a video yes I’ve never seen two whole goats in a biryani before first I’m tenderizing them with vinegar then they’ll be stuffed with chickens quails and eggs and served on a bed of fragrance okay Brinson now we’re coating the goats in ginger and chili you just five five I just like that Imtiaz makes it clear that great indian cookery is instinctive there’s no recipe as such you know whatever the new student comes and you try to learn so you should respect the the teacher you know I definitely respect the changes trust me it looks like I’m a guy I don’t want to fall out with okay in terms of technique this dish is as complex as anything in Michelin star cookery I’m now marinating the chicken and the quails in the chili ginger garlic and yogurt mix what is a basic take away in Britain is a finely tuned feasting dish in India No yeah I think it’s 450 okay but I would looked at the chance to work for him yeah when he was a Rottweiler then I’m the age of 35 yeah well look at the hands I like shovels look oh my god amazing amazing amazing making for stronger than odds huh this father was old world 135 years old he’s father’s 135 years oh Jesus seriously I have seen a man Matane hood your father was on in 35 he’s been too much Oprah on the fire the one thing in g oz isn’t bullshitting about is the food the hard pulled eggs are coated in saffron egg inside the quail I haven’t had a master class like this since my kamyshev days in Paris that way the eggs go inside the quail the quail inside the chicken and finally we stuff it all in the goats it’s almost like sort of rewinding giving birth yeah you’re putting it back in once it’s been born we’re gonna stitch up well it was a dish that was put together for by a Lisa Josh Thole ah but this this dish was made for only for a king but don’t let it not just make him stand or stand up this sure beats a supermarket career Eddie meal the goats have been left to cook for three hours the final stage is the rice for the Brioni first we clean and part ball basmati rice so the rice is towards that a bag of sort of aromatic spices says like a bouquet garni now I’m learning the technique known as dumb cooking the rice is placed in a special pan and saffron a salad then the pan is sealed with pastry and the right is left to steam but one small mistake can mean disaster I know time to put on the pastry seal but it’s not happening quick enough for MCS what’s wrong okay no today he’s gonna let rip at me in a minute yep the biryani is finished with spicy Indian meatballs called kofta coriander and dried apricot amazing ask him for the first time this morning is he happy with it hello pinky hide your apnic yeah joking equal feel it happy with it good excellence at the beginning I felt like a bit of a spare prick at a wedding 10 minutes into it he made me feel like a chef thank you that’s fucking delicious wine I fear is living in Britain for last 84 years will have a completely different take on Indian food you know that I I swear to god it’s delicious yeah authentic and amazing fry sliced onion with chopped chilli and ginger crush and garlic and fry until soft then add chilli powder turmeric garam masala and sugar stir in the tomato puree and chopped tomatoes blitz fry off the chicken pieces pour in the blended spice mixture and add curry leaves cover and simmer stirring yogurt and chopped coriander and serve chicken tikka masala done now this is what I’ve travelled into the wild for the chutney of the Derulo’s hmm Wow spicy mmm Jesus Christ it’s hot hot yeah but it is absolutely delicious I mean really this fresh I’m never gonna touch mango chutney for the rest of my life but this is not a fruit how do you make that if you like convict me in the jungle I’ll show you what is this thing okay mmm there’s a secret get into the jungle yeah half orange it’s a bird not sure actually some time talking over to pass intelligence what is it inside that chutney that makes it so bloody delicious it seems the mystery ingredient is at the top of this 80-foot tree no so surprising what about a safety rope also people he’s cutting down a branch with what looks like a nest on it so this is the thing on that’s it yeah oh my gosh cool so the turkeys made out of ants and they bite everywhere jesus christ almighty are they poisonous or not both you shit when they bite they bite how does that make a chutney and and eggs so using the eggs your accent will answer what so it’s like an ant caviar yeah absolutely they’re the eggs is that gonna come but tasty right tell me hos test hmm it’s it’s sour yeah sour sour but our taste yeah like Emily yeah like tamarind but it said this little bit sweetness there as well when you burst the eggs