This is yuba – tofu skin, bean curd sheet or bean curd skin Ginkgo Barley, I am using the Ayam Brand Barley Pandan leaves aka Pandanus or Screwpine Crush the ginkgo shell with something hard Remove the crushed shell Now peel the membrane Slice them into halves the inner seed gives a bitter taste Gently remove the seed lightly crush the pandan leaves so that the aroma will release easier into your dessert do remove the dried parts tie into a knot use a plastic bag and crush yuba into smaller pieces bring a pot of clean water thoroughly rinsed the barley and into the pot pandan leaves in ginkgo and lastly the crushed yuba. keep covered, bring to a boil and reduce heat to simmer Stir occasionally to prevent the bottom from sticking and burn Rich and creamy! remove the pandan leaves add sugar to taste stir until all the sugar has dissolves add evaporated milk for extra smoothness