(upbeat music) I love them, okay. All right, the best part of Halloween is the candy, and here to help us with some special recipes is our friend George Duran, welcome back. (audience applauding) How you booin’? Booin’, right, right. George, what are we doing? Oh my goodness, the things that you can do with candy and deserts is fantastic, including this incredible chocolate bark or brittle as I call it. And all you’re gonna do is really melt some chocolate into a pan with a little bit of wax paper inside of it. And different colors are gonna make different, cool little designs like this. Is this chocolate? This is just melted chocolate with coloring inside of it. Once you’ve melt it inside of the pan, you’re gonna get your chopstick and kind of just swirl it around over all throughout. You see this cool design that I’m making? Yeah. Well, once you’ve put that in there, once you have that design, you’re gonna go ahead and put your worms, you’re gonna put your eyeballs and the bones, and the little things. And make sure you have lots of… You like gummy, right? I do.
Yeah, yeah. The worms are the best for you, is that correct? And see how cute that looks? Once you refrigerate this, you got your candy bark right over here. (audience applauding) See, isn’t that cute? It tastes good. Right, and it tastes good. You’re just eating away, fantastic. My next one is a favorite one. Stain glass cookies, this is a very holiday, but for Halloween it works great. And you’re pretty much what you’re doing here, is taking the Jolly Ranchers. Jolly Ranchers. Yeah, Lifesavers works too as well. No, Jolly Ranchers. Jolly Ranchers, I’m sorry. Excuse me, Jolly Ranchers. And you’re gonna crush it, and you’re pretty much get a rolling pin, I got my rolling pin here. Yours is over here if you wanna help me crush these guys. No.
You don’t wanna help me crush it? Okay, you ready? Here we go. (smashing candy) So, you just go ahead and crush it here, and once you get it crushed. See, they’re nicely crushed, and it looks almost like glass almost, but it’s not it’s crushed Jolly Ranchers. You’re gonna go ahead and take your cookie cutter that already has the holes inside of it. I get the flavors too. There you go, right now. How do you melt them, in the oven? Well, all you do is you crush them up, and then you put them inside the little cookie cutter that you cut inside of it. Make sure you get the nooks and crannies in there. When you pop it into the oven, the cookie bakes, but also the Jolly Ranchers cooks in it, and what you get is this amazing stain glass kind of looking cookie over here. And the cookies aren’t too sweet. The cookie is good. The cookie’s good too, the sugar cookie. It’s very nice. It’s not too sugary. Not too sugary. It’s called sugar cookie, but not too sugary. Maybe that’s what we’ll call it. All right, now we’re gonna go to the cemetery a little bit. Ew, black licorice. Oh, you don’t like black licorice? I’m grossed out. All right, then you know what? Forget it. Oh. Forget it, we’re not gonna use it. Forget the black licorice. But, we are gonna use cupcakes. In fact, you’re gonna just go get store bought cupcakes. A great trick if you don’t have time at home, you’re gonna get store bought cupcakes, and you’re just going to kind of just spread this across with your hands, if you have the time of course. And if it’s room temperature, even better. But, once you spread it across, it’s gonna be one big kind of cemetery look to it, right? So, once it’s spread all across, it’s gonna be like all flat white. This is really, really pretty though. And then what you do is, you take some of the crumbs, Oreo cookie crumbs, or any cookie crumbs. Hmm, Oreo cookies. And you turn it into soil, that’s what this is. The soil over here, and do a little soil over here. And then my favorite, you take one of these cookies, the classic Milanos. I love Milanos. Yeah, you’re just eating my whole set, that’s what you’re doing here. I love it, okay. Very nice. You cut it in half, and now you have a tombstone where you can write the name of, the person that you hate the most, or whatever you want. Or just write RIP that’s fine, here we go. R-I-P, not very good here. E-N. E-N? Okay, I don’t know who that is, but I’m glad my name is G-D, so that’s fine. And then you put the little tombstone over there, and you decorate it with more of these little pumpkins. And look at this beautiful kind of set over here. You have the little gates and the fences. What do the pumpkins taste like? The pumpkins do not taste like pumpkins, it’s candy corn pumpkins. Ew. Well, I mean if you like wax, you’d love candy corn. Yeah, they’re the worst part of Halloween for me. All right, all right. Now, the goblins we already starting. Shake it up, shake it up. (audience applauding) Don’t wipe. You have to pat. No, come on, let’s keep going. Wow. I feel live I’ve seen a ghost. Oh my gosh, upside down there you go. Etta girl. Very nice. (audience applauding) I’m really, really, really scared now. Here we go. A peanut butter ball, very simple guys. Peanut butter, cream cheese, vanilla, powdered sugar. You mix it up, turn it into one of these little kind of dipping things, you add some of this Reese Pieces peanut butter cups inside of it. Mold it into a ball, put it in the fridge. This is peanut butter? Yeah, this is peanut butter. You’ve mold it into the fridge with plastic wrap, put it in the center, add some more of the Reese Pieces, and little bones inside of it. And go ahead and grab one of these cookies, and fill it up if you’re okay with peanut butter. Oh really? Yeah, right there. And just kind of serve it. It’s almost like a.
Is this raw cookie dough? No it’s not, it’s peanut butter. Peanut butter, cream cheese, vanilla powdered sugar. And you know what? This would look great on your hair too actually. I’m sure it would. With the whipped cream, I think it would fit just nicely, very nice. And finally candy corn milkshakes, my favorite in the world. Use mango’s, and different types of fruits. Kind of fill it up, and then of course have you used a whipped cream thing before? Do you know how this works? I know. You know how it works? Okay, I hope. (audience laughing) And then grab some crushed candy corn, and put it on top. And I’m telling you the colors are beautiful. You put this in the freezer, and serve it to your friends. (audience applauding) This is really good. It’s really, it has fruit juice inside of it, so. I was gonna say, it doesn’t taste fattening. Not at all, not at all. It has fruit juice. Yeah very nice. You use frozen yogurt inside of it if you want, to make it nice and healthy. But, the kids think they’re eating candy, and they’re not. They’re drinking fruit juice, it’s fantastic. It’s perfect for them. Here we go. This is George Duran, he’s been here be. (audience applauding) Another stellar performance. For more information on these recipes, go to wendyshow.com. (upbeat music)