– Hi!
– Hi! Alright guys, I’m back at
Jimminy James’ (singing) house! – Hello. – Today we are doing a giant Crunchie. – A Crunchie, mm. – Now some of you don’t
know what a Crunchie is. How can you describe it, Jimmy? – A Crunchie is a honeycomb
bar covered in chocolate. – Yeah, basically one of
these, this is a small one. (rustling) (snaps) – Ah, shaft of honeycomb in there. – Look at that. – James has never made honeycomb before. – I know. I’ve heard it’s
dangerous so I’m a little worried. – Yeah, it’s pretty intense,
so we’re gonna do our best. Actually in America you might
not know what a Crunchie is and we also know that in Australia it’s called a Violet Crumble. – [Jimmy] A Violet Crumble. – [Barry] Yeah, and randomly in Cornwall, they call a honeycomb hokey-pokey. – [Jimmy] Hokey-pokey! – So let’s do the hokey pokey
and show you how we got– – What’s it’s all about!
– Whay! (laughter) This is what we did at the shops. Today we may be going to
a different supermarket, one with a German name. – Dun, dun, duh! – It sounds like fiddle. (laughter) Yes. – They don’t use that in their slogan. – No they should.
– They should use that. Fiddle your way through our aisles. (Jimmy laughs) (laughing) No, no, they
definitely shouldn’t use that. So we’re going there and
then we’re gonna go and get some sort of storage box because making honeycomb
is a dangerous thing. – I’ve heard, my first time. – Yeah the first time that
James will make honeycomb and it’s gonna be– – There we go, that was close! – We nearly died.
– I almost crashed. – There was a guy, he was driving the Spanish
side of the road as well. Yeah so it’s his first
time making honeycomb and rather than doing it in a small batch, we’re making one the size of a building. – Breezeblock.
– Yeah. We’re gonna go in this
store called BUYology. That’s an amazing pun. (Jimmy laughs) Even if the stuff in there is terrible, all your needs at microscopic prices. Look at this guys just walked
out in front of you, James. – [Jimmy] I know.
– Take him down! He needs to die!
– 20 points right there! – Yeah, cool. So yeah,
BUYology, here we go. White Twix. – [Jimmy] Nice! – I can’t see a thing! – [Jimmy] Are they actually glasses? – Yeah feel how strong they
are, they are so strong. – Oh my God, wow, that’s terrible. – [Barry] Now trying
putting them on the lens. – This is blurred I can see nothing. – [Barry] Try and put them on the lens. – What are they suppose to be, better? – [Barry] Oh it kind of works
actually, oh I don’t know. We have to be careful with
our mould today, folks, so we’ll use an owl instead. I wonder if we could just cut two of them in half or something,
seal it from the outs– Oh no we’re gonna have that
ridge inside aren’t we? What about that thing? – [Jimmy] Big init? (crashing) – [Barry] Oh yeah it’s
got vents in the bottom. Come up with this crazy
idea of using a draw to put our thing in. Because that’s gonna hold
it really really well, and James has got a draw in his house so we might end up
using that as an option. Not sure, you’re welcome mat. We have just stumbled
upon the perfect mould. Look at this, we don’t
normally come in this store. – Every single chocolate bar
will now be made in this tub. – [Barry] BUYology is come
up, you wouldn’t believe– No not the range, the BUYology. – You couldn’t believe the BUYlogy? – [Barry] (laughing) you
wouldn’t believe the BUYology needed to put this
together, that’s so good! Do we need to probably line it? – There’s not even much of a dip. – [Barry] Nah, the ridges are good. – We can just– – [Barry] Yeah, it’s got lovely contours. – Slice that off, smooth it out. – [Supermarket Announcer]
We’re happy to help you at another checkout. – [Barry] We’ve only just got here, love. (laughter) – All of it? – [Barry] Yeah just in case. Well it might be too much. (Jimmy laughs) Might be too much. – That’s too much isn’t it?
