Hi, alright guys I am back at jimmedy james
house, hello, alright james for another gigantic enormous food extravaganza, what are we making?
An �clair, an �clair!? With choux pastry, made from actual shoes! We have already been
to the shop and got our ingredients, and this is how we got on.
James alright, how zoomed in are you on my face. We just found something, remember them?
Tunnocks teacakes, does that bring back a memory? It does a bit.
Oh that does bring back memories, even though it was there and not there yeah.
Say hello, makes baby noises. Right James first time making choux pastry,
I have never made it before and you are not even making shoes, I�m not bad, nevermind,
butter about 65g of butter in there, we are going to mix it in with some water which is
in a pan right here, we are done, 53, 64, 64 grams that will do. Alright so we have
got the butter and the water in the pan here, we are just going to bring up to a simmer,
once it is at a simmer we can cook up our flour, shoo!
Butter has melted we are now going to add the flour, translation there of what james
just said, was it quick, yeah, so what we are going to do is cook the flour by doing
this we turn it down to a medium heat, stir it through and it should start to cling to
the pan and make a ball dough type thing right jimmy. Are you excited? You chouxed (should)
be. It is happening! Alright jimmy that is coming together loving
it, it is looking good, I never used to know you had to cook flour did you know that? Did
you not? No, what like in a cake, oh yeah. Now that mixture boom goes in there for 5
minutes to cool down, looks kind of like a brain. We are now at the stage to add some
egg goodness, right Jimothy what are we doing, well we have the egg and need to make a little
well, a well? A weeeeellllllll ? No a little well, yeah, just a weh then a weh, so the
eggs go in the well, yeah. Oh in it goes, looking a bit like an eye.
We are going to whip it up like a big egg, it does look like a fried egg. Look a bit
like porridge at the moment guys, as you add the eggs it gets a bit smoother. Smooth like
velvet, you like
it smooth, yeah! Wahey, shoo! Alright? What you doing out there? Dunno you
told me to shoo! Shoe? I am not wearing any shoes! Alrighty, should be looking nice and
smooth now mate, oh loving it, smooth, nice now we can smear it out on our tray to make
a nice �clair shape right that is the plan. So we are making a strip of the dough, right
down the tray, we are going to push it in and get as much down the tray as we can. I
have to get in and help James here but we will form a lovely strip of dough.
This is the als ice bucket challenge, this is just a water bath this is going to help
steam when we put it in our hot oven it is going to help it rise hopefully we will put
this on the lower shelf the oven is at 220 non fan if you have a fan oven about 200 should
do it. Here we go our strip of choux, shoo doux right there we are going to double this
up so we will make an XL �clair, it is going in the oven, make sure you do not open your
oven during these steps ok, so in it goes there, in about ten minutes it should rise
up then crank the temperature down, it should be golden brown and delicious.
Right so whilst the �clair is in there, we could just stand here and do nothing, but
instead we are going to make a chocolate gash, that is right we are chopping our chocolate
finely, you could grate it but I just like using a knife, or if you are lazy you could
use the blocks that is what I tend to do, but with our ganache we will boil 300ml of
cream and pour into the grated chocolate, and let it cool to make a nice ganache, nice
chocolate ganache on its way. Shiver me timbers guys look at the rise on
that already the steamy water there is really helping it is not even halfway through yet
and looking good, risen like a wizard! Right here is some cream which we are starting
to simmer up, as soon as it does simmer we have that lovely bucket I am going to call
it a bucket is that ok? Most people call them bowls but ok, mixing bucket of chocolate right
there ready to go, it is going to look sexy right. Hot cream on chocolate is a very sexy
thing my friends, look at it, watch your hand on the steam because it hurts, oh yeah is
that a cry for help!? Right lets mix this through.
With it all mixed together a lovely chocolate lake ganache coming together you ok mate,
oh I am in heaven, in heaven, we just want to jump in it now, take our shoes (chouxs!)
off wahey! Just let it cool down then thicken up because it will really help our �clair.
That is the other step done. Little update then folks we have just taken
the first one out of the oven, and it golden brown and still a little hot by the sound
of it, so what we are going to do is we have put the other one in the oven it is down there
rising too, we are going to slice that one in half and join the two together, but we
need to make some cream, is that ok with you mate, make cream? Or whisk it? Oh yeah, good
point. So the last step we are whipping our cream,
you actually need to physically whip it like Indiana jones grab the hat last minute style
right. Right so we have some whipping cream right here, and we will whip it using the
whisk, we have some prongs on it that have been cleaned, yep cleaned and prepped do not
want any choux on it! Yep no shoes! Alright the cream is whipped in goes a substantial
amount of icing sugar, to give it a sweetened edge right jimmy, alrighty then, lets give
it a fold I do not want to cover my kitchen in it.
Folks are ingredients are ready it is time to build it, chouxly (surely) it will taste
nice, it chouxed do (should do). Shoo shoo! Montage of building the giant chocolate �clair!
Right then as usual james is carrying a knife for no reason, I want some I want to get into
this, giant chocolate �clair all done, if you have missed any of the other giant foods
check out the playlist it should appear on the screen throughout this video, and let
us know down below what you want to see next right.
250 thousand subscribers right mate, yeah, when we hit a million we will throw a giant
food party and you guys are invited to a mysterious location somewhere in the UK. Amazing times
so we are going to have some of this we will let you know what it tastes like and also
James wife is going to be sharing some of this for a party, so it is all going to be
consumed and great for the waistline that is it then guys thankyou very much see you
next time, bye! So it is my birthday and my party, lovely
barry and james have provided us with a lovely bit of chocolate �clair, shall we dive in?
yeay!! Tight skirt, big �clair, bad idea! Hmmmm, thanks Barry & James! Thanks, shall
we carry on, yeah!