Recently parents, neighbors, legislators
and community members were invited to several Green Bay Area Public Schools
which truly are the heart of Green Bay. Visitors toured several of the schools
including Franklin Middle school where a new heating and ventilation system was
installed as well as new energy-efficient windows all part of a
referendum passed in 2014. This investment by the community allows for
year-round programming in an environment that is conducive to learning. In
addition visitors experienced many of the innovative programs that exist
across the Green Bay Area Public School District. The International Baccalaureate
program is one of less than 300 programs worldwide that offer IB from 4 K
through 12th grade. The IB program focuses on rigorous academic standards
and aims to develop lifelong learners that have critical thinking skills with
a global outlook. We have a transdisciplinary approach at the school
which means we cover all of the content areas in all the classrooms. Next could I
see your password please. Fourth grade is having an Ellis Island simulation today
they’ve been working on looking at immigration and migration. They have
about 10 to 12 stations where the students will actually be simulating
going through Ellis Island and becoming a resident of the United States. Webster Elementary School integrates the arts into all aspects of student learning. Teachers integrate art, music, theater and movement into their core curriculum. In
our classroom we integrate all forms of the art when we were incorporating drama
the kids are able to take the learning that they’re doing in science and social
studies, the vocabulary words acted out, live it, feel it, breathe it. It helps them
with their retention, their memory, their understanding. I think that Green Bay and
specifically Webster is ahead of the trend because a lot of places it’s more
of the dabbling and here it’s the depth and it’s making it a part of the fabric
of the school. Public schools are definitely the heart of the community
the kids here are just happy, learning and growing. These schools are just a few
examples of the diversity of learning taking place district-wide. Every day
Green Bay’s educational professionals are making a difference in our
children’s lives because public education is the heart of Green Bay.