Hi! Alright guys I am back at James house
for another giant food aka the flash and I am superman although I look a little bit more
like sloth from the goonies I want to be Superman, that is better although my t-shirt is a little
bit skin tight I should have bought the next size up I need to work out a little bit more.
Anyhow guys we are making today a giant cookie cup yeah if you do not know what that is basically
last Year the inventor of the cronut came up with these mini shot glass flavoured things
that you fill with milk so we put a vote out there it was going to be tacos, �clairs,
gold bars or this and just shaded it we think was the cookie cup so we went out shopping
earlier and foraged yes. Right guys we are off to a garden store really
yeah we need another mould we are thinking like a porcelain, ceramic, terracotta style
plant pot would be a perfect mould for a giant cookie cup so yeah, sounds good a cookie cup
what are we going to fill it with? Milk or cream? Whipped cream clotted cream! This is
like a traffic jam kind of, it is exciting some people trying to be fit look at that
stop running! *james honks car horn*. Ok to our wives it was just a bit of harmless fun�
get their numbers. So we are going in the range first of all
to see their selection of garden accessories which could potentially create our cookie
mould that is about it really it is a nice little store other stores are available bear
that in mind we are not sponsored or anything. There is no spaces in the car park, the furthest
away thanks James. We found a range of superhero tshirts and
james is going for the flash one and I am going for the sloth from goonies look, I am
genuinely happy about this. Their shrub range is a lot better this time of year, oh yeah
a nice selection of plants so we have not actually got a pot yet although we have superhero
tshirts This is what I am talking about a selection of pots, although it should work
as they were made in a kiln right so this is exactly what I was thinking something like
that � oooh buy one get one free lets make two. What is that? It is kryptonite. Yeah
we are making a giant cookie like massive, the size of a plant pot a terracotta plant pot have you
gone to a till to try and buy your own book then people look at the cover and go what?!
You should do that. So we have our plant pot, we have our ingredients, we have James, we
have me and a kong! So that was a montage of our shopping adventure
but we discovered our plant pot � amazing James has changed as quick as a flash right
there we also discovered that bright green kong thing for no reason we will use it later,
yeah find some use for it and also we got our ingredients so hopefully we can get cracking
right now I am going to fly off. So in order to stop our cookie from sticking
to the sides we are going to lubricate the plant pot as you do yep and it is worth pointing
out there was a hole at the bottom of the pot so we have covered that with foil too
right yep so getting it nice and greasy. So James is carrying on by reaching up to his
rim and giving it a good grease yeah I think that is adequately greased wow I mean I want
to put my hand in there but it will slide right down you do not want to do that, I want
to help, do not do that. Why are you cutting the butter I thought you could tear it with
your bear hands I want to see some of that, well I have not sharpened my fingers in a
while got blunt fingers ok nearly there now a lot of butter need to get it more to room
temperature so we can get that sugar bonding, it is going to be amazing. What are you doing?
Creaming the butter, with your fist? Is that how a superhero does that? Yeah, have you
never seen Flash make a cake? Oh my gosh that sound it is working it is just taking ages.
Right so I have now smashed the butter in it is time to mix in our two types of sugar
to cream it all together. So about to add in our sugars now a combination of light brown
sugar and granulated sugar like a kilo of each, white on brown action yeah we are going
straight in with the brown. Right guys hopefully you will see it is nice and creamed together
now so what we will do is add in some more sugar granulated white sugar so we are going
to mix that up together beat it through until it is smooth baby BEAT IT!
Got to say I am liking the look of it right now, quite brown at the moment but adding
a nice cookie dough vibe gonna have to get it on the surface I reckon right then Jimothy
what is going on? We just moved the sugar and the butter onto the counter if you are
Australian we put it on the counter and then moosh it together moosh it is that Australian
too, moosh? Oh what are you saying you moosh you flaming dingo this looks like kfc chicken
I do not know if they do that right in Australia but anyhow yeah that is really going to help
us get our hands in there bind and merge it all together. You can see it is going to start
to make some great cookie dough, yeah sort of looks like you hang on a sec there he is.
