Hey Guys this Carena and Boy is Ronald Were Worth Than Bro. And say were going to LA I am so excited because we are going to be travelling Business This is Class again I am so excited wow, wow, wow We are all ready right now its 6:00 in the morning and I am not tired at all for some reason and usually I am exhausted at 8:00 and its 6:00 and I am not tired. We have already packed everything right here This is not Ronalds suitcase. – It is. – It is? Are you sure? This is your suitcase… – Yeah it is. And then thats my suitcase How much did you pack cause I know I packed a lot. Uhh..I don’t know. I am pretty sure this is not your suitcase Ronald I think its that one No that is, uh that’s the one that we carry with us on the airplane – Ohh. – So this has to be mine I think yours is still in your room, Ronald No, let’s go check come on Alright .. fine Let’s gooo!!! (Ronald laughing) Okay. Hmm Where did you put it? – I’m not hiding it It’s my suitcase. *chuckles* Maybe you’re hiding your suitcase I don’t see it anywhere/ So I guess you have a bigger suitcase than me that’s good, but you’re gonna have to carry it around that’s gonna go on those things to travel yeah but you have to carry it to, like- out the car to the airplane thingy. Yeah Conveyor thing- but yeah, see you In the car guys! So, guys, we are on the first flight. It’s only one hour long. And we don’t have Business class seats yet. I’m so hungry, I haven’t eaten ANYTHING right now, I’m SO hungry – I’m so hungry and sleepy. – I haven’t slept at all last night, and I’m not sleepy at all, for some reason Okay guys, the food arrived finally. And look how tiny that sandwich is, Look how tiny it is compared to my hand Look how tiny that sandwich is, got a tiny little croissant, too. And we got some fruits. – Let’s start eating! What should I eat first? The sandwich or the croissant So we just landed, and we’re gonna go to our next flight now. Which is gonna be, like eleven hours. So guys, we are heading to the lounge right now to eat something because we are STARVING! I’m hungry like a pig! So guys, we’re waiting for our plane, and we got some smoothies! Uhm, I’m really excited for our plane, because our plane is gonna be.. thirteen hours. – It’s good. – I’m gonna try mine. Mine’s good! So, guys, we’ll see you in the plane! So guys, now we are going to the plane, we are like Eight minutes late, so we gotta go fast! We’re on this conveyor belt thingymajiggy So this will take us to our plane faster. – It’s gonna be a thirteen hour flight. It’s gonna take forever. Straight to LA. – So guys, let me give you a tour of our seats. So, here is the actual seat. We have this thing here we can lift But not with one hand, and then it becomes two rooms. Which is pretty cool, I can’t lift it with one hand You have to lift it, but then to the side a little -Okay we will do that later
– Yeah! we will do that later right here we have our own door close it there, and then we have our door that is pretty cool – here we have remote control for the screen that is right up here we have a camera here, I don’t know what it is for. But we do, okay! We got our buttons here to move our seat around we have our phone chargers right there a little bin there we have blankets right here a spot to put our baggies and a foot rest wait I can’t do it Ronald, hold the camera for me oooo yeah and also one more thing we have coathangers, so I hung my jacket on there. I can hang my bag on there
– No, I think it’s too heavy I’m gonna go back to normal So guys, we got our dinner right here we got chicken with couscous we got some salad here water as the drink we got grapes, cheese and whatever that thing is bread, soup – tomato soup and I got some oil here Ron got pretty much the exact same thing as I have, except he doesn’t have the weird thing. Because I already ate it *laughs* you already ate the weird thing was it good Ronald?
-Yeah! -Try it I think this plate is the dessert plate Okay one grape for dessert *sarcastic*
– And cheese We got some salad here, I’m going to try the salad I just poured my oil in the salad, now I wanna see how it tastes. mmmmm tastes pretty good I love it My favourite part is the chicken So now we got the second course basically I got the beef with potatoes And Ronald got chicken with vegetable I’m gonna eat the chicken So we’re gonna finish eating this and I think we’re gonna have something else after this. I don’t know, but I will tell you after. So guys we just landed, we got a car I’m really excited to be here in LA Woooo, we haven’t been here in 2 years/ So it was about time we came back here to LA Wooo So guys we’re gonna see you in our apartment / hotel / hotel and we’re gonna do a hotel/apartment room tour so we will see you guys So guys we are at our hotel room we went to a restaurant, had dinner, had sushi and now we are ready to roll and do an apartment tour -oooo
-yeah So first room you walk into is the kitchen And / dining room We got a nice table here Here is like our workspace I guess We got our living room, we goot about a bajilion magazines here we got Ronald’s beautiful bag and of course a TV Here is one of the rooms, we got a massive bed here Green bed, good stuff We got a closet, with robes in it And we got a bathroom in here We got a bath, shower, toilet sink, all the essentials You need to have a perfect bathroom You need – you also need nevermind
-okay And don’t forget about the toilet paper, that is also very important We have one bathroom here aswell It’s just a shower here We got a toilet, and another sink And more toilet paper, of course And then, we are going to sleep in this room.
-This is my side of the bed Ronald is going to sleep on this side of the beed I got my unicorns out and stuff here is our closet filled with random things Ronald’s suitcase, my suitcase Ronald’s suitcase is bigger than mine but he only filled up half of it literally only half
-Which is good And I filled up both sides We got a nice TV there And we got Ronald laying on the bed I still have my sunglasses on Don’t take them off NOOOOO So guys if you know why we actually came to LA comment down bellow because there is a big reason why we came to LA.
– Very big And if you know, comment down below We hope you liked the video, if you did Smash that like button, and we will see you all next time Goodbye! *Outro music plays* SUBTITLES BY AXEL BORG DUCA