Hi everyone, I’m Kristen Miglore from
Food52, and I am here to show you a recipe from our new cookbook called
Genius Desserts. This one happens to be a chocolate mousse, but it’s not like any
chocolate mousse you’ve tasted or made before; it’s much easier and for real
die-hard chocolate fans, it’s gonna be even more chocolate-y. What it has is
Greek yogurt, and that is going to make it really light and also really easy to
come together and the chocolate is really gonna shine through. The first step is
to get some milk just up to a boil and you dump this hot milk over chopped
bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate. I’m going to give this a little shake to make
sure everything is submerged. This just needs to sit and do its melting
thing on its own undisturbed for two minutes. So, I’ll be right back and mix it
all up. (DISSOLVE) It’s been two minutes I’m just going to mix this melty chocolate with our
hot milk into a smooth ganache. This is a pretty basic thing you do when you’re
making ganache. Any chocolate ganache is going to be chopped chocolate and
cream or milk, and the proportion of it will determine how runny or how thick
your ganache will be. You can have anything from like a chocolate truffle
to a runny drippy delicious chocolate glaze. This is all coming together
nicely, it’s nice and glossy, your chocolate bits are all melted. Now, we just get
our Greek yogurt – this is just going to be folded in to lighten your chocolate
ganache. Stirring lightly, you’re kind of gliding your spatula through the middle
and down along the bottom, and just kind of folding it back over itself. You
can see these streaks melting into each other. It’s kind of pretty. You could just
leave it streaky like this, but it’ll look more like chocolate mousse if you
just keep going until it’s an even creamy chocolate. You could make this
basic chocolate mousse and leave it just as is, but Maria Speck’s version has
you add a little bit of Grand Marnier, and she also tops it with orange marmalade.
But you could do whatever you want. You could add a different liqueur; I’ve seen
people use Framboise, which is a raspberry-flavored liqueur and then put
up a little dollop of raspberry jam. This is where you can just play
and make it your own. You can see it’s cooled enough that it’s
already starting to hold kind of a fluffy shape which is nice and that’ll
just firm up even more in the fridge. We have this one that’s been chilling in
the fridge for an hour it’s gonna be nice and firm. We don’t have the
orange marmalade that Maria serves it with. but as I was saying you can riff
and do whatever you want. The chefs here at Cooks of Crocus Hill made
this really fancy whipped cream for me that has a little bit more of the Grand
Marnier that’s in the chocolate mousse as well, it’s got some vanilla bean paste,
it’s got some orange zest and some sugar. It’s really fancy and it’s going to be good
on this. So, that’s how you make Greek yogurt chocolate mousse. It’s a whole lot
easier than making the traditional French version and it’s much more
chocolate-y. I hope you enjoy making it at home. But the good thing to do here. Sorry, I
just need to pause really quick because I have like a blop of this on my finger. [laughing] I’m trying to hide it, but I just gotta lick it off! [laughing]