GUINEA PIG BOWLING #3 : Dessert Cups – TOYS & GAMES –Creative Breakfast Feeding Guinea Pigs Eating Plants – Cavy Consciousness Bowling # 3 – Guinea Pig Games We are about to have a heat wave. So I am setting up the CHILL HAY ZONE This stays about 5 – 10 degrees cooler. Plus they can eat through the roof etc. There was method to my madness!! Music is HEAVY SHIFT by Bigfoot If I could have theme music like Shaft it would be this. LETS PLAY! Squeak waits & stares at the camera, she knows. This is now all one continuous shot Plastic Dessert Cups x 10 This is their Breakfast SHAKE UP THE ROUTINE. Make the mundane FUN. Treats & toys should be natural, cheap & easy. NOTHING BEATS GOOD VEGGIES, GRASS & HAY Thanks for watching, please like, comment & subscribe I am going to drop to every second day during the week. I can craft more that way & make better videos