– Hey everybody, I love you. – You better have a good Christmas! – Oh my God! – This holiday season, theason! You know when you’re in your
20s, you have this like, ungainly sense of confidence. – Ungainly is not a word, we
were just playing Scrabble. – It is!
– Is not a word. – It’s not a word. – Ungainly, awkward,
clumsy, klutzy, ungraceful. – So you have a clumsy
sense of confidence? – You have a not graceful
sense of confidence. Hey guys! – Oww! – You’ve already said hey
to them like 40 times, they’re good. – Okay. – Do you want me to do your intro for you? – Hey guys.
– Hey guys. – Welcome to this video,
I’m Hanna Hart, and I’m here with Grace
Helbig and Mamrie Hart. – She’s lost it. – And hey guys, we’re
making gingerbread houses! – I’ve lost it! – But we’re not just
making houses, plural, we’re making one house
because we’ve been inspired by the likes of HGTV, the
likes of what another. We’re basically doing like,
what Fixer Upper does! – Yeah, except better! – In this economy, even gingerbread houses are too (bleep) expensive. – That’s right, and as gainly adults. – Getting a (bleep) house and re-doing it is equally as expensitive but we’re old. – Expense, you said expensitive. (laughs loudly) – We wanna tell you guys
some true facts about being an adult in real life,
i.e. home ownership. Sure, people tell you the whole time about building a gingerbread
house, it’s so easy, it’s so fun, look how cute it is, you can get any kind of top-bottom design. – Gum drop roof! – We’re gonna tell you
about what’s a-chie-va-ble! Which is, buying an already old, used (bleep) house, and then, spending a decent sum of
money, to make it better. – You know what we don’t want to do? – What? – Spend too much ginger bread. – Yea. – Okay. – In true fixer upper fashion, we’re gonna take this
house which was $19.99, and this house which was $9.99, and using our property
investment of $12.99– – Materials. – Make it into a house that
I would say is worth $30. – We’re losing money. – No, oh we bought both of these? – Yeah. – You guys let us know
at the end of the video if ours is better! – Take this off, right? – Yeah. – We got to take this wall down. – Take this roof off,
and then stick it on to. – No, that’s not gonna hold. – No, it’s gonna be too heavy. – Okay. – I think if we take the
roof off, we can bump it up against, and cover that. – Whoa. – Mamrie, I don’t think
that’s the way to do it. – That is how they demo! – But isn’t this something
we want to use again? Can’t we re-use that? – [Mamrie And Grace] Ohhh, shoot. (laughs) – It’s never gonna come off in one piece. – Chill, wait, whoa whoa! Let’s call in a, okay. – We’ve gotta demo. – Look look! A perfectly smooth demo! – Oh, you guys, we’ve
opened up, it was not a load-bearing roof. (laughs) – If we take this roof off, right? – Mm mm. (Hanna laughs) – What do you think? – Bad idea. – Well look we need a driveway! – Here’s what I think,
can I just tell you? – Uh-huh. – We open this, and we open this. – You know tiny people
don’t actually live here! – And then we. – And make it that one’s roof? – Oh my. – But then you have, this is all open. – Skylight, it’s a skylight. (laughs) – No, if the storms are coming. – And then we, and then we. (crashing) (laughs) – That’s the storm! Climate change Mamrie! (laughs loudly) – Come here, Mamrie was
right about making it get longer than taller. – Yeah yeah yeah, I don’t
wanna make it taller! – So loud! – Definitely whisper your compliments. – Build this sideways, and
build like, a weirdo roof. – Yeah, I like it! An attic. – You know what I’m gonna do,
I’m gonna support you because that’s what a team of architects do. (laughs) – That just made me beam! – Mmm! – Support? – Good job, good job, good job. – Starts with a good
foundation of friendship! – A FUN-dation more like it! – Oh (bleep)! – Do, you do the demo. – Do you want. (screams) – What’s really hot in 2019
I heard, an arched ceiling. – Yup. – Mhmm. So now, people pay a
lot of money for this. – Into that. – Yeah. Do you wanna take this
wall down and join them? – I think so, right? – I don’t think we should
rip the cookie, I think we should (bleep) with the icing. – Yeah, (bleep) with the icing! – Yeah, (bleep) with the icing! – I’m doing this for our home. – I know, I see it. It’s really good. – Wow, that is actually, yeah. – It’s actually working a lot better. – Yeah, this is when
