My virgin kitchen presents.
A giant food attempt. Wednesday October 7th 2015.
Barry, Barry, there there, you have been asleep for almost ten minutes, I had a dream with
a giant brownie, agh! It is giant food time. *Sing back to the future them badly*
Hey, your phone is ringing my phone is ringing, what a bleep. Hi alright guys I am back at
jimmedy james house aka hamez aka formerly known as Sheldon cooper now looking like alan
from the hangover with the beard, nice growth son, thanks mate, nice loving it. Just need
a baby hanging on my chest if you have not guessed it we are doing a back to the future
themed giant food for you this time, the doc brownie hoverboard, yes a giant chocolate
brownie hoverboard, the doc brown idea actually came to james when he was sat on the toilet
decided to whats app me thanks mate I am thinking of doc brownie right now, we got a bit of
fancy dress lets get changed shall we I have one outfit you have another, alright we will
get changed. Mate I was supposed to be dressed as doc you
were marty, I thought you were marty because you are small, but I am crazy like 1.21 jiggacalories
I even have a t shirt made up that says doc brownie 1.21 jiggacalories, what is on your
t shirt, wellllllll I have got a well t shirt. We got our ingredients and went to a different
supermarket this time, we did it was a bit of a different experience it sure was. We
are in a new supermarket today, it is very green, what do you think of this new supermarket,
I do not like it. I do not like it is a new layout we were just looking at bras weren�t
we bras. Don�t turn around because your gonna see
my heart breaking, don�t turn around I don�t want to see me crying. Man card.
Strap yourselves in Marty I need fuel for 88 mph of giant foodness, doc brownie ness
and if you were wearing crocks, crock brownie ness. I love your socks, thanks mate, do you
want to look at these socks guys look odd socks today doc give us the measurements great
scott we have 1.2 jiggawatts of dark chocolate 1.2 jiggawatts of melted butter, 1.2 watts
of gigga powder, and then some plain flour straight from the flux capacitor itself.
First thing we are going to do folks is melt this butter up as you can see which we have
started to do it is not orangeade we will melt the chocolate up too and merge oh that
is going to line my arteries beautifully. We had a wellllll t shirt made up a spare
one, and we are going to give that away folks. You too can look like me, we are going to
give that away there is always a race on videos to leave the first comment. Got an idea right,
whoever leaves the last comment wins the t shirt. James it is going well but we have
forgotten one vital ingredient no, we have forgotten the icing, no, you must go back,
back? Back to the supermarket, ok I will be 5 minutes. Low budget reconstruction.
I did not even know you were gone, did you get the icing, I am back, amazing.
So with what looks like orange juice but unfortunately a whole river of melted butter we are putting
it and stirring through so it all becomes one, we could have done this together in one
bowl which would have been far more sensible but we are crazy right.
Here we are then folks our lovely chocolate butter mixture all nice and combined we have
stirred that through doc, ok sure alright jonny be good, sorry mate phone call.
Just cracked six eggs in there and I noticed that james did not have any shelllll in there
nice work mate I got next one batch right yeah, sugar and eggs beaten together.
That looks so weird, right man, we have chocolate egg whites cocoa and flour, our whipped egg
whites chocolate that is now at room temperature the melted chocolate is going in with the
egg whites yep going in there and to the other side up there we have flour and cocoa powder
we will use that in a bit and need to keep as much air in there as possible so gradually
add this in, it is nice and cooled down because if it was hot it would cook the egg in there
and we would have a chocolate omelette, hmmm that sounds good. Oh great scott. Loving that
that marble effect is it cool, I hate manure, we are making chocolate manure, yes so we
are going to keep working this through get it all consistent, oh my gosh I want to swim
in that. Oh yes, not even bothering about sifting today, just folding it straight in.
I need fuel, next up we have that chocolate mixture with all that cocoa and flour combined
in there but that is a nice sheen on there mate, I am loving it, ahhhhh sheen! So this
chocolate my fuel we have just been bashing up chuck that in once it is at the right,
well it is looking good right so we will get the chocolate in there then time to bake.
Oh yeah! In goes the chocolate chunks, stirring that
through oh my gosh. Wow. In goes the chocolate batter guys, oh shiver
my timbers, look at that. We have got two trays this is the one mix this is another
one, joining them together will make our hoverboard. So we will get that all nice and out there
levelled up, so both our trays of brownie batter up mixture are done james what is the
next step mate, ahhhhhh. In they go, yep 1.21 jiggawatts that oven
is set at, amazing we sure do know how to rehydrate a pizza. You have something on the
face mate, have I? Yeah on the side, my ears? No the other side, is that chocolate, huh,
I am a bit of a mucky pup. You have a spot on your face where? Here on the side, here,
no the other side, here, more round, there you go, little bit no to your right, oh! Hmmmm.
What we are doing right now jimothy could you summarise it, we are um no, *laughs*.
We are rolling out the icing ready to roll out and dye pink, yes we are going to cloak
our hoverboard in pink fondant little bit of food dye rolling it through oh mine just
died, you have an artery rolling it out like a tongue baaaa.
Great scott the icing is rolled out the brownies are cooling down the hoverboard has this green
circular thing mate it has yeah, where are we going to find something green and circular,
I do not know, ahhhh. No idea where we are going to get this green
tape, nope the green whoopee cushion was a gold find but pink tape, Einstein! Wahey,
nice one Einstein amazing. Sounds good, drum roll, oh! Nice so it has
a nice smooth edge on it we will carve them up brownie one and brownie two right dude,
and using our hoverboard template we have some sugar paper online of a hoverboard check
that out how cool is that hey butt head put down the brownie so we just finished carving
up the head of the brownie we are going to push together the two brownie pieces cloak
it in the icing and finish with our hoverboard icing bits, right mate, right butthead hello
hello anybody home think jimmy think, butthead. What we are doing is using our offcuts of
fudgy chocolate brownie to fit together the two hoverboard pieces into one long strip
right doc uh huh oh yeah, check it out. It is now time for the pink to meet the brown,
ohhhh! Just butting the sides in making it look all
flush, hoverboard coming together it does not look like anything weird honest, folks
the hoverboard is done it has been dabbed with water so our hoverboard icing sheets
will stick to it we even have a little tail right there, lets get it on.
Whats up doc, wow check out that we have got our safety strap thing on and it is ready
to go the only thing left to do is charge it up and see if it flies, you are flying
james, oh it is working who would have thought chocolate brownies can make hoveboards, I
think there is too much sugar in it and it has gone a bit crazy but this is working,
ready does it work yeah, but the batteries have gone. There we go.
So that is it as usual we are going to give it away to some friends, as usual we will
have a good portion of it ourselves, yeah that little bit for friends and then that
for us, it never goes to waste we eat it all or it goes to charity those that ask check
out the rest of the giant food playlist if you have not seen it already there is so much
on there, yeah what are you doing, what are you doing, great scott, let us know down below
what you want to see next and we will see you again next time