Hello, vegans! Today we meet again for three summer recipes. These are delicious ice-cream products that are quick to make because you don’t need an ice cream maker, and they are also more interesting nutritionally than that of trade. So it’s the perfect snack or dessert! I mainly use fruit and not just bananas, I see you coming! There is even a protein version for athletes. Come on, you know what I mean? We start with the sneakers version. In a blender, we put the vegetable milk first. This is followed by frozen mango and banana, pure unsweetened cocoa, peanut butter, vanilla flavour, some agave syrup and we mix it all together. I use a blender but it also works with an S-blade robot. Depending on the power of your device, you will need to be more or less patient. We decorate with chocolate chips and peanuts previously roasted and look at this texture! Don’t tell me she has something to envy to the commercial ice cream! Come on, let’s move on to the next recipe! For the strawberry flavour, we start with vegetable milk, the quantity of which varies if you choose the protein option. So, for the protein version, I use strawberry flavoured protein powder, but it’s optional, you can omit it. It will just be necessary, as you have understood, to put less vegetable milk in. We go on with the red fruits, the frozen bananas and that’s it! All you have to do is mix it! This ice cream, as well as the last one, is a little closer to the sorbet. We decorate with granola and frankly, it’s perfect! I can see myself eating it all summer long! We continue with the last recipe. It is therefore the exotic flavour. We start by adding vegetable milk, but not just any kind: coconut milk for its taste, so much to do! I took the one from the Ecomil brand that you can find in organic stores in one-litre packs. It is less rich than the canned one for cooking. We continue with frozen mango, pineapple and banana. To add vanilla flavour, I have chosen to add a pod but you can also use vanilla flavour. And we mix together. And be patient because this one takes a little longer to mix. For sweet beaks, I would recommend adding 2 teaspoons agave, maple or coconut syrup. We decorate with grated coconut and even passion fruit, if you have it. And now we just want to go on holiday, that’s for sure! I hope you’ll be tempted by this little summer preview! If so, feel free to share your photos on social networks. Well, I still have to tell you something, I like my ice cream, don’t I? but still at 24, I get caught with the “Ah! It’s cold!” There’s #teamdentssensibles! With that, I look forward to seeing you soon for new vegan adventures!