Hey, good looking! What ya un-cooking? I made some Halloween goodies for our friends here and today I’m going to be making raw vegan pumpkin
fudge, so let’s get started give me a kiss for luck! Hi, I’m Joann Loy and I’m a
certified raw vegan chef and I’ve been un-cooking since 2010. We’re here to help
you and going more raw to restore energy and immunity. Today we’re going to be
making raw pumpkin fudge. Now who doesn’t like that? Normally, fudge is cooked and
boiled, but today we’re going to do it in the raw version and it’ll have good immunity and the enzymes will still be there and you’ll have a much healthier
version of it. What we need is some dates, some pumpkin pie spice, some vanilla, some coconut oil, almond butter, but if you don’t have almond butter, you can use
peanut butter. If you don’t want to have the nuts in it or if you have an allergy
to nuts, that’s okay. You can get it with tahini, you can go with any other seed butter. But just make sure it’s not too runny.
It may not set up as well and then also, lastly, you need your pumpkin puree.
You want it in the fully raw state. You need to buy a pie pumpkin. You cut it … puree it … And that’s a lot of time-consuming work.
It is well worth it in the end, but if you don’t want to do that, that’s okay.
Just go to the store, the magic of retail, and buy a can of pure pumpkin
puree. Just make sure it’s organic, it is non-BPA, and it’s non-GMO, and
it’s all pumpkin. There’s no other spices or sugars in it. Just make sure
it’s pure pumpkin. But you can use that; it’s perfectly alright. For the coconut oil, you need to melt it, but you have to be very careful as to melting
that so you don’t destroy the enzymes in it. The easiest way to do that, to melt
it, because coconut oil melts at very low temperature. So, I just take
a measuring cup, a metal measuring cup, and I put oil in it, turn the eye on, let it get hot, then turn it off. Make sure you turn it
off, then just set the cup on the eye and stir the coconut oil so that it
will melt faster and that’s all it takes. You do not have to have any heat
on at the time; just have that eye warm. It has melted perfectly. Okay. Oh, and by
the way, what are y’all gonna be for Halloween? You can see what I’m gonna be, but I’m gonna be the good witch. There’s no evil here. I’m the Good Witch.
So, let me know in the comments below what you want to be for Halloween. I’m interested
to hear! Okay, first thing we’re gonna do. We’re gonna put the dates in the VitaMix. Now, if you keep your dates in the
refrigerator, like I do sometimes, they get pretty stiff. To make them
soften up and easier to blend, just put them in a bowl and put some hot water. I
would let it sit while you get the rest of your ingredients together. And they
should be softened up enough, but if you keep them at room temperature, you
shouldn’t have any problem. Okay, I’m gonna put the pumpkin pie spice in, the almond better, coconut oil, pumpkin puree, and before you start, while you’re getting ready to make this all, and you’re letting your
dates soak, the best thing to do, the easiest way to handle it, you want to
make it in a loaf pan and just line it with the parchment paper. That makes it so
much easier to get it out at the end. You can literally lift it up, cut it, and then you
don’t have to worry about any sticking to the bottom. I’m gonna check it to see how it’s
coming along. We have to scrape it down. So, it’s getting good and oohy gooie! When you’re making this, you can use a food processor, but I find the high-speed blender is much easier. It blends it much more smoothly and I like to stir
it up a little bit because it is very thick. You can see how thick that is and
it just helps everything incorporate a little bit better. Get this off the sides. We’ll go a little further on it and then it’ll be time to put it in the pan. I wish you could taste it right now. I’m going to continue to get this out. It will take a little while, because it’s just
so thick, but it’s so good! So what I’ll do is I’ll continue to put this in the
pan, move it out, then we’re going to put it in the freezer for a few hours, just
to chill up and set up, and when we come back, I’ll show you how to take it out of
here and cut it up and we’ll enjoy it! We interrupt this program to bring you a
nutritional moment. Hi, I’m Kenny Loy. I’m a certified nutritionist and I’m here to
bring you the nutritional fact of the day. One of the ingredients in Joann’s
recipe today is almond butter. It contains vitamin E, which is an
antioxidant that helps lower cholesterol. Almond butter also contains magnesium,
which helps the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the heart, so it promotes
the heart. It has potassium, which helps with blood pressure, also for the heart.
We now return to our regularly scheduled program. Oh, hey! Welcome back! We just got this
fudge out of the freezer and I’ll show you how to unwrap it. Just simply
pull it out pick it up by the parchment like this. Just pull the edges down and
then you have it all and I have a kitchen blade to help. I have a little tip here. Fudge is really
soft. the longer I would have kept it in the
refrigerator or in the freezer, it would’ve gotten a little bit firmer, but I like my
fudge kind of soft. So, to cut it, what I did was just take some coconut oil
on my finger and just rub the blade a little bit. You can do it on your knife and
it’ll help it slide through to not stick quite as much to the blade. Now, if I could just keep Kenny out of
this, we might have something to last a few days, but I don’t think that’s happening.
Now, we can just take our knife and scrape off that extra coconut oil. And
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