alright guys today’s video is gonna be
about starfruit. so I am in 9b Central Florida just north of Tampa and if
there’s one tree that I might have planted to many of, it’s starfruit so or
carambola you all might have seen these in the grocery store and the ones in the
grocery store actually picked green it’s like a crappy commercial variety I think
it’s called Arkin and they gas them just like you do tomatoes to ripen them
these trees are super abundant like I said one tree I might have planted too
many of his starfruit because I have like 10 of these and they can produce
2,000 pounds of fruit a year we grow 10 different varieties my favorite is
probably Kerry I really like the Fwang Tung variety. I have a couple of sour
varieties I have a dwarf May here I have a Sri Kembangan variety, there’s all
different types of varieties of star fruit
these trees thrive on neglect so as you all know I focus on trees that grow
really easily that don’t need a lot of love or care we don’t want to be out
here babying stuff so these trees are kind of “Plant it and forget it”. I haven’t
given these any irrigation I don’t really fertilize them the only
thing I do do is prune them to make it a little bit easier to access the fruit so
all of my star fruit trees took 24 degrees for 6 hours 2 years ago so they
have all came back since the frost they’ve all come back above the graft
and they’re all pumping out super heavy these trees can fruit four or five times
a year or so they’re they’re kind of “Set it and forget it”, so my number two. Two pro tips I want to give you guys for starfruit trees is they really really really
hate wind so putting these trees in a wind protected area like I have them in
a forest setting like this they seem to really thrive the other two second pro
tip would be they like dappled light so this tree doesn’t need to be out in full
Sun it can handle the understory it can handle being in these Oaks and still
produce heavily just right next to you guys here you know we have a tree that’s
just loaded in fruit this is the third fourth time this year that it’s fruited
just completely covered this variety is a Newcomb sour so another little pro tip
I’ll give you guys about starfruit. Some people probably can’t eat these
because they’re really high in oxalic acid. That acid tends to be in the outer
edge of the fruit so you see how it has this green edge on there you can
literally just cut this off of there and get a lot of those oxalates off of the
fruit. My favorite way to actually eat this fruit is fresh. My second favorite way to eat it or drink it should I say would be juiced
and my third favorite way would be actually dehydrated so all I did was cut
those little edges of the fin off as you can see down here on this end that’s a
little green so I’ll just go ahead and cut that off and then if I wanted to eat
this I mean does it get much better than that a fruit that comes off in little
stars mmm seeds are edible too That variety is a little bit sour let’s go
try a little bit of a sweeter variety. As you can see this one’s a little bit
whiter it’s not going to get his orange as that another variety this is that
Fwang Tung variety and this one’s going to be a lot sweeter than that sour
when I just eat I just had and you know I was just in Earth Fare the other day
and one starfruit was 2 bucks. I mean these trees have hundreds of fruit on
them each they produce really easily so if you live in Florida you really have
no reason in the world to be buying star fruit and this is a delicious fruit it’s
one that kids love a lot too mmm the Fwang Tung variety is really nice and
it’s a lot sweeter than that one I just ate. This is the only star fruit tree I
have on the farm that I would say is like not very desirable flavor-wise I
definitely juice this one all the time this is the Dwarf Maher, and you
could see this tree is a true dwarf. These trees grow really fast I give them yearly
pruning typically I’ve only tipped this one a couple of times and it definitely
has a dwarf form to it. This is the fruit and that one wasn’t as bad as some of the
ones I’ve had in the past it’s just not as complex it doesn’t have as much of a
sweet flavor to it. It’s just not my favorite I guess we could say. So that
was the best one of these I’ve had yet Dwarf Maher but this is an actual
dwarf tree. So one of the problems you can have buying from commercial
nurseries around the state is getting trees that are miss marked and
mislabeled so I bought this one as a dwarf Hawaiian and it’s probably one
of the most vigorous starfruits I have like I struggle to keep this tree at
15-20 foot. it’s also one of my heaviest producers and favorite tasting varieties
and same thing with this I’m gonna cut that edge off of there and this one is
just beyond sweet probably my favorite one to dehydrate my favorite one to
juice all-around favorite star fruit here on the farm and honestly I don’t
know the real name of this because it’s obviously not a dwarf Hawaiian judging
by the size of the tree. flavor is unreal really reminds me of the Bell, kind
of Kari combination really sweet fruit last but not least I want to point it
out to you guys was star fruit flowers so a lot of times we can have a tree
that has fruit that a ripe fruit that are developing and then flowers. The star
fruit flowers are actually edible too so they’re kind of tangy a little bit sweet
you can eat the flowers off of the tree also. Alright guys I need to get back to
playing with my little man I hope you enjoyed this starfruit video. If you
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