(upbeat music) – Good morning, and thank you for getting so quiet, so quickly. Welcome to the Hampton City school’s Citizen of the Month luncheon. Welcome to our new location the Queen Street Baptist
Church North Worship Center. Let’s give them a hand, isn’t it fancy? (applause) I am Diana Gulotta, Executive Director of Public Relations and Marketing for Hampton City Schools, and I am very proud to
serve as the MC today. This is one of my favorite
events of the year because we are celebrating the role models in each of our schools. Congratulations to each
and every one of you for your selection as
Citizen of the Month. Your hard work has paid off, and we are very honored
to recognize you today. It is now my, go ahead you can clap, (applause) it is now my sincere pleasure to introduce our school superintendent,
Dr. Jeffery Smith. (applause) – Alright, good morning! – [Audience] Good morning. – Oh, come on guys, you
can do better than that