– Is that 100 grammes? – Yeah. – [Barry] One, two, three,
four, yeah it’s just for a coat. – Now? – [Barry] Um. – Depends how big we make it. – [Barry] Yeah we don’t know, let’s just get it just in case. – Sure? – [Barry] Yeah, yeah, might as well. Look at the little basket, that
little trolley it’s awesome. – It’s good init? – [Barry] Sugar, golden syrup. That’s all there, that’s
everything we need. – Cool. – [Barry] What do you know,
that’s our giant food shopping. That doesn’t look like much. – Mine is literally just sandwiches. – [Barry] Yeah great. (squeaking) (more squeaking) (squeaking) – This is the best thing
ever, an amazing forage. – Why have we not seen this before? – This snicker could have been amazing. – Every chocolate bar known to man could pretty much be made in this tub. – We could make a giant KitKat, we can revisit the giant KitKat with four individual segments. – Why just stop at four? – Let’s just keep going.
– Yeah. – KitKat forever, man. (Jimmy laughs) Hashtag spawn, hopefully. (laughter) So, honeycomb. 200
grammes of caster sugar. Done!
– Boom. – [Barry] Two teaspoons of bicarb of soda, now that is what’s gonna make this thing go dangerous over here. It is actually very scary to do this. – Is it?
– Are you excited? – I am a little bit. – [Barry] We are making
it in very small batches just because we don’t want a fire. – We’re gonna layer it, layer it up. – [Barry] One thing I’m
worried about though that we talked in the car is this thing. – [Jimmy] Oh yeah. – [Barry] Cause we’ve never put really molten hot stuff in this before. And this just gets like
really, really hot, so– – It might melt. (laughs) – [Barry] It might! (laughter) Five tablespoons of golden syrup. Now if you can’t get that in your country it’s also known as corn
syrup, but that’d be clear, it’s probably the closest thing to it people tend to say in the comments, and others are like, “No, it’s nothing like it!” (normal voice) But trust me it’s– – It’s good. (laughs) – [Barry] Best you’re gonna get, oh yeah. Do you like eating it? It’s nice. – With a spoon? Mm. – [Barry] Yeah it’s so
good, so yeah five of that. So that’s all you need to make honeycomb. So shall we do it? – Let’s do it!
– Alright then. (foil rustling) – [Barry] We are lining
the plastic with the foil, because hopefully that will
shield it a little bit? – Hopefully? – [Barry] But foil’s one of
those weird things, init, like it can help keep things cool but it can also make
these really hot and– – I hope it’s direct the
heat inwards, not, maybe. – [Barry] Yeah, we’ll find out. Maybe we should go outside, I don’t know. – I was never very good at science. (Barry laughs) – [Barry] I just like making big things. So randomly this pan they didn’t sell in the cheaper supermarket
we went to, that cost more – Than all the ingredients. – [Barry] Than all the ingredients today, which is really crazy. So we’re gonna get this on. – [Jimmy] Duh, duh, duh. – [Barry] So the sugar goes in. – [Jimmy] There’s the sugar. – [Barry] And then it’s
five tablespoons of that. – [Jimmy] Try like two. (Barry groans) – [Barry] Look at that, straight in there. If we oil our spoon it’ll
just dribble off next time. But that’s just such a
cool sight to show you. Aw yeah. (Jimmy laughs) Looks like we’re making a fried
egg in a pan at the moment. (laughter) So we’ve got our little last
batch of golden syrup in. And it’s on a low heat
which is really good ’cause you kind of want
the sugar and golden syrup to merge together and
dissolve the sugar crystals otherwise– – Oh they’re on a low heat?
– Huh? – [Jimmy] They’re on a low heat? – [Barry] Oh but it’s still
warming up first right. – [Jimmy] (laughing) Oh right, sorry! – [Barry] So yeah once that all dissolves it’ll suddenly all become
a sort of ambery caramel, and then we shove in the bicarb of soda and it’s gonna be foamy times. So it’s alright to mix it at the moment but once it all melts together you kind of want to keep it
as one, let it do its thing. And we’ve got a really high pan– – And it looks nice.
– Yeah yeah yeah. So you see these sugar crystals in there? Give it a little mixy mix like that. Aw yeah. Loving that then? – It’s pure sugar. – [Barry] Yeah it really is. The next time you have
honeycomb, imagine this. – [Jimmy] Hm, sugar upon sugar, okay. – [Barry] There we go there’s
our mixture coming together, sugar’s dissolved and
as we’re on a low heat it’s gonna start bubbling any minute now. (bubbling) There we go, it’s starting to bubble. Is this exciting for you, mate? – [Jimmy] I’m worried. (Barry laughs) – [Barry] It doesn’t look like much now, I’m kind of thinking hang
on, are we gonna have enough? But we’ve gotta let it bubble away so it gets a kind of caramelly vibe might take a couple of minutes, and then the magic’s going to happen. – The magic?
– Oh yeah. – What, burn the skin off my fingers? (Barry laughs) – [Barry] Alright we’re
bubbling, let’s go, mate. We think we’re gonna do
a smaller pan next time, but here we go, in goes
the bicarb of soda. Stir that through, yeah. And it should hopefully foam up. – [Jimmy] Oh, yeah yeah, of course. – [Barry] Yeah yeah stir
up all those lumps, mate, nice and quick, that’s
it, it’s gonna aerate. Try and get all the bicarb lumps out. (Jimmy sighs) Honeycomb! (dripping) Now that is red hot stuff. – [Jimmy] Looks like lava as well. – [Barry] Yeah. It’s coming!
It’s like a big trail. – [Jimmy] Oh I can see the
different, like the colour. – [Barry] Yeah? See the
air bubbles in it folks? We are gonna need to do
quite a lot of this stuff. – [Jimmy] Yeah. (laughter) – [Barry] So that is basically
how you make honeycomb, so we’re just gonna
repeat this over and over. – It’s quite simple actually.
– Yeah it is isn’t it? – In a way. – [Barry] Yeah. You
just did a hokey-pokey. – That’s what it’s all about though! (laughter) – [Barry] So here we are,
one long strip of honeycomb. And you could get a suntan off that heat, put your hand in there,
mate, well don’t touch it. (Jimmy screams) (laughter) – But you said touch it! – [Barry] As we are obviously experts in the field of giant food,
please don’t try this at home without James and I
being there to help you. – Yeah yeah. – [Barry] We’re available for hire, so we’ve just got to
basically repeat those layers over and over now and that’s it, your first honeycomb-making experience. – It was good. – You enjoy?
– Yeah. – Had fun?
– A bit of fun. – [Barry] Yeah. Deja vu again folks, it is a bubbly, dirty little lake of sugary
goodness right there. (laughter) – A dirty little lake of sugary goodness. – [Barry] Nice.
– [Jimmy] Right. – [Barry] But it’s not
amber colour enough yet so that’s what we’re gonna get it to. We wanna get it to that
lovely golden amber shade like we’ve had here. Batch number two, folks. We’re not sure, it should be okay, if it was gonna cling to the existing one. It probably will because
it’s so sticky, but– – Let’s find out.
– Let’s find out! (dripping) (Barry groans) Do not get that on your hands, folks. It’s sitting on it! Cos that’s cooled down so quick– – [Jimmy] Watch your mic! – [Barry] (laughing) I’m
getting honeycomb on my mic! It’s cooled down so quickly that it’s formed the skin
that it’s sitting on. – [Jimmy] Quick scrape mate? (dripping) – [Barry] We’ve just
noticed we’re going our way through this batch, folks,
and it is just like, I don’t know if I can see that, but it’s getting higher and higher! – It’s alive!
– (laughing) it’s alive. Okay you ready dude?
Then pour this one in. (dripping) Oh my gosh! – [Jimmy] Look the last
one was still a bit warm, and it’s gone in it. (Barry groans) – [Barry] It’s all good. – [Jimmy] Yeah I think it
went in the last batch. – [Barry] Ah really? – [Jimmy] Yeah because it was so warm, in the last batch because
it was thicker I guess. That’s like proper caramel
at the bottom, init? – [Barry] Oh my God! There we go, there it is folks. And what we’re going is
we’ll just let it settle because if you try and tap it, it creates these little
craters of amber horridness. Folks, update, we are pretty much up to the final layer, right? – Honey. – [Barry] Honey, hey honey! – It has been a, it’s warm init. – [Barry] It’s so warm, man. – It’s a bit wet still on top. – [Barry] Yeah. We’ve
probably got different shades, 50 shades of honeycomb. – 50 shades of honey? – [Barry] Yeah running through– – One more batch? – [Barry] Yeah we’ve got
one more batch on to go. So that’s gonna go in there, and then we’re gonna put our chocolate on. – I’m starting on breaking it up now. – [Barry] Yeah so the chocolate is gonna, this is gonna be the bottom, so we’ll have a chocolate
layer along there to hopefully level it, we’ll let it set, and then finally drench it. – You said “bottom” funny, then. – [Barry] (posh voice) Yes, bottom. – [Jimmy] (posh voice) Bottom. – [Barry] Hm, what’s bottom? Bicarb or soda in. Go! (squelching) Making honeycomb, baby! – [Jimmy] Get a bit on the sides. – Now that needs to cool
down for a very long time. (running water) – Bloody shower came on. – Alright?
– Yeah. (laughter) Got a little bit showered on. – [Barry] Shower! (laughs) – Came out the top. – [Barry] We are filling the
bath up with water and ice. – Really cool this puppy down. – [Barry] Yeah! (ice cubes hitting bath) Don’t you say your goodbyes, Rose! (laughter) – Should have got an iceberg! (laughter) Make it ceremonial, so let it slide in. – Yeah yeah like the vikings did. (running water) But will it float? (laughter) That is the question. – That’s a new playlist. – [Barry] (laughing) Yeah! Well it’s not every day you
see that in your bath is it? – Books and honeycomb in
the bath, you getting in? – [Barry] Yeah, yeah, let’s go, let’s go. (Jimmy laughs) It is really, really cold folks, so hopefully that’ll help
speed up the setting process, and we’ve gotta get some
chocolate on the mill. Yeah man!
– Standard. – [Barry] So there we have
in true giant food style, our bamm-er-ais of chocolate on to melt. Right, how’s it feel to have a huge tub of honeycomb in your bath? – Just like every Friday night. (Barry laughs) – [Barry] Our confidence
has suddenly shot up. We have taken it from the bath (Jimmy laughs) and we’ve seen that it’s coming
away at the sides, isn’t it? – It’s thoroughly washed. – [Barry] Yes, it’s looking good, mate! – But ready for the old chocolate. – [Barry] So yeah this
is gonna be our bottom. Melted chocolate’s ready,
shall we pour it on? – Yeah.
– Let’s do it. We’re going on folks. (hisses) Ah, our fear was that it
was gonna sink into it, it’s staying on! – This is quite therapeutic. – Yeah. – That do?
– Yeah baby. (crashing) (laughter) These aren’t new books are they? – No they’re fine. – [Barry] My personal memoirs.
– They can go. (dance music) Ahhhh!
– Ahhhh! This is a standard-sized Crunchie. – And this is a giant Crunchie. (Barry exhales) – A shaft of chocolate well
worth the overnight set. We hope you agree. – Yeah so it set over night. (knocking) – (laughing) This one is a rock! – Really hard now. – Shall we slice it open? – See what it tastes like. – Here we go.
– Oh wow. (crunching) Ooh!
– Oh! Go on Jimmy. – Cor this is– (crashing and crunching) (Barry laughs) Look at this splinter, bro. – Oh my gosh. – Look at that.
– Look at that! – It’s a Crunchie! – It’s like a Crunchie. (crunching) – That’s … That was good. – Yeah.
– Mm. – [Barry] (American
accent) You like that, huh? – (American accent) I like that honey. (laughter) – [Barry] There we go folks.
Stack her on top, Jimmy, let’s see that real size. – [Jimmy] Real size. (laughter) It’s definitely giant,
it’s definitely giant. – [Barry] Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. – It’s definitely a giant one. – Yay-yah! There you are folks, another giant food successfully in the giant food sack. – (laughing) The giant food
sack, a two-foot Crunchie! – (laughing) And if you’ve
missed any other videos in the giant food sack, there’s a link up here and down below to all our other ones to date. We can’t eat all of it
though, Jimmy, why not? – We’re giving it to charity mate. – We are giving it to charity.
– We’re giving it away. – We’re having a little wedge,
a little portion of honeycomb and the rest is going for a good cause. Because we’re good guys, it’s what we do. – Yeah. – We don’t do it for no reason. – That’s right. (crunching) – But we used to. (laughing) So that’s it, if you enjoyed the video don’t forget to let us know down below what giant food you’d like to see next. We do them as often as we can. – Thumbs up and share. – Oh yeah, much appreciated. See you again next time, folks. – Bye bye.
– Bye bye.