all around since the 1940s this next story will have your mouth watering or well freezing with these temperatures GMA on the road hits to a sweet lafayette staple yep I have everything uneven in the place that leaves an impression on all those who walk through its doors although they businesses have a tendency to grow I hope in 30 years 40 years it’s you still get the same feeling that it’s still generation after generation coming in for khaki larell that impression inspired her to buy Borden’s ice cream nine years ago and while most people would want to make changes to a business that’s been around for 40 years kaki did not she wanted to keep the small ice cream shop on Johnston Street just as it was we still do things the way they did them in 1940 you know I think once you lose that old mom-and-pop you’re never gonna get them back and there’s fuse you across the country and I think that’s what’s so special about us while Borden’s hasn’t made ice cream in over eight years kaki says there’s one flavor they just couldn’t let go of and that’s golden vanilla one of their most popular flavors and also one that the men and women working offshore can get so they have a little taste of home while away I haven’t manufactured for me in a dairy at North that’s distributed through a distributor down south and the only other people that get to buy the golden vanilla are the officer drilling company so our guys that are working offshore out of south Louisiana get golden vanilla on their rigs so whether you’re a first-time customer or someone who’s been going in for decades you can bet that the Borden’s you see today will be the same one years from now