Hello friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host Harish Bali! In order to do full justice to a trip to Goa, you need to keep aside 6 days, at least. As per our experiences in Goa, here is some important information. If you would like a high activity level…. …I mean more crowd… …lots of happenings and lots of action! You should head towards North Goa. And if you like peace… …and want to be close to nature… ….then you should be in South Goa. But it is a personal choice, you can stay in both the parts. You should reserve one whole day just to visit Panjim. The best time to travel is between November and February. A few advantages of traveling during this season – The first thing is the weather. Second advantage is more variety in seafood. Third advantage is availability of water and adventure sports activities. Fourth advantage is that you can enjoy food at sea-side shacks. Last but not the least…. …if you want to enjoy the nightlife in Goa, .. …you can do it best during the season. The best thing about Goa, in my opinion, is…. that in just Rs. 300/- you can hire a two-wheeler. Fill up on petrol and roam around for the day. If you want to hire a motor-bike, it would cost you between Rs. 700-800/-. Also, if you want to hire a four-wheeler, like Maruti WagonR,… …it would cost you about Rs. 1200/-. If you want to see more of Goa in the least possible time… …you can get onto a Hop On Hop Off Bus from Panjim,…. …and see a lot of places in Goa within a day. In this episode, you will see some varieties of Goan food… ….,which we had missed so far. Too good! We’ve reached Panjim while looking for traditional Goan sweets. Right now, we are in the Kokni Kanteen. After talking to them, I’ve ordered 3 sweet dishes for myself. First of all, you will see here Patoli. This leaf that you see is of turmeric plant. It is first time in my life that I am eating a dessert made with turmeric leaf. Second thing… ..see this… …this is Manganey. Manganey! It has 3-4 main ingredients. One is coconut. With that, it has chana dal and sabudana (sago seeds). The third sweet dish is… ….made with moong dal, instead of chana dal. And it doesn’t have sabudana, otherwise, more or less, the ingredients are same as the second dish. This dish is called Kanna. Now the process to eat this dish is… …first of all, remove the leaf. And we should eat this stuffing inside. I saw it being cooked. It is a very exciting process. First of all what they did, see carefully… …., they made a batter of rice and water, in the ratio of 1:2,… Just like a wheat dough is prepared. The batter was spread over the turmeric leaf by hand, like this. Then goes in the stuffing made of…. ….coconut, cashew nuts, moong dal and similar other things were stuffed into it. After being stuffed, it was rolled…. …and it was put into a steamer to be steamed. Wow! It is the first time I am seeing a turmeric leaf. I had never seen this leaf before. When you drink turmeric mixed into a glass of hot milk, you get a strong flavor of turmeric in it. Now we are told that a similarly strong flavor of turmeric should also be available in this . First impression! It has turmeric flavor. It goes without saying. Second thing… The inside ingredients, stuffing,…. …the cashew in that… …gives a good flavor and the coconut is also dominating the taste. And it also has jaggery inside. So, this is a very beautiful recipe made with these 3-4 ingredients. Now Goans cook this kind of recipe at home but… ….it is hard to find in restaurant here. This dish would only be available at select places selling only authentic Goan food. We are lucky that we got a chance to eat it here. Mind blowing taste! Something very authentic, very different! I just recalled that we had eaten Manganey at Mum’s Kitchen recently. The jaggery used there was made from coconut Because of that, the color of that dish was quite dark. Here, the jaggery used is made of sugarcane, something different! Not in terms of the dish, but in terms of preparation! I am not sure how you, the viewers, would perceive it in appearance but…. …what I am feeling is that its taste is going to be ultimate. It is such an amazing recipe. And just with the first bite, you can feel that you are eating something traditional. Something that is not easily available everywhere. That is what I am trying to say. It was served warm. It is delicious! It is sweet at a very nominal level. I think they haven’t added sugar separately. I have heard a lot of people use sugar while preparing it but… …the authenticity of this dish comes from the jaggery used. Very nice! Enjoyable, delicious! If someone is not aware, he may end up confusing this dish with dalia ( broken wheat porridge). Its name is Kanna. Changing the dal has completely changed the taste. I assumed that the taste of both Manganey and Kanna would be similar… …but the similarity is just 20-30% only. 70% of the taste is totally different from each other. And both these dishes are amazing in taste. What do I tell you? I mean the dishes are sweet because of jaggery but very tasty. There are many varieties in Goan sweets and desserts. But we are not getting to experience all these varieties in the restaurants. Right now, we are passing through Panjim, on our way to Mum’s Kitchen. We will eat Goan traditional dessert here. The two desserts in front of me are hardcore traditional Goan desserts. I will tell you – the name of this one is Alle Belle. See, how tempting, inviting and beautiful this dessert looks. This dessert that you see here, you must have heard about it. This is called Moira Banana. Moira Banana is served with a scoop of ice cream. Moira is a place in Goa. That place has a lot of banana plantations. I’ve asked for some to show you. This banana is larger in size and it is allowed to ripe completely. Once it turns completely black on the outside, the banana is taken out and… …it is cut into pieces, then fried in ghee or butter. Also, once it is fried, they sprinkle some sugar over it, as you can see here. So,, this is Goan traditional sweet dish. Since, that one has ice cream on it, before it melts, I will try Moira Banana first. I could never imagine that banana would be shallow fried like this… …and I will eat it like this with ice cream. Too good! Absolutely different! Unimaginable taste! And too good! What is surprising is that such recipes are not commonly available! So, we had to, virtually, look for these. We kept looking for places to eat such recipes and finally we landed up here. Mum’s Kitchen in Panjim. This banana has a different taste, quite unlike that of a normal banana. That is why it is called Moira Banana. What you see here on the plate, it is ghee! Since it is fried, some ghee is visible here on the place. After finishing Moira Banana, for the past two minutes, I am only looking at Alle Belle. I am just thinking about its preparation and imagining about its appearance. So, now I want to have this. It has been garnished on the outside with chocolate. Would you like to see some of the stuffing inside? This is the stuffing inside Alle Belle. When it is made at home, people love to eat it as a dessert as well as a tea-time snack. In this stuffing, two things are important. One is coconut and second is jaggery. This jaggery is not sugarcane jaggery. I have asked them to show me the jaggery. This is coconut jaggery, which has been used in Alle Belle. Also, there is an important thing related to this dessert, which I want to share with you. This piece is almost at a distance of one feet from me. And I can still smell it. Jaggery and coconut have come together to impart a unique fragrance. Too good! For the first time since I came to Goa, I saw coconut jaggery in front of me. I had seen it at the factory in South Goa and now here too. Coconut jaggery, about which I had no idea prior to my Goa visit. It has a nice taste, its own unique flavor. The mixture made by grating both coconut and jagger together… ….is world class in terms of taste. Delicious taste! And the garnish on it… …has further enhanced its taste. It is our last day today in Goa. We are going back tomorrow. We really enjoyed the last few days in Goa. If you have some experiences related to Goa food… …do share with us in your comments. As always, I shall wait for your comments. That’s it. Thanks for your time! Hmmmm! Too good!