Hello my beautiful lovelies! Hi it’s Emmy, welcome back. Today I’ll be making: HALO-HALO.
So HALO-HALO is a filipino dessert that is gorgeous! It’s basically kind of a filipino take on a Sundae. So HALO-HALO kind of generally translates to ‘Mix-Mix’ and it’s a bunch of sweetened kind of
fruits and beans incorporated with shaved ice topped with condensed milk a little bit of evaporated milk and then topped with a scoop of ice cream, so sounds
delicious I’ve never had it before it is beautiful and striking and it’s summer
so why not? Alright! So come along with me and I’ll show you how to make it.
So similar to a sundae, this is a very customizable dessert.
I’ve never had it before so I’m just gonna go crazy and put everything that I can find in it and
give it a go. So for my version of HALO-HALO i’m going to top it with a
scoop of ube ice cream and ube is a gorgeous purple sweet yam that’s used in a lot of filipino desserts and to make it — I use this powdered form of ube that I found and I reconstituted it with about 4 cups of water and I cooked it
over the stove for about 20 minutes until it got really nice and thick kind
of like the consistency of mashed potatoes then it took 2 cups of heavy
whipping cream and whip that with the mixer until it was nice and thick, can of
condensed milk 14 ounces, and then I added my ube mixture because I
wanted this to be nice and bright I added a bit of food coloring to give it
a nice purple color, and then I poured it into a container and placed it in the
freezer for it to set. so that was my ice cream, another component of Halo-Halo is leche flan I use this box mix of cream caramel, it’s basically like a caramel egg custard, and I just prepared it as directed on the package with the caramel at the bottom, added some milk and heated that until the the gelatin was well
dissolved and then poured it into the container and allowed that to sit in the
refrigerator until it’s completely set so now that I have my leche flan and my
ube ice cream ready, now I need to prepare my shaved ice. So here is my
shaved ice maker, isn’t it cute? So I found this little gadget
at my local H-mart — wasn’t too happy about the build quality, this cup doesn’t really fit, which is sort of annoying and you just place ice cubes in there and it’s
supposed to grind up, whoa now I’m just gonna take regular old ice cubes, load this
up and my god, wow that’s so violent and push. Jeez why does that have to be so loud? Oh wow, sorry. See, it vibrated so much it knocked my camera over. This is very unpleasant, oh my god. Wow — okay, let’s set that aside. Jeez, looks pretty good. After that very violent experience I have a bowl of shaved ice, so
it’s made a couple different ways, you can make it in a bowl and put your
toppings on top or you can layer it into a glass and see all the layers, I’m gonna
opt for the bowl, so I’m gonna start with a layer of shaved ice, nice
and fluffy. So here are all of my beautiful toppings and for the preserved
fruits and beans and such, I bought a jar of this and this is HALO-HALO mix,
and it has everything you need in there and what I did was I separated them
out so I could arrange them into my bowl so this jar mix did not include sago
or gulaman which is the red and green portion of the beautiful toppings I just
took some of the nata de coco and I added some red and green food coloring
so I would have that colorful element in my HALO-HALO, a generous drizzle of
condensed milk, yum, add a little bit of evaporated milk for added richness, some sweet red beans, some palm seeds, these have all been preserved with syrup, so they’re all gonna be very sweet, red nata de coco add my green nata de coco, so
colorful. Regular nata de coco and we’re gonna add some white beans. Macapuno down on the side there and a little bit of jackfruit. triangle leche flan on there too. it’s not a triangle by the way
that is a rectangle. Ube ice cream on top — ah it’s so pretty! Love it — and for a little
bit of garnish I’m gonna use a little bit of shredded coconut and then we’ll
add a little cookie cigar right in the back let’s add two. So cute, look at that! Alright —
will you look at this thing of beauty? It’s so beautiful, I can’t wait to tuck into this
and I wanna get a bite of everything and get a bit of ube and then get some shaved ice, get a palm seed in there. Itadakimasu. That palm seed is like a natural little
like gummy so it’s got a lot of chew to it and kind of jelly texture. Delightful,
very very sweet but goes really well with the ice. Alright, let’s try another bite. This time we go for ice cream, a little bit of leche flan, little bit of sweet beans and more shaved ice. Alright, here we go. Now that bite was completely different — really soft, smooth eggy leche flan with
very sweet beans that have a slightly beany taste but not at all
unpleasant, actually quite nice. If you like adzuki beans then you’ll like that
I love the complexity and varied nature of this — it’s so much fun. Alright, I’m
going to dig right down into the shaved ice. Mmm. and although this is a cousin to a Sundae,
this experience is just completely different than a sundae, because of all the varied
textures. A sundae, I feel like is fun because it’s just decadent for the sake
of being decadent you’ve got all kinds of toppings and tons of ice cream and
lots of whipped cream and syrup and everything is just equally sweet ,while
here I feel like there’s a little bit more complexity not only in flavors but
in textures you’ve got jelly, then you got mushy, you’ve got crunchy, you’ve got icy, you’ve got soft and eggy and then you’ve got crunchy cookie, it’s just super super fun
and in terms of a cool summery treat this is more satisfying to me too
because it seems icier and colder and thats probably just psychological because ice cream is already frozen but something about that watery crunchy ice
in there makes it seem more quenching than just a bowl of ice cream, mmm, let
me give you an idea what the ube tastes like as well mm-hmm to me the ube flavour is
pretty subtle, it tastes a little bit caramelized, the main flavor I
taste is the sweetened condensed milk it’s very rich and milky and sweet, so do
let me know if you’ve ever had HALO-HALO before and what are your favorite
toppings and ingredients to put in yours and yeah, hope you guys enjoyed that
one, I hope you guys learned something let me know in the comments if there’s a
specific dish that you’d like me to make prepare and taste and I’ll see what I
can do. Thank you guys so much for joining me. I hope you guys enjoyed that one. I hope you guys learned something Be sure to follow me on social media, share this video with your friends and I shall see you in the next one, Toodaloo~ take care, bye! Oh check out my other channel if you want to see my bee vlogs. Alright, I’ll see in the next one – bye!