ll take it back
to James’s. Hello say hello what book is that can I see the cover? Guys who is that on the
cover just a little interlude from the giant food my book has arrived little plug if you
haven’t got it yet Chloe’s little page in there I can’t show you all the pages check
out the links in the description down below there’s no giant food in the book sorry about
that but there are some amazing recipes anyhow lets crack on that was an egg pun.
Right folks we’re back at James’s house it’s night time yeah you alright yeah the wrapper
is looking good James hasn’t seen the wrapper but the only the acrylic paint did work man
just to let you know so yeah this is it we’ve got our 2 egg moulds here these have come
out of the fridge they’ve had a good 8 hours set can you hear that? it’s actually quite
nice and firm but we’ve got to flip that onto there and then seal it with the melted chocolate
in the background there are you excited? flip reverse it **sing flip reverse by Blazin Squad**
Right folks we’re just set up the tripod now so we’re gonna flip it um hopefully this is
gonna work I know there’s a lot of people relying on this happening and i’ve sent some
pictures out on instagram and there’s a big buzz we’ve gotta make it happen man lets give
it a go. It’s on it’s on guys, oh my gosh right so
now we need to act really fast let me just quickly zoom in it’s holding the fondant is
holding ok it’s a little bit like blair witch project with the lack of light in here it’s
like ‘where are you james?’ right we’ve now gotta seal that up with melted chocolate wow
i’m excited a little bit. Ladies and gentlemen this is not the film
cocoon or it does look like another 80’s movie flight of the navigator do you remember that
film? We have made it so we’ll just seal around those edges keep it all together and then
we’ll keep it all in the fridge again to set right. Set it and then we’ll look at decorative
art. Alright guys so that is a standard size cadburys creme egg so if we pan out James
my lovely assistant is gonna put that right there compared to the other hi daddy how you
doing or it’s like it’s gone for a little we’re now gonna smooth over this chocolate
get rid of all these bits where Barry’s done a bad job on that side yeah it’s nice and
sealed but yeah we just want it flush right so we can score that design into it so how
about tomorrow to finish it off. Day 3 it’s been a 3 day session on this so
guys hope you appreciate this 3 days of loving and it’s worked so why don’t we come back
tomorrow with a bit of a chocolate theme. Morning folks it’s day 3 we are back and we
said chocolate theme what? we said like chocolate themed are you the easter bunny? can you even
see in that? yeah. Alright so chocolate easter themed lets finish off this giant egg good
times. Oh my gosh mate that is enormous and it’s
free standing we’ve got the wrapper behind it so lets get it in the wrapper.
Alright, what is that you are holding? This is a creme egg, oh right but that is a giant
creme egg oh my goodness look at the size of it it’s enormous shall we weigh it and
stuff I think we have to like a fish we’ve just caught a giant fish oh my gosh guys look
at that unbelievable. Right folks so we’re now just weighing it
14kg!! Really look wow just over 2 stone that’s heavier than Chloe i’m sure that’s over 2
stone oh my gosh amazing times 2 stone for pounds. Hows it going man we’re getting there
we’re just trying to get into our giant egg right now and hopefully we’ll have a little
taste you alright? yeah breakthrough lets see what’s going on.
Ok so that’s our standard creme egg halved and that is our giant one halved when we did
it james got a bit of an injury didn’t you mate? yeah take care Jenny lieutenant Dan,
Bubba we’ve got like loads of Forrest Gump puns going on through this video we haven’t
filmed much of that we’ve just been doing lines from the film ice-cream, so we’ve got
some shards here that are going to be dunked in there now – and mange tout.
Right folks we have been tucking in to our giant egg it is like a giant embryo fondue
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