[Music] hello everyone and welcome to my channel today I’m going to make an any occasion card using gold hidden boosting and these seek clean color real brush markers I really like combining the six we have hidden bossing it works very very well and I’m also going to use the Bristol smooth surface paper this paper works amazingly well also with the six and by the way if you have trouble understanding what I say and you speak Spanish there are subtitles available for you I make them in every video you only need to activate them [Music] I will be using these four colors of sit clean color real brush and I will also use a water brush because as you know these markers are water reactive and after that I will just fast cut everything and continue with the card [Music] [Music] so at this point I thought the car was ready but then decided to add a few splashes of gold so I’m using fine tech Arabic gold I didn’t buy the whole pallet I only bought this one because you can do so and I will have it listed in the supply list that is in the video description and also on my blog together with all the other supplies that I have used for this card [Music] and this is a card for today so I hope you liked it thank you so much for watching all the way until here and I will see you guys next time bye [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music]