Hey folks it is Barry here welcome to my virgin
kitchen, todays video, you know the word is a stonker. We are doing a mojito grilled pineapple
with a little chocolate brioche, it was done on the bbq actually, it looks amazing and
tastes stonking, that is the second one I replicated, I gobbled the first one so quickly,
my mind is telling me no, if you want to have a go at making this hit pause on the video
now, write all of these ingredients down you can do it indoors or outdoors, you are gonna
love it. Daddy tell them about my channel, your channel?
Oh yeah I do not know if you can hear Phoebe in the background she has a message for you.
Hello everyone I am Phoebe, I am going to have my own channel and would like you all
to watch it thankyou. There we go then folks my eldest daughter Phoebe has now got her
very own YouTube channel , she came up to me and asked for it, it is not even pushy
dad syndrome, what stuff is going to be on there Phoebe? Cooking and lots of other stuff,
so pretty much anything goes and she is now my director how cool is that, anyhow lets
make this pineapple. Ok so I chose the worse day to bbq, typical
british weather, but I still did it, I used one of those charcoal bags you know when you
light the corner I find them so simple to light a bbq, I know there are other ways but
they always work for me. Anyhow once it was nice and hot I placed down some cored pineapple
rings on the bbq, about 4 or 5 minutes on the bbq grill so it gets nice and charred
and caramelised turn it over again same time about 4 minutes then keep it on the bbq off
the heat so it stays nice and warm. I got some chocolate chip brioche rolls that
I sliced in half, so good on their own, nice and soft but just charred them on the bbq
30 seconds to give it that nice toasty vibe. As I say you can do all those steps inside,
but that is all the barbecue done, good times. Ok to make it a little mojito style, I simply
whipped up some double cream until nice and thick then added in the rest of my ingredients
with that which was icing sugar, vanilla, spiced rum which is optional of course if
you have a kid you do not really want a drunk kid, no? Director shaking her head, no. So
that is it all mixed in with some freshly chopped mint in their too, mix it all through
and keep in the fridge until ready to serve. Oh my gosh phoebe have you ever had rum before,
no, that is ok, just checking you know what they are like at schools these days, to serve
it up I grabbed those brioche rolls, a big dollop of our minty cream, and the pineapple
rings all on there, those flavours together are incredible garnish with some mint all
over, nice sprig in the cream and it is looking so good, it is like eating Hawaii, deliciously
gorgeous, I really hope you give it a go if you do send me a picture @myvirginkitchen
on twitter and Instagram, let me know down below what you want to see next, check out
my last two videos and of course check out little Phoebes channel here she comes, the
director did I do ok today? Thanks, alright guys, bye! Wow you are heavy!