I heard you came prepared. My name’s Chris Geere, a.k.a. Brian Braddock, a.k.a. Captain Britain. Justin Warner here with
actor Chris Geere, and today we’re going to eat the universe. Chris Geere, you’re an actor. I am. I play Jimmy Shive-Overly
on FXX’s You’re the Worst. I heard it’s a
really great show. It is a great show. Five seasons, and
we’re about to finish. A bit sad.
– I’m sorry about that. Thanks, man. We’re actually
eating our feelings. As we all do. We all should do that. All right, so today
I want to make a dish inspired by the Green Goblin. Love that guy. We are going to make
his signature weapon into a delicious dessert. Yes. You know his signature weapon? Yeah, pumpkin bombs. That’s it. Bombe is actually
a type of dessert. So we’re going to
make a riff on that, and the first thing
we’re going to do is we are going to cook some
sweetened, condensed milk. Love that stuff. I feel like this is a
very childhood flavor. It is. Banoffee pie. Those kind of vibes. OK. That’s British
cooking for you. We’re going to add this to the
pot, and what we’re going to do is caramelize the
sugars that are in here, which is
going to give you a deeper, more browned flavor. It’s the Maillard reaction. You know, Norman Osborne, Harry
Osborne, big time scientists. I bet they would really value
that we’re doing the Maillard reaction over here. Absolutely. Chris, we checked out
your Wikipedia page. Yeah. And we learned
that you actually like a lot of villains. I do. Why is that? I think they’re more
interesting, because there’s obviously a reason why
they became villainous, and getting to the
the roots of why that is, is fun to play as an actor. – I see.
– Look at that. Oh, that’s good. Some good times. You know, the thing that
I love about Green Goblin is, it’s very
obvious what he is. Across either side of the
pond, this is a Green Goblin. – Yeah, yeah.
– No confusion whatsoever. He’s super smart. He can fly. He’s got a mask. Yeah. I mean, it’s ticking
every box, isn’t it, so far? For villainy? I think so. Yes. Let’s add some pumpkin puree. Have you ever been approached
to play a super villain? Not a villain. I was approached in the year
2021 to play Captain Britain. Oh, really? I was like, have you asked
me to do this because you went on that Marvel show? And I said, yes, it’s
partly to do with that. And before I knew it, we did
like three or four movies. Look at that. That’s a great
little puree there. Yeah, are you into it? I’m really into it. You want to amp
it up even more? How do you feel about
salt in dessert? I love it. It’s a pro move. This is going to be our
pumpkiny, mousse-like filling. Right. It needs to cool
down before we fold in some heavy
whipping cream, so let’s work on something else. OK. Chris, you seem like a
well-traveled, wise man. What’s better than a boiler? I don’t know. A double boiler. We’re going to use this to melt
some white chocolate chips. OK. Why don’t you
tell me about when you first kind of encountered
Marvel, or heroes, or villains. I remember being
in school having some X-Men early editions, just
looking through with friends. And then it became who we’re
going to be in the playground. Ah, yes. Who are we going to be? One of my favorite games. Obviously, I’d take
on the Wolverine. Obviously. Straight off the bat. Really? Not Cyclops? – No.
– No. OK, sorry. Sorry. But that’s where I kind of
got the acting bug a little bit, as well. The voices, and just the power. The status of these people. That’s amazing. You know what I like
about white chocolate? Go on. I can turn it
orange, and I can make it look like a pumpkin. Oh, look at that. It’s like a Jack
Kirby space scene. Here’s a question. How are we going to turn this
into a pumpkin-like shape? Hard pass. With the old childhood
favorite, the water balloon. I love this. So I’m just going to give
it a little dip like so. I’ve filled these
with cold water so that almost instantaneously. Solidified. The chocolate starts to set. Oh, that’s brilliant. OK. What, and you’re just
going to stand there? I’m going to hang it up. OK. Because I have a hanger. – A hanger?
