Hey what’s going on? today I’m going to
grow a lemon tree from seed you don’t need much couple lemons some paper towel
some water I prefer a squirt bottle for the mist and a plastic baggie the first
thing you want to do is cut the lemon what you want to do is just kind of
gently dislodge the seed from the mother fruit being careful not to damage it and then once you get them out I take a
little piece of paper towel and dry it off really well and then you want to
take you wanna hold the bottom and there’s a little a point you need to get
that open with your fingernails see it started starting to go and just
peel the rest of it the uncovered seed will look like this I have six seeds that’ll that’ll work
for what that should work for how many I’m trying to grow so what
you want to do next is get a paper towel fold it into a little rectangle and get
the inside wet and then place your seeds in there fold it over and moisten the outside and then what you want to do is put it
in a large plastic baggie and then you want to store it in a dry
place out of direct light for about a week checking it every couple days
adding a little water if it needs it so this is what your seed will look like
after one or two weeks the green part I think is probably the plant the white
parts to root I plant them facedown regardless and I just kind of assume
that the seed will correct itself in the soil I had some peat moss spots laying
around I fill them up with citrus planting soil citrus lakes really
well-drained soil and I figured because this is going to be its home I’m gonna
grow it in a container I wanted to make sure I got good citrus soil and then
because it is a peat moss I just poked holes in the bottom to make sure it
drained well and I’m just gonna poke a hole put the seed root system down so you can
see that and then I’m just gonna cover it and then some more water also I like
to do a couple of squirts of some seaweed plant food it’s primarily kelp
seems to help I just do a few a few squirts of that I
put a grow light over it on a timer so I haven’t I don’t have it on right now
I’ll watch the soil and when the seeds start to sprout I will start it at about
an hour a day and then slowly work it up from there that’s the first month growth of a lemon
tree from seed you can see it took me a week to germinate them and then I planted them. I got all six of six or six I would have
changed a few things this is my first time growing them I would have put a
heat mat underneath them because I keep it about mid-60s in here I think it kind
of slowed it a little bit being in this pot I put in this pot just
for better filming but I think if I had a heat mat under here they would have
grown a little bit faster but overall I’m pretty pleased I was six for six now
I’m gonna take the two largest ones and Transplant them into a little a bigger
pot and I’m gonna document the next month growth and I’ll put that video
right about here once I have it so thanks for watching if you have your
questions throw em in the comments appreciate it
take it easy