That’s Disgusting! Smells terrible. Pizza Pizza Pizza, Pizza Pizza Pizza! *Drums hand on table* You guys asked for this so here it is. Welcome to the gummy food vs real food pizza making edition. Okay, here are the rules. There are two containers that are going to be placed before our eyes. We are going to do rock paper scissors and whoever wins gets to randomly choose one of the containers that they would like to choose. When you open your container you will see either a gummy product or a real food product. We will see both of our pizza’s, and see which one is the best! Are we ready to go? I am ready! Let’s get started! First things first, sauce and cheese. That’s the main ingredient. Euuuh! Processed tomato sauce. Is this from the can? That’s from the bottle. So far so good Jinx! We need that heavenly- sound. *Sings auuuuuuuuuooooh* This is like- Curly cheese? That’s processed also. Who cares? As long as it tastes good, it’s all I need. Okay, I know you think you’re both going to lose this challenge because there’s tomato and cheese, but think about it, tomato’s a fruit , cheese is dairy, and bread is bread. You can put- You can put anything on this so… First specimen! I love pizza. Oh boy.. Rock paper scissors! Rock, Paper Scissors SHOOT! Okay Okay. Yah. 3- (*GASP*) YAY!!!! Gummy!! G-Gummy what? Gummy- Bear? …Gummy pepperonis! Their- I don’t think their pepporoni, but they look like it? They smell pretty good too! They smell like those pizza stores. That tastes good! Okay- So far we have a gummy pizza. I bet it tastes so good! And a pepperoni pizza. That looks pretty good to me. Well, my grandmother says.. You don’t like my pizza, my pizza don’t like you. (*Hums the Harry Potter theme*) Good luck monkeys. Rock- Paper- Scissors- SHOOT! YEEEEEES! NOOOO! I got like- Rainbow stripped bacon! And you got bacon. I got bacon. Alright! Real bacon vs fake bacon I’m gonna go all out. Mmm! That tastes good! Let’s put little pieces of bacon That’s your pizza right there. Looking pretty fantastic! They’re both looking REALLY nice! Do you even know how to eat them brah? They look really tasty! Both of them. Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT YESS! NOOOO. Woah! These are like not real Like- Swedish gummies. You’re so lucky *Throw up sound* Mine look’s spectacular, my pizza. Mine don’t! What is this? *Slightly Agitated* You’re pizza looks great! It’s got a little saltiness, and a little sweetness. It’s really good. It’s so good! I like caviar-caviar butter, I like salmon tar-tar, I do NOT like this. Hey buddy I need that for my pizza! Are you eating straight sardines? Yeah. So far who’s winning? I- I’d say miss smucky is winning BECAUSE LOOK AT THIS! Good luck. Rock-Paper-Scissors-SHOOT Yay!!! Yahh Is this spinach? No. Its basil. Yuck- Like the taste. When it goes into the oven it’ll be fine. Rock-Paper-Scissors-Shoot! Woooah- Pineapple! That’s not bad. I don’t like pineapple on my pizza. I love hawian, I just pick off the pineapple. It’s like a punch in the face man! Where’d you get this from? Those are pineapples. I know but where did you get these from? From the pineapple store. Mine looks better now. No, I think mine looks better. I had a dream! We were back to 17! *Singing still* *Singing very well still* This is the last topping Right here guys! This is for all the marbles. Rock-Paper-Scissors-Shoot! Rock-Paper-Scissors-Shoot! I choose THIS ONE!!! No! What is that?! YESS I have jelly beans!!!! beans beans, their good for the heart, but the more that you eat, the more that you fart. The more you fart, the better you feel, eats beans for every meal! I’m disgusted! You’ve never had jelly beans on a pizza, what are you laughing about? Wow, your pizzas’ are looking great! Look at that! My pizza looks better though. My- My pizza consists of beans, basil, and mostly pineapple. My pizza consists of- Pepporoni, Cheese, rainbow belts, jelly beans, pineapples, swedish fish, basil, and yah! Mine consists of gummy cherries, beans, gummy pineapples, gummy mint leaves, bacon, the sause and the cheese, but it also sardines. OOOH. You’re lucky! Do you wanna bring them over to the oven? Yeah let’s bring them over to the oven. Which one do you think is better? This one! BOOOO Your’s is like bacon and beans, and like- sardines on it! You’re gonna eat that one too. Okay! She’s a trooper! I’m gonna eat with you sir! Very good, Very good. WOOOH- So hot! And now we wait. *Captions By XTeam_ValoxX. Made better by EssencePat* Here’s one- UHHH Uh well, I can smell everything. Well, it looks like everything’s very- gooey? And theirs not anything that’s like still holding Because I bet if you went inside all these gummy’s they would just be gooey. What; is THAT?! There’s like jelly beans and pepporoni? That’s disgusting.. That smells terrible! Which one smells worse? Uhh. Hers. That’s terrible Ok guys, its time to try your creations This looks great! Yeah thanks. Mmmm Really-?! It tastes good, but like just the thought of whats in there, and what is mixed is not good. Everything immediately stuck to my teeth. I’m gonna do what Furious Pete taught me to do. Oh my god- Shout out to Furious Pete! Iron Gut! Who won this challenge? Why don’t you guys let us know in the comments below? Who won this challenge, and if you wanna see any other gummy challenges in the future. Thanks for watching everybody, please give this a thumbs up, like this video, and we’ll see you again next time! Thanks for watching! Please like, subscribe, and leave a comment down below if you enjoyed. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please click on the icon in the bottom left corner and a little thing will pop up and you will get to subscribe If you already have subscribed, please forget everything i just said. That was my radio voice. BYE! CAPTIONS BY XTEAM_VALOXX this took me like 40 minutes to do and it took EssencePat 15 minutes to make better.