So, that gingerbread we made
yesterday needs to be iced. I’m gonna make a small batch of royal
icing, just to show you how it’s done. We’re gonna start with two cups of powdered sugar. A half of a teaspoon of vanilla. People make royal icing many different ways. I
choose to use meringue powder in mine, because
I don’t want the idea of raw egg whites, ever. So, I use four teaspoons of meringue powder
and, then, three tablespoons of water. One. Two. Three. And, we’re gonna whisk that
together until it becomes glossy. So, you can use egg whites, an egg white powder. I have done it with egg whites. I have found
that it is not of a consistency that I can pipe. It gets too runny. And, I’m not a big fan of, like I said, raw egg whites. I’ve never used the egg white powder, just
because I had meringue powder and it
worked. So, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? Alright. If you look and see how glossy
it is…That is a good royal icing. So, we’re gonna scrape the whisk. Ooo, that tool does work; and, it works well. I knew it would. I was so excited. So excited that I bought my mother-in-law one as
soon as I bought myself one, cuz she would use it too. Anyway, then, once we get all this in the bowl,
we’re gonna take it over and portion it into
different bowls, so that we can color it. And then, we’ll decorate our gingerbread. Okay, y’all, I tried to scoop out my royal
icing and it is stiff as a board, which means
it’s not gonna pass through my piping. So, I’m gonna take about another half
of a teaspoon of water, and see if that
will thin it out enough for me to pipe. If not, we just keep adding water
until we get to the right consistency. Problem is that with gingerbread
you want to pipe really fine lines. So, it can’t be too runny. Then, it will run all over the
place. And, it can’t be too stiff, or it won’t come out of
the little hole in the #1 tip that I’m gonna be using. Alright. Let’s check out the consistency now. Nope, still too stiff. Okay. Let’s add another half teaspoon. Alright. Now we’re ready. So, what I’m gonna do first is draw kind
of a rough sketch of what I want on my
gingerbread with these edible pens. In the meantime, so that my royal icing doesn’t
thicken, because this will be like glue once it dries,… we’re gonna take a wet towel and hang it
over the top so that that moisture stays in. And then, I’m gonna start drawing on my gingerbread. So, these panels need doors and windows. So, I’m gonna do a rough outline of where
I would put those things, so that when
we get to piping I know where I’m going. So, I have a darker pen. I’m thinking about here for the door. And, maybe we’ll put a window here. And, a window here. Then, let’s put a wreath here. And, a door handle. And then, we’ll free hand the rest. Alright. So, we’re going to color our royal icing. I’m going to do three different colors to start with, and
probably…Actually, I know I’m gonna end up making
more of this just so that we can start out with piping. And then, we’ll do flooding a little later. So, piping creates the outline. And, that’s the first thing you want to do. Let it dry.
And then, we’ll create an icing that is not as thick.
And, that will flood whatever picture you have outlined. For instance, if you wanted to do windows, you could
outline the window panes in a green and then make
yellow the color of your actual window panes. So. I also made sure that I use bowls that I had
lids too, so that we could keep the air out. I’m gonna start with green. This requires some muscle today. Alright, looks like we’re gonna
need some more green coloring. It’s more of a mint green than a Christmas green. So, let’s add some more. The other thing, important note, about royal
icing is that it often dries darker than you see. So, if you’re looking at it and you say, “That’s a pretty
green shade.” It’s going to dry one to two shades darker. Okay. So, there’s our green. And, when we finish
piping it we’ll mix together our yellow and our red. So, to fill our piping bag, I’ve put a glass,
put the icing bag in it and, then, we’re going
to scrape all of this icing into the bag. And, this keeps you from making a giant mess. Or, it’s supposed to anyway. Another thing to make note of is, when
I put icing in the bag, I use like coupler. And you use the coupler so that you
can change icing tips if you want to. Right now I have a number three on there, which I’m
going to use to pipe straight lines. But, I have a star
waiting for when I want to pipe garland or trees. And, all I have to do is take this little piece off,
change out the silver piece, screw that back on.
And, you don’t have to change entire piping bags. Alright. So. I just start here. What I want to
do, on this one in particular… I’m gonna make us have some green windows.
This is gonna be kind of a whimsical house. So then, tomorrow we’ll come in and flood those
windows with a different color, once that’s dry. Now, I want a green door… in this house. I’m not going to put anything green on that one. So, now let’s switch out our icing tip. I’m gonna put that star in. Now, I’m going to do the garland that I drew on
these two houses and the wreath I drew that one. So, with a wreath in the star tip, I am
just moving it slightly back and forth
to give it a little bit of movement,… so that it looks like that fluffiness you get from a wreath. And, we will add some red holly berries in
there, so that it looks more like a wreath. So, with this one, I’m gonna wipe my tip off. Wipe that off too. And then, we’re just gonna pipe stars for the wreath. And then, we’ll come back through and add more. But, first let’s do…Let’s make some yellow. Alright. So, I’m going to do a star on here in yellow. And, see where that outline comes in handy. And then, let’s do the windows over here. So, now have my red icing; and, we’re gonna
just pipe some tiny holly berries on our wreath. And, we’ll pipe some berries into our garland. I’m going to do these a little farther
apart, because I’m going to use… some gold pearls as well. And, of course, this person decorated
their house with the same garland. So, the fun thing about gingerbread houses for me is
that it’s all my imagination. I can make whatever I want. I can make it look however I want it to look. And, it doesn’t have to be someone else’s idea. And, there is no wrong way to do it. So, these are just simple golden pearls
that we’re gonna set into the icing,… so that there’s a little sparkle. And, once all of this dries, we will
be back to pipe on some snow. So, we’re back with gingerbread houses. I’m gonna add…I have snow capped
gingerbread houses. So, first thing
I got to do is put snow on them. And then, we’re gonna do the icing for flooding. So, I have my piping icing right here. We’re going to add some to our bag. Cover them back up. Otherwise, that icing is going to harden. Okay, so. What I’m gonna do is…I have a wide two,
I mean, a wide, round, solid tip on the end. And, all I want to do is do
a back and forth motion… all the way to the top… and down the sides. And, there we go. We’re gonna do those on the
other two; and, then, we’ll make icing for flooding.