This dessert not only looks stunning it tastes great too! You’ll make everyone happy with this desset Custard powder (strawberry) add a little cold mil mix well There’s cold milk in the saucepan add in the cornflour milk mix mix it thoroughly cook this on low heat add in sugar cook stirring continuously till it becomes thick this is ready turn off the heat cover it with cling film like this so that the film touches the custard leave it to cool This is lapsi or broken wheat wash it well soak it in water heat the milk in a broad pan as the milk starts to warm up add in the soaked broken wheat drain it before adding now we have to cook it in the milk as soon as it starts boiling it will thicken up add in condensed milk sugar The broken wheat is completely cooked it has combined well with the milk This has become a nice, thick pudding Turn off the gas Add in crushed green cardamom into it and mix well. Leave this aside to cool. Arrowroot biscuits made into crumbs in a mixer or food processor icing sugar butter melted add the rest of it once it has been well combined it will have wet sand like consistency smells lovely Take an 8 inch pie dish with a loose bottom makes it easier to get the pie out Brush it with the left over melted butter so that while demoulding, the pie comes out easily put the biscuit crumbs into the pie mould spread it out with the spoon the press it well to set it in the mould Take a steel bowl with a flat base Use it to press smoothen and set the biscuit base this step takes time but the base has to be set firmly That’s ready rest it in the fridge for 15 mins Take a piping bag like this If you don’t have a piping bag you can use a plastic packet instead fit in a star tipped icing nozzle The custard has cooled down it has set perfectly give it a mix this is thicker than the regular custard Fold the piping bag from the open end and fit it into your hand like so in this fill the custard The custard is thick and creamy perfect for piping Keep aside After 15 mins take out the pie crust bake it for 10 to 12 mins This has baked for 10 mins at 180 C Keep on wire rack to cool Completely cooled We need the pudding and chopped roasted almonds Sprinkle the chopped nuts on the base these will give a nice bite Now the pudding goes over the nuts spread evenly Spread it out gently Keep the pie on a turntable if you don’t have a turntable you can place it on a tall container makes decorating an easy job Now take the custard in the piping bag and start piping stars along the edge Like this Make a second row Cut 4 to 5 Gulab Jamuns in half Take the Gulab Jamun halves and place them on these 8 stars Keep it in the fridge for 2 to 3 hours to set completely Just got it out of the fridge Take a container or bowl that is smaller in diameter than the pie Place the pie on the container Now loosen the ring mould carefully, pressing with your fingers press with your thumbs It will come off easily Arrange the pie on the table cut it in front of your guests before serving. You will get 8 servings.