Halloween means horror films and today we’re
paying tribute to one of our favorites, “Rosemary’s Baby!” Hello and welcome to the Velveteen Lounge
Kitsch-en! Make yourself comfortable because it’s movie time! We have a lovely libation
and decadent dessert straight out of “Rosemary’s Baby,” guaranteed to enhance your enjoyment
of this eerie classic. Grab your drink and settle in so that you can be unsettled! Ever the perfect host, Roman Castavet serves
Rosemary and Guy pre-dinner Vodka Blushes. This cocktail seems to have been invented
by Ira Levin for the “Rosemary’s Baby” novel, but our friend Peggy Nadramia created
the Vodka Blush recipe that has become the definitive version and it happens to be delicious!
To make one, all you do is combine 2½ oz of vodka (appropriately, I’m using the fabulous
Death’s Door Vodka, which is perfect for all sorts of Halloween concoctions), ¾ oz
fresh lime juice and a dash of grenadine. Shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail
glass. For maximum movie authenticity, garnish with a cherry. Guaranteed to help you overlook
those disturbing sounds coming from outside your home… On the night Rosemary unwittingly conceives
the son of Satan, Minnie Castavet serves her a homemade Mousse au Chocolat. This recipe
comes to us from 1961’s New York Times Cook Book, by Craig Claiborne, which you know Minnie
had in her collection. To make four, all you do is separate two eggs and beat the whites
until they’re stiff. Blend semi sweet chocolate pieces for 6 seconds in a blender. Add 2½
TBSP boiling water and blend for another 10 seconds. Next, add the egg yolks and 1 TBSP
dark rum and blend for 3 seconds or until smooth. Fold into egg whites, spoon into serving
dishes and refrigerate for one hour before serving. Unlike Rosemary’s drugged version,
this one has no chalky undertaste! For a creepy thriller, “Rosemary’s Baby”
is actually quite stylish, filled with 1960s fashions, furnishings and a New York City
that felt downright glamorous! True Rosemary was raped by a demon and forced to give birth
to the son of Satan without her knowledge as anyone who attempted to help her was mysteriously
killed, but that’s what makes it a Halloween favorite! So mix up a pitcher of Vodka Blushes,
get comfy in front of the TV and be glad these events won’t happen to you! Probably. Who is your favorite character in Rosemary’s
Baby? I happen to like Roman. He may have ulterior
motives, but he’s still a classy gent. I’m on team Minnie. I want her entire wardrobe.
Come to think of it, you have a really good head start on that! Thank you for visiting the Velveteen Lounge
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