Now, we’re gonna make the royal icing for
flooding. That’s going to just be a light… It’s very liquidy and it will just fill in the spaces
where we have already piped a border. So, I’m going to start with two cups of powdered sugar. I’m going to add four teaspoons of meringue powder. And, this time, we’re going to
use six tablespoons of water. Three. Four. Five. Six. Then, we’re gonna mix that together, until it’s light
and glossy, just like the other one. But, this is going
to be much thinner in texture and consistency, ‘Kay, if you look in, you can see that the
powdered sugar is bunched up on the sides. What we’re going to do is take our
little spatula and push that down. Otherwise, we are definitely not going to
get the consistency that we are looking for. Alright, let’s try again. So, we’re gonna let this run for about ten minutes.
And then, we’ll come back and see what it looks like. So, our icing is done. If you look,
it’s got a nice, glossy finish. But, it’s still really pliable, unlike the icing that we
pipe, which is extremely stiff, so that it’ll take shape. This is going to take the shape of whatever
you pipe it into, instead of the pipe itself. I have my icing bag ready and
it’s fitted with a number four tip. That’s gonna give us just a regular, round, slightly
bigger than the one that I used to pipe these lines. So, we’re gonna fill in. So, all we’re gonna do is pipe in. Start in the middle. If you need to move it into the corners,
you can use the your icing tip to do that. And then, that’s going to dry. Shake it. It’ll dry completely flat, like a mirror. So, we do that here. And then, I’m
gonna color some yellow to do more. Now, if, for some reason, your flooding icing is sticking
up like it is, all we have to do is wet your fingertip
with a little bit of water and push it on the top. And, I’ll show you how to do that. So, we’re just gonna take your fingertip and press down. And, see those peaks that were there
before? They’re gonna go right away. And, you can’t even tell where you piped. So, we lightly sprinkled our gingerbread panels with
some powdered sugar to resemble snow; and, now we’re
going to assemble the cake that they were designed for. So, I have a 12 inch, round, chocolate
cake on the bottom, which we’re going
to put the panels around the sides of. I’m just going to start here. The icing is still wet. It hasn’t had a chance to completely dry. And, if it has, just go over the icing with, I
mean, go over the cake with a little more icing. So, what I’m gonna do I would normally
if the cake was still completely wet,
which it’s not. It’s kind of dry already. I would just stick the panels up against it.
But, instead, I’m gonna put some icing on
the back of this panel of gingerbread… and stick it on the side of cake. Now, I have specifically designed that the
gingerbread is gonna stick up, because I’m
gonna put another layer and stack them up. But, I want the gingerbread to
cover up the base of the next cake. This is a fun way to make a cake where
you can make everything ahead of time
and all you have to do is assemble,… because the gingerbread will keep for a really long
time after you’ve made it and even decorated it. You see, it’s just a thick backing of icing. And then, we’ll go into how to stack a cake. So, now we’re going to stack the cake.
What I’m gonna do is take my next tier and
put it on the cake just to make an indention. If you can see, there are these little X’s. That’s where my dowels need to go. So that,
when I put my cake down, they will stand,… the cake stand itself, will stand on these dowels,… because I’m gonna transport the cake
in different sections and assemble it
when we get to Jonah’s school,… in an attempt to avoid any accidents
happening on the way there. So, right now what I need to do is put this
back in the refrigerator and let that icing on
the back of the gingerbread houses harden,… so that they don’t move around so much as
we’re going along with the rest of the assembly. Okay, we have our white cake; and, we’re going to do
the same thing in assembling those gingerbread panels. We’re just gonna scrape some of
that buttercream icing along the back. And then, put it on the cake. So, this time I measured where the next tier is
gonna go before we did the gingerbread, so as not
to worry about breaking any of the gingerbread. And, we moved the lazy susan,
just to be on the safe side. So, we have a little bit of our royal icing left over.
And, what I’m gonna do is go back through and
pipe it along the outside to look like snow. But, royal icing works like glue. So, it’ll make sure that
those pieces don’t move when we transport it tomorrow. So, there are some tiny holes in between the houses. I’m gonna take some royal icing and just pipe
in here some snow to keep them together,… because royal icing does act like glue. So, we’re going to go along the
sides, between any houses, like this. And then, we’re going to do another round along the
bottom, just to make sure that when we transport
this cake none of those little panels slide off. And, just a light little bit of snow. And, we’ll keep piping around until the whole
cake has a little light dusting of snow around it. So, this is our last layer on our gingerbread
house. And, we’re going to stack it all
together; and, then, we’ll be done.