– Yeah. There it is. This is actually a very
important cooking device. And it can’t be a normal hanger. It has to be a pantsuit hanger. Right. And then I just need
something to hang it from. This is convenient. All right, so I
secured it by the clip with the knot above the clip. So the knot is actually
providing us with stability. OK. And then when you add
yours, it will balance out. Do you want to do this?
I’m nervous. Yeah.
I’m nervous. This is great.
– OK, I’ll hold this part. You do the clip part. How about that? The main thing
is, don’t drop it. No, it’s not on. There? There’s only one
way to find out. Ooh! There we go.
– There we go. There we go.
– OK? OK. Clear?
Clear. Clear. Oh! Man down.
It’s all right. Five second rule. May I? Walk away. Walk away. Walk away.
You go that way. I’ll go this way.
– OK. The problem now is to
accelerate the chilling and the setting
of the chocolate, I have to put these
in the refrigerator. OK. Let’s just be
careful backing up. Yep. I’ve got this
side of the tray. While I was in the
fridge, we now have our chilled sweetened puree. Superb. So we’re going to dilute
this even further, with– Our friend, the whipped cream. It’s true. So I’m going to add
this in, and then I’m going to gently fold it. If we had some jazz music
on now, I’d be super happy. Really? I feel better already. So do I. Told you. So good. It’s balanced now, right? Really good. So now that we’ve
made our mousse. Our mousse is complete. It’s simply time to fill
our pumpkiny shells. You want to glove up? How did you do that? OK. OK. Sorry, did you want
me to glove up like– Yes. – Ah!
– Oh, wow. Yeah, I did it. I’m very impressed. And our goal is to work very
quickly to deflate these. OK. Let’s grab by the bottom. Then we will– Oh! Gratifying, no? Pretty much. Taking the balloon out? Yes. That’s beautiful. Here, you know what to do. Just fill it up with this stuff. Spoon it in. Yeah. Just fill it up with that stuff. OK. So these are cocoa nibs. These are pumpkin seeds. Great. These are called dragees. Dragees. Dragees, yes. We’ll add some of our mousse. So here’s how we’re
going to do this. OK. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Awesome. And then these
green gummy candies, they’re going to be the stem. That’s so cool. Pumpkin bomb. Our pumpkin bombs are complete. Let’s head to the
table of taste. I do not know how
to approach this. There’s only one
way, isn’t there? Yes. Yes! Yes. First time, lucky. Oh, you’re going
to chips and dip it. Chips and dip it. Well then, I’ll chips
and dip it as well. OK, cheers. Wow. So much flavor. It’s literally
a taste explosion. I love it. Chris, it’s been so
lovely having you here. You’ve been so complimentary
of all of the things that we’ve made. What is it like playing kind
of a jerk on You’re the Worst? Fun. To voice the angst
of the nation. Right. Of the world, has been
marvelously satisfying. And the character I play
literally explodes every day. Oh, yeah? Every episode, which is fun. Can you explode right now? And let’s pretend this
was a subpar dessert. All right. Sir, how was
your pumpkin bomb? OK, I’m scared already. Oh, god. How was your pumpkin bomb? See? Yeah. I didn’t actually do that,
because that’d be crazy, but that’s what it
would have cut to. So you’re on the last
season of You’re the Worst. What is filming the
last of anything like? To go into a show knowing
it’s going to be your last, it’s a little bit emotional. Where else can we find you? Well, I’m in a very
cool movie at the moment called Detective Pikachu. Heard of it? I have heard of it. It is the first in the
Pokemon franchise movies. So, how does it feel
to go from the worst to being the very best,
like no one ever was? It’s very good. Very good. I like that. You’re a pokemon fan? Fanatic. Fantastic. Chris, I would like to
thank you for gobbling up our pumpkin bombs. That was the worst, and
thankfully, that’s all we’ve got for Eat the Universe. We’ll see you next time.