Right so in goes our plain flour so we have about 3 and a half kilos of flour just under
got to incorporate that in gradually at times to start to thicken it up a bit it is a very
wet mixture it is going to poof everywhere so just get it in it is really going to expand
that mixture now. So James and I have been smearing this together
like a magician half of our flour has been incorporated in there which is good but it
is starting to get a little bit dryer right it is we need to start adding our eggs yeah
baby and we can keep following up by adding more flour so we get that consistency we are
after, if we put eggs in it it is just going to go everywhere?! Yeah! We need to make a
well, just making a well. So we are gradually adding our eggs into our well sorry did that
joke already but in it goes like that 3 at a time just to incorporate it and bring that
dough how we want it baby. Just mash it up! Oh there you go, so you can
see we are bringing that moisture back in but it is good because we can compensate it
with our flour in just a jiffy but it is coming together well. Bringing sexy back, I am bringing
flour back those other cookies do not know how to act alright! Just pouring the flour
on James, what you do is add flour to your friend like that. Oh just silence, listen
to the dough. So that is our giant log of cookie dough right there next up is chocolate
chips right yeah! Here we go, our chocolate chip run keep rolling rolling rolling rolling
oh yes we will have to roll back a few times but look at that it kind of worked I just
want it like that. So James is rolling it out it is not looking the most amazing I have
to admit, but its good though wahey! So we are starting to fill up our plant pot
now we are gonna work on the base and then all the way up the sides – BASE! Just going
to rod it a little bit. Our cookie dough cup thing is coming together so so well now guys
it is just sort of nice and thick so we are going to press it in and make it all nice
and flush the good news is we have loads of dough leftover James any ideas what we should
do with our leftover cookie dough? Cookies! Oh my god that is a brilliant idea. Mind of
this decade, of our generation. We have now turned our cookie dough into a
foil style NASA bucket we have done that because we want to sort of hold it back a little bit
we had this little fear that it could fall off but also it is going to stop the tops
burning too so yeah you alright? Ahhhhh. More from James in a minute it is time to get this
in the oven. James, we have had some fun haven�t we,
not with that! So this is our cookie bucket and it has been baking in the oven for a couple
of hours maybe in total it started to burn on the top so we foiled that it has actually
tiered down in strengths this is very well done and it gets slightly more raw as we go
down and we are quite confident right? Yeah! The butter and sugar is starting to crystalise
and form now and it is getting harder so it is time to get some chocolate on.
Well it is holding is it? Yeah! Oh in it goes oh look at that amazing are
you thirsty? I am a bit thirsty! You drunk
it in a flash feel good? Yeah it was good, well at least we can top it up with some milk
again. Oh my gosh, I do not think you drank any I was kind of going blah blah.
That is it then guys really hope you enjoyed our giant cookie cup it is an epic experience
with a milky waterfall finish at the end which we hope you enjoyed as much as we did right
that�s right it tastes great and is a really great way to enjoy a cookie so if you enjoyed
this video do not forget to give it a thumbs up share to all your friends subscribe and
comment and check out our other giant foods right have you got a favourite? A favourite,
check out the giant marshmallow oh yeah giant marshmallow let us know what you want to see
next. I have to fly off, now you have to run like the flash right? And that is a dog toy
by the way, called a kong. Haha you can see my arm.
Hi �. Oh no! Should have bought the next size up, yeah
*sing hungry eyes from dirty dancing* *More bad singing*
Look at this there it is, it is the cr�me egg mould the actual cr�me egg mould �17.99
brings back memories right. Can you tell me how much this is please?
Dark chocolate, milk? Oooh sorry
It is an odd sensation getting your car cleaned yeah not very sociable are they give us a
kiss, my mind is telling me no. Come on nobody can see.
Superman flying off now sorry flying not walking I am going to fly now haha
In a flash, half of your head is cut off! Ow!! Lieutenant Dan something bit me aghhh
I got shot in the buttocks Jenny! Owww I�d like to see that sometime I must have had
me about 15 doctor peppers.