you hire professionals versus doing it yourself, okay. – Started from the bottom now we’re– – Hurt. – Scared! (laughs) Wait, wait, oh my god
guys we have cracks in the foundation real hard over here! – It’s okay, it’s out! – Oh my god. – Bam! – I’m so glad we did all that to camera! (laughs loudly) – Bend this a little bit. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I like that. – Bend this a little bit. – Yeah, wait and pull this out
to here, let it rest there. – Then we got. – Nobody has to see it from the back! – On top? – Oh my god, up, up on top. – Oh my god, oh my god! – But, in the front. – Look at it in the camera guys! – Oh my god you guys, it’s
like we just got money and we built our dream home! (laughs) – Do I think it’s gonna
look like that at the end? No (bleep) way! No (bleep) way! – We had a, we had a
fleeting moment of hope. – And I’ll do a little of this. – Great! You can take some from the
front and put it in the back. – You guys, we have a new business! – She uses her mommy
voice for talking about our new business endeavors! – You guys! Great job girls! – Great job everybody! – [Grace And Mamrie] You’re
doing amazing sweetie! (laughs) – Broke in half, at some point? – Oh, when did that happen! We literally, that was
together a second ago! ♪ Hire us to restore your home ♪ ♪ We are elves, who make houses ♪ – Ohh, baby! Look at that (bleep). – Look at that house! – Is this edible? – Yeah, I’ve been eating it. – It’s icing bro! – This is like we’re all doing a science fair project together. – I know! I was the kinda person that just was like, Yo, I can’t do group projects, I’m out! – I was the person that was
like guys, I think we should also do a choreographed dance! (laughs) – I just always thought that I would be the one that would ruin the project. – Ohhh! – Oh! So it came out of insecurity. – Yeah! – Oh, yeah. See, I was like, I’ll just quietly do all the work for everyone else. – Same! – Mamrie, I think your best
quality is the decorating. – Yeah. – So does that mean you want
me to go away right now? – Just stop touching (bleep) – No I want you, I want
you to start looking at all the things that we have, and (laughs) stop breaking (bleep)! – So you want me to put down
that vital piece of the house, that i have in my hand right now? Got it, got it! (laughs) – Wait, Grace, I need
your coaching through this application. – Okay, alright. – Well I’ll just go (bleep)! (laughs) – This just has to sit. – Watch your elbow, I told
you I got icing everywhere! – Let it dry for, I think,
maybe half a second. – That tastes bad! – Here, can you put some more
in this little crevice here? – (jokingly) Yeah I can! – Here you go. – I can’t say anything ’cause
now I’m just worried that Mamrie’s gonna say. – Hey! I bring my strengths, and my strengths are making everything gross. – I love it! – And beautiful! – Thank you. – Oh, it’s like snow, if
we just pretend it’s snow! – We gotta ice the front of this too, this is not connecting. – One of my favorite things
about Christmas is the memories! (laughs) – That I block out. – This is a weird Jenga
that I’m not fond of. You put the icing everywhere
but where it’s gonna touch the actual pieces! – I didn’t think it lined up well! – Mamrie!! (laughs) – You (beep) up! You! – The thing I’m a little
bit worried about. – Yes ma’am. – Is the front gaping hole. – Could we, could we
put candy in there and say it’s tinted glass? – Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes! – Yes, we can! Yes we can! This is, you know what your strength is? – Oh my god, apparently very few things. – Stop! – No! We’re saying your strength
is full-on design! – Look at this. – Hold on. – We should glue it to here. Oh, no! That looks great. – Look at that! – And then we go in, and then glue it? – Yup. – Oh Jesus! (laughs) – Oh no, you guys! No, no, no! – No! – The back is caving in,
the back is caving in! – Okay. – And this is falling too. Oh no it’s not. (laughs) – We need, we need more,
we need more icing! – I’m having vertigo! – [Mamrie] Grace, how are you right now? – I, sobered up so hard
in the last 10 minutes, trying to put this together! (laughs) – [Mamrie] Hanna, how are you
