Unboxing video that’s what everybody is doing these days, right? So this was sent to me by Miami fruit this should be a big ol box full of bananas I opened it, but I haven’t really gone through it Yet so I have no idea what’s in here. Let’s so let’s find out together. Shall we? These are Some sort of banana. I think it would have to write to Rane over at Miami fruit to find out all the names everything here cuz this is like a big ol box. This is Like packed all the way to the top. There’s no styrofoam in here or anything I mean there’s these things to protect them, but there’s no packing peanuts they just fill the box up to the top even like the little teeny gaps have these tiny little Bananas in them. So uh You get a pretty full box here for what you get these maybe these are Thousand finger bananas that’s supposed to be like a really tiny one But I’m not sure this actually might be They’re so small So that’s, that might be what those are Ooo Oh hell, yeah, I know what this is this here is the praying hands banana Which is freaking awesome And what’s crazy about it is that the the bananas don’t separate it like the hand of bananas It’s just like one solid chunk. They’re all like stuck together It’s just like one solid piece and that’s so cool this I don’t know. It looks like a Mysore banana, but Hell if I know There’s some more They look like the same one Get Get me the bananas What are these? Wow, look at that. They’re like little balls These might be the. I think I saw I’ve never seen it before I think this might be the Patoka banana, which I saw that they advertised that is really cool I’m excited about this one. Um this one the Pitogo banana and the praying hands are like Ones that I’ve been really wanting to talk about I love all the there’s like so many great banana varieties it’s like over a thousand as I mentioned in the past and some of them are like super super weird and Miami fruit has like a bunch of the weird ones. Come on and This one I have no idea is this maybe? Gros Michel perhaps I don’t know. I have no idea. I’m gonna have to ask And what else do we have in here? This looks like more of the pitogo bananas, I’m assuming this what these are. I’m sorry box! I know I know I just gotta get you out of the way, and I only have one hand My cat is like super curious about the mess I’m making. Hey do you want up a banana? She’s happy, yeah, so these um Banana boxes also come with free cat toys apparently Okay, here you go Yeah, I’m just hit her in the head with it. Well, I just got off the phone with Miami fruit And here’s what we got. This here is the gold finger banana this one is the Mysore banana and this one is the Mona Lisa banana now these three I have reviewed in the past But what I like is that these are like three of my favorite bananas from what I had in the past the Goldfinger is Is notable because this one is like very it’s like if you took a Cavendish and just like made it much better So it’s a most like typical banana flavour Would be a good replacement for the Cavendish if it does get wiped out as it is threatening to do The Mysore I did like a top, I did like a banana comparison in Florida a while back and This one was my favorite one out of like seven bananas or something and the the Mona Lisa I believe was my second place. So these three are super super good These are good if you’d like your typical banana, and these ones are good for like their own unique ways They’re very flavorful tasty bananas. Now these ones are the pitogo banana. They are like almost perfectly like round bananas now this one I’ve had before but it was a long time ago and And I got like really like a small taste of it So it’d be cool to like give this a proper review and it’s amazing because it’s just like one big clump The praying hands banana and this one is the thousand finger banana And what is amazing about this one is just the banana bunches are like so tightly Stuck together and they stretch all the way down and will actually touch the ground sometimes So this one is super cool Looking on the planet This one is super cool looking in the hand and this one is super cool looking in the individual Bananas, so these ones are all like total freaks of nature here and they are very very cool Check that out My head is a pitogo right now guys. These are popular in the Philippines where they’re known as ‘Platano Higo’, which I’m sure I’m saying wrong. That means fig plantain Because if you look at it, it looks a little bit more like a fig than a banana These are actually a dual-purpose banana Which means that you can eat them in this stage where they’re like ripe as a dessert banana, or you can eat them Unripe and cook them. If you do cook these would be interesting about that is that these would be like baby potatoes This is very fun, look at that as it’s completely roun-, it’s like almost perfectly round and what’s really fun about these bananas is They’re bite-sized That’s really good. This actually tastes a lot like my favorite banana Which is the Pisang Lilin which I described is tasting like strawberry shortcake Yeah, they’re tart. They’re not like tart like like an orange or anything, but they are tart It reminds me of like the tartness you would get From berries like maybe strawberries or blueberries. They’re about the same sweetness as a Cavendish banana This doesn’t have a banana flavor, I mean a little bit it’s there, you know, it is a banana There’s a little bit of a banana taste in there but the flavor that you get when you eat a Cavendish banana, like what you’re used to the bana, that banana flavored is much lower Bananas have very often like little bonus flavors in them Like you might have a banana that has like a like the Mysore banana that one tastes like banana But with like a berry flavor in it So it’s got kind of both This one is like if you were to take a banana like that and just get rid of that banana taste Almost entirely and focus on what would normally be like a bonus flavor? Miami fruit was kind of to send me some mysore bananas as well. I’ve already reviewed these in the past but I will give like a little update video because this kind of reminds me of that like that tartness I recall getting from a mysore banana It tastes like a Cavendish but with like a stronger flavor more sweetness I think almost like a little bit of a candy kind of flavor and A berry flavor like strawberries. The Mysore banana like could be a replacement for a regular banana Regular Cavendish banana just they’re a lot smaller though. I think if you don’t like bananas, you might actually like these if you do like bananas you would like these but I think if you wanted to eat something that Tasted like a banana you wouldn’t want this just because it is So far away from a typical banana flavor that it’s kind of bizarre. What these highlight is how bananas can taste So much Different from what we’re used to! and you think when you think of a banana You think of a very specific taste and this completely throws all of that out the window There are a lot of different banana varieties out there in the world and they vary greatly in both appearance and flavor, and I think that this is a Good example of that. If you’d like to try these yourself they are available on Miami fruits website Which I’ll put a link in the description below There’s a promo code down there, too If you want to get discount on your order. Also, Thank You Miami fruit for sending these to me This is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I love freaky bananas and they have a ton of them So I’m really thrilled to get a chance to try this myself Other than that guys, I will see you next time. Bye. Bye Well, I really hope you enjoyed that video guys If you did, you may want to check out the video that is below me right now. That should be good, too Also, if you haven’t subscribed already, it is a huge help to my channel So, please do consider subscribing or clicking that bell that does something too. Not sure what it is. Also check out the description below There’s all sorts of other things I have going on. I don’t even know anymore, but guys, I will see you next time. Take care