Hi there my name is Solia and like many
of you I cannot wait for graduation day. So that’s why I’ll be sharing with you
some graduation party ideas to make sure that your commencement day is super
special. So if you’re anything like me you’re gonna want party ideas that are
really fun budget-friendly and easy to make. So stick around and I’m going to
show you seven DIY party decorations like table centerpieces, picture frames,
party favors photo booth props, balloon decorations
and even a sweet sequin graduation banner. Ready to start crafting? Let’s go! Our first DIY graduation party idea is a
balloon chandelier. It’s gonna be the perfect welcome to all of your guests. Punch a hole in the center of the card
stock. Place your four by six cards in the center of your 5×7 card stock. Use
your double-sided tape to do this. With a marker add cute details to the card
stock. Attach the ribbon to the card stock through the hole. Blow up a balloon,
you can use a helium tank if you’d like. Tie knot at the end to hold the air in.
Attach your balloon to the cards with the ribbon. Hang the balloon from the ceiling. Repeat
to all 10 balloons. For uploading and printing your digital photos don’t
forget to download the Shutterfly app. If you want a more personalized theme
switch up the balloon colors to match your school colors and add images of
friends and family that helped you throughout the school year. Want to know
a cool way for your party guests to drink in style? Glitter cups.
They’re fun festive and can be made in just five easy steps. Make sure though
that you’re doing this in a well-ventilated area because you’ll be
using glue and nail polish. Fill your bowl with glitter. Take your
cup and with a paintbrush add the glue. Dip your cup in the glitter. Lightly dab
the glitter to set it in place. Once the glitter is settled add the nail
polish to the glitter. Let it dry for about ten minutes and fill with your
favorite drink. You could always try mixing different types of metallics such
as gold, rose, silver and bronze for a more festive look. What’s better than sequins on your
graduation day? A sequined banner of course! For this you can use words like
‘hooray’ or the year of your graduation. For ours we’re gonna be using ‘congrats’. Print out a sheet with each letter that
you’ll be using in your banner. Keep the letter on top of the cardboard and begin
tracing it with your crafting knife. Wrap the trim around your letter and glue gun
along the way. In some cases it’s easier to stretch the trim vertically instead
of wrapping. Spell out your phrase backwards add glue to the back of each
letter and place the hanging cord on each piece. Let it dry for approximately
20 minutes and hang it up. If all you have available are loose sequins that
works too. Just glue them directly to the cardboard. There’s no doubt this banner
will make your graduation party dazzle For an easy yet elegant touch to your
DIY party try dressing up simple picture frames. You can add your favorite photos,
graduation quotes and personalized graduation announcements. Paint your frame any color you’d like
and let it dry. Once dry flip the frame over and start measuring how much twine
you’ll nee. Cut the twine a little longer than necessary so it’s easy to
glue. Use your hot glue gun to attach the twine to the frame. Remember to stretch
out your wire as much as possible Repeat this step as many times as you’d
like depending on how big the frame is Let it dry for about five minutes.
Hang your clothes pins along with the pictures or quotes and you’re done. You can do this with small and large
frames. It would be really fun to have guests bring in pictures of you
throughout the years and hang them on clothespins as they come in. Photos make any party more memorable and having photo props allows your party guests to be a little bit more fun and
adventurous. Also be sure to create a social media hashtag for your graduation
party and add it to the props so that your guests can tag you on your special
day. Draw a three-inch box on each corner of
your poster board. Draw a straight line from one corner of the box horizontally
to the other side. Repeat for the top and sides of the poster board. Use the
crafting knife to cut out the rectangular frame. You should be left
with a large picture frame. Set that aside. Take your gold poster board and
flip it over. Place your cup upside down and trace the circumference with your
pencil. Repeat until you cover one and a half poster boards. Cut out the circles
and start placing them on your frame until it’s covered. Once you’re happy
with the placement start gluing them down with your glue gun. Take your brush
and add glue to the desired circles and top with glitter. Set with the spray, add your hashtag of
choice and snap away. It’ll be so fun to see all the photos your friends and
family took at your graduation party. It’s always great to get advice from
family and friends, especially when you can take it with you wherever you go.
This DIY shadow box will allow you to cherish special thoughts and wishes for
years to come. Take apart your shadow box. Cut a slit on
the top of your box with a crafting knife. With a drill carefully follow the
slit. Be sure to wear safety goggles. Sand to smooth it out. Paint your box and set
it to dry. Glue your principal to the back of the
box. Once it’s dry place the frame back on the shadow box and make sure it’s
closed all the way. Have your guests decorate your bookmarks and add their favorite piece of advice for the graduate and slide it in the box. It’s always good to give your guests a
little thank-you party favor for celebrating your special day with you.
Besides who doesn’t love candy? You can put these DIY mason jars as table
centerpieces or pass them out at the end of your event. Cut slits to the bottom of
your gold paper to make fringe. Wrap the thin piece around the bottom of the lid
in blue. Add the square to the top of the lid and glue. Take your rope and glue it
to the top of the black square. Cover it with the small circle cut out. Take your
fringe and wrap it around the rope. Don’t forget to glue. Now for the best part, add
candy to your jar and seal. With these DIY ideas your graduation
party will be amazing. It just takes a little creativity and some crafting and
you’re on your way to celebrating. For more DIY party ideas visit Shutterfly.com and follow our Instagram for unique decorating surprises. Also comment below
with your favorite graduation party ideas. I’d love to hear all about them.