inside this is why I come to India any good chef loves fresh ingredients for such a tasty dish the chutney is easy to make red chilli salt and ginger are ground up with some hands and their eggs it’s rich in protein in a place where meat is hard to come by so use 30% eggs and 50% ants hmm that’s what you call a chutney mmm yeah rather than that dude goodbye manga start off by toasting your cumin it’s a dry roast basically non-stick pan so touch of seasoning the salt helps to dry out the humans even more and then fresh ginger slice them nice and thinly stack it back up and then just slice nice little thin slices in there and then keep that bunched up sacred city removing the seeds will prevent things getting too hot now garlic nice now I thought of all – you’re toasted cumin seeds and in with a garlic ginger and chili lovely it feels strange when you talk about garlic or breakfast but the time I spent in India everybody was eating something savory for breakfast it was extraordinary eats your bowl and set aside next the pancake filling and olive oil to a hot pan mustard seeds in now they’ll start dancing the minute they hit the pan then finally slice an onion onions in a little teaspoon of turmeric sprinkle that in and a good color and instant change leftover potatoes just slice them smell is incredible take us in now spread the potatoes across the pan while the potatoes stained I want them sort of absorbing all that really nice turmeric actually like a sponge season those potatoes and it really helps to bring out spice beautifully they’re ready turn off the gas and let me sit there and absorb all those flavors back to the pancake batter have plain flour to your cooled garlic chili ginger and cumin seeds touch salt and pepper nothing worse than the bland pancake one whole egg milk hold the jug one hand and whisper a secret to give an really nice smooth paste but whisking that egg first and brings it together and then your milk in then put all the milk in does anyone get a lumpy pancake mix if you put less milk in it really helps it not going on paper look at that Nokia the secret for me is to have a nice thin mix now just a little teaspoon of oil that helps to bring a nice crispy edge to the mixture now taste that’s the texture panel allows of the pan the better it helps to create a nice thin even surface I want that mix get all the way around the pan before you put the mixture into the pan make sure you give your pancake mix a really nice stir pan it’s nice and hot turn down the gas a touch of olive oil it get that nice whisk with one hand pan to the mix in one and a half ladles and then roll it around it is really nice and thin I want to see the ginger the garlic that’s what I’m looking for in there now back onto the heat only starts to remove from the bottom of the pan and lifts itself up once it’s cooked these little bubbles confirm those just aren’t and lift off the pan a little shaking that releases it and then just shake it to the end and toss if you haven’t got the contour tossing then use a spatula and turn it over now that’s exactly what I want that nice sort of crisp edge around the side the color on the pancake is so important now volley rounds I just let it slide out usually and if now the exciting part filling them take your potatoes you just sort of have a really nice imaginary line and then just very carefully roll they’re nice and tightly tuck it underneath there put it back and roll usually the delicious pancakes are ready to eat but with a simple dipping sauce there’ll be a real treat just mix chopped coriander with natural yoghurt that’s really nice cooling agent sit out on the site and that for me is a great brunch delicious spicy pancakes amazing for the curry paste add chopped lemongrass chili fresh ginger garlic and kaffir lime leaf to a pestle and mortar next put an aromatic ground cinnamon and coriander a pinch of salt black pepper then bash it into a rough paste finally add olive oil to loosen and your paste is done now onto the pork neck add a glug of olive oil to a hot pan and brown the diced meat carefully making sure each side hits the heat locking in that flavour remove and in the same pan cook sliced onions until brown around the edges add the curry paste and fry to release all the intense flavors then put the pork back in along with a coconut milk and stir next add chicken stock palm sugar more kaffir lime leaves soy sauce and fish sauce to taste then simply simmer for an hour slow-cooked for succulents spicy super easy to make and wonderful serve with fresh mango salsa pork make curry slightly tilt a knife down one at the top and then gripping the onion like a tennis ball holding it together in place