I have invited one of my friend and asked to come here and cook for us of course what ever they prefer indeed this person is a good cook and this dear guest is Mrs Mithra Hi hello welcome to the show i like to say hi to you and you dear viewers and thank you for inviting me thank you so much what are the ingredients for the dish you are making the ingredients for halva are 2 cups of flour 1cup of oil 1 cup of water 3/4 cup of rose water 3/4 cup of sugar half a tea spoon saffron we pass the flour through a sift just in case the are lumps in the flour its always good to sift the flour so they is no lumps in the our mix we pour the oil in the pan and turn the heat on when the oil is hot we pour the flour in and we mix it we have to continuously mix it on the low heat when do we know that it’s ready? when all the oil is blended in and the color has turned brown or dark brown and the fragrance of Halva is out is this about one plate? yes a small plate while we are doing that we can also make the sugar melt i pour in a glass of water to the pan and add 1 cup of sugar and stair it till its melted but don’t forget about the halva paste once it’s melted add in the rose water and the saffron and we let it boil a little does it have to be thick or thin no it shouldn’t’ be too thick i know that you did a lot of work on this thank you very much for this delicious recipe i hope that everyone have can make this thank you for inviting me hope you enjoy this with your afternoon tea thank you and see you soon