Welcome to How To Cook That
I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a giant KitKat to give
away to a great young guy who you’ll meet at the end of this video. Firstly you will need some large wafer sheets,
I found these ones at my local fruit shop but you can buy them online too, I’ll put
a link below. Melt some chocolate, it doesn’t need to be
tempered for this part just melt it and spread it out to cover the wafer completely.
Then add another wafer on top before that sets and continue to stack them in this way
checking how tall it is as you go. I want it to build it up to be about 4cm or 1 1/2
inches so add some more layers and then cover the top layer in chocolate.
Let that set and then use a ruler to measure out long fingers 5cm or 2 inches wide.
Use a serrated knife to cut it through those and you’ll have four even fingers with wafers
layered all the way through and then two left over end pieces that you can either use to
make another two-fingered KitKat or cut them up and use in school lunch boxes which is
what we did. Now to make the mold.
You will need some very firm cardboard and you’ll need to draw that I’ve got all drawn
out for you on my website howtocookthat.net, I’ll link to that recipe post below for you.
Cut out the kite shapes from each corner. Then score along the straight lines on each
edge. Now scoring means you just want to indent it at the top you don’t want to cut it all
the way through and the reason you score it is so that when you bend it, it bends exactly
straight on that line. Now you’ll see on the corners that I’ve cut them on an angle and
that is so when they join together they are sloping outwards just like the kitkat shape
does. Now we want to line the inside with acetate
so the chocolate doesn’t stick to it. Now you can buy this acetate at craft stores,
or office supply stores. And then just glue it into place, while it is drying you’ll probably
need to put some books on top just to keep it flat.
Print out the KitKat logo and cut it out of some thick plastic. For this I am using the
plastic off a document cover. Arrange those pieces upside down and backwards
just like I am doing here and then glue them into place. Use a ruler to make sure that
they’re straight and then wipe of any excess glue that has come out of the sides because
we don’t want that to effect our shape. Fold your corners up and tape them into place
good strong packing tape is ideal for this. And then use the same tape to reinforce along
all of the outside edges. If possible leave that glue to dry overnight.
I didn’t I’ve gone straight into it but you’ll see it would be better to leave it if you
can. Take some tempered chocolate and spoon it
into your mold. If your not sure what tempered chocolate is
go to the howtocookthat channel and look on the chocolate playlist there is a video that
explains it all for you. Then tap it to get rid of any air bubbles.
Add then add your wafer chocolate side down so that if you actually push it down too firmly
you won’t see wafer, you’ll just see chocolate. Now fill the mold up with chocolate and leave
it to set. Once it is set cut the tape at the corners,
loosen each side then turn it upside down and remove the mold.
If your KitKat letters stay in the chocolate like mine did then use your knife to find
and edge and pull them off one by one. I didn’t let the glue dry overnight, I think if you
let it dry you wouldnt have this problem. But I just re-stuck the letters on each time. Repeat that 3 more times so you have four
KitKat fingers altogether Then cut four long strips of your thick cardboard
1 and a half cm wide. Place the kitkat fingers in the middle. Cut
the corners on an angle so the edges angle in and tape them to make like a fence around
the KitKat that is sloping in. Cover that cardboard in foil and smooth it
out as best as you can. Then remove your frame and cover the base
in chocolate, add the frame back and moving quickly before it sets add in the KitKat fingers.
Now pipe in extra chocolate into the gaps and smooth it out. In hindsight I think it
actually would be easier to half fill the frame with chocolate and then add the fingers
instead of piping it in but you can try either way whichever one you prefer. Once it is set take the frame away and use
a sharp knife just to trim off that excess chocolate from the base. Then wrap it in foil followed by red wrapping
paper, print out the logo, cut it out and stick it on top.
And today I’ve got here with me Jackson who runs one of the biggest youth groups in New
SOuth Wales. Jackson why do you think it is so good? Why do so many people go? Jackson:
“We are fun, we’ve got a lot of people so there is massive energy in the room. ANd it’s
a place where you can’t do what we do at school or at home. This is like we are not boring
we are young we are alive and we like to have fun.”
Ann: ” And I heard on one of your camps you had a paint ball thing going, what was that?”
Jackson: “Yeah it was umm a colour fight so if you’ve ver heard of the colour run it’s
similar to that. It was the most insane thing I’ve ever been a part of the photos that we
got from doing it, you can check them out on facebook and it’s crazy just colour going
everywhere everyones got colour all over them. We were like rainbows it was crazy”
Ann: “What is your facebook so people can check it out?”
Jackson: “@shireliveyouth.com” Ann: “That’s great and what we’d like to do
today to say thank you for everything you’re doing with the youth and all the time you
put into that, we have made for you a giant” Jackson:”no way”
Ann:”A giant KitKat” Jackson:”no way”
Ann:”We’ve got a few vouchers here as well so you can go to the movies and get itunes
stuff and all of that” Jackson: “wow, ha ha, that is gianormous and
incredibly heavy, wow” Ann: “it is heavy it is very big it’s got
a lot of chocolate in it” Jackson:”That is incredible”
Ann:”You are welcome to try and eat some if you like”
Jackson:”can I open it?” Ann:”Yes you can open it”
Jackson:”I don’t want to spoil it, oh my gosh that is the coolest cake I have ever seen
in the world” Ann:[laughs]
Jackson:”I love it, thank you” “oh ho ho I’ll have to watch the video myself, make my own
kitkats, wow that is incredible, like this has got to be nearly 10 kilos or something” Join us next week for another crazy sweet creation. Add all your requests in the comments
below. This video on your left will take you to last weeks loom band cake, the one on the
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and the one up the top will take you to the HowToCookThat.net website where you can find
all the recipes. Have an awesome week and I’ll see you on Friday.
[music: Tobu – Life used with permission]