feeling about this dream home? – Pretty great. My dream was to make a home that all my friends felt a part of! There! Boom! That’s. – Oh, no, now the roof, now the roof! – Front’s good, front’s good. – I’m just gonna chill over here ’cause, I know my strength is design. (laughs) ♪ Let it sit, let it sit, let it sit ♪ – Okay. – Exterior design expert,
what are you thinking? – I’m thinking. Okay, a couple things. I mean, we could
accoutrement our tits off, however we want. (laughs) So I say we take some of
this jaggedy-ass stuff, and make like, a fun yurt
teepee for the outside. I have this cool cup, I think it should be a hippie hot tub. – Oh my god! – We should make it pimp as (bleep) – You know what, I think you’re right. So let’s make that dream, come true! (light upbeat music) – Bo-bo, bwaaaam! – Oh my god, is this the most beautiful gingerbread house I’ve ever seen?! – Oh, probably not! (laughs) – I think it’s good! – But it is a (bleep) triumph. – Yes. – I honestly think this
is above and beyond what I assumed our capabilities were. – We really put our heads
together, and created something bigger than I could have dreamed of. – It truly, in the sense
of scale, bigger than I thought I could ever
make a gingerbread house, but also in the sense of uniqueness. – Yeah, I agree, I look at this house and I think wow, they did that! – The perspective is a little bit off, but my perspective in general
is really positive. – Spot on! Spot on! – There you go! – In general, suburbs creep
me out, so I feel like, this. – Well we created the
creepiest house in the suburbs! (laughs) – We did. – You can tell, we have a
beautiful three-story home, with a demarcation of H that stands for Helbig, Hart & Hart, which is the name of our construction company! – It’s true. – And, our construction
company will introduce you to a damn unique house, AND,
a little something extra. – You wanna keep your home pure right? It’s great. This is where you can be nice, but where can you be naughty? Come on over to the side lawn. (laughs) We’ve got, first of all, a fire pit. As you can see, gumdrop
flames, perfectly built fire, – Quaint! – Something to, something
to warm up, ya nips off! – Burn! – Next, a hot tub. This is a beautiful hand-crafted cup. – Wait. – I left a little bit
of packaging in there to be a used condom. (laughs loudly) And then we have the (bleep) teepee, or the freaky teepee, as we’re calling it. So I included that red
light on the freaky teepee, it means like, if this thing is flashing, then don’t come crashing. Let your neighbors know that
you haven’t let it go stale. – Oh, I made a fun yard! A little, um, it’s a gravestone. Buying plots for your
family is very expensive, and, so, having it just, you
know, on the property, why not! – Why is there a, like an H? – That line, didn’t do any of that. – So that’s a ghost of
Christmas spirit ’cause I think that ghost is of present! Hallelujah! – What did you just say? – What? – That’s a ghost of Christmas spirit? – In a present? – Oh, like giving a present? – Past, present and future. – You made these really cute little bushes which I appreciate. – Oh yeah, you were all into it! – I’m a founder of the trees! I looked at the house and I thought wow, how can we block as much of
it as possible from view? (laughs) So, I added all this green
cemeteries on the bottom. – What is the tallest candy we have? (laughs) – To just maybe look like it had any sense of purpose, or being. – I think it looks really
great, I think we did an incredible job, I think
we made this house a home. I say props! To our property. – Wow. – Okay. Yeah. – I’m gonna workshop it. (laughs) – The fun thing is that
this lives at Mamrie’s house in neither Hanna’s or mine, so. – Yeah, we’re good, we’re good. – Byee! – Bye Mames! Happy day! Hey guys! We’re gonna start eating
this thing right now. Check out our video on Grace’s channel, it is a Vodka taste test! Check out our video on Mamrie’s channel, it is a smelling things! – Carol of the smells. – Yes, like, subscribe, do
whatever it is you like to do and above all else, enjoy
your holiday season. – Happy holidays! – Happy holidays! (kisses) – From our house to yours. – I think that’s trademarked. – Oh. – Is it?