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has helped us to create a local legend at Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill involving really
any of our ice cream cakes, be they made out of our multiple-award-winning soft serve OR
any of our nearly 40 flavors of hard ice cream. And do you know why we can make our Halloween
Monster Cakes really magical and people line up around the block for it? We’ve been featured in places like the Wall
Street Journal and ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News and more. Bottom line? We know what we’re doing! So let’s take you to it! STEP 1: Fresh Foundation I said we’re a multiple-award-winning ice
cream stand…so that’s where the fresh foundation starts. Meaning, we’ve got soft serve that has the
highest butterfat content around, which makes a HUGE difference. I promise you’re not tasting something that’s
like water…with a hint of vanilla or chocolate in it. We spread that precious product out in a frozen
mold of your choice. And we have many more choices than just round
or one size of round mold…you tell us what you want…we’ll make it up, from different
types of monsters to different sizes…even blending Halloween Monster Cake concepts! STEP 2: Mouthwatering Middle Yeah, sure, ice cream cake…chocolate cake
crunch goes in the middle. Right? Granted, it is one of the most common and
popular choices. But it’s NOT the only option available to
you. Not at Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill, anyway. Want chocolate chip cookie dough instead? OK. How about Reese’s Pieces? OK. Oreo cookies in the center instead? Fine! Oreo cookies AND peanut butter cups? Sure! Bacon? Uh…why not? There may be an upcharge for certain cake
middles—like bacon…OR things such as chocolate or vanilla pudding OR cannoli cream…but
the bottom line is that, more or less, your only limit at Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill
would be your imagination! STEP 3: Luscious Layering Most commonly after the middle is installed
in the Halloween Monster Cake we will then place another layer of soft serve on top. But you could also have baked cake, too, for
an upcharge. OR you could have hard ice cream on top and
bottom…and why not? We only have nearly 40 flavors of hard ice
cream! Baked cake and hard ice cream would involve
an up-charge for sure, since that’s a lot of baking AND/OR scooping of hard ice cream. But if you’re like me and you prefer hard
ice cream flavors such as Grasshopper Pie or Peanut Butter Cup, well, you’re gonna
be one happy girl or guy when that cake’s made just the way you like it! STEP 4: Delicious Decorating We here at Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill are
blessed to have a Designer Dessert Department that, amongst other things, will decorate
your cake for you. And that includes the Halloween Monster Cake. This particular type of cake does require
a lot more detailing than people realize. It’s not just the cool face that gets decorated
but the whole body, too. You can get personalized colors for the body,
for the eyes…. The number of eyes….you name it. You can have the cake decked out in luster
dust, edible glitter, you can have messages written on it, again, you’re only limited
by your imagination. We love doing work like this for our beloved
JDB Family. We love saving you time, providing you with
over the top food…and desserts and cakes…for over the top memories with the ones you love. If you’re hard at work, when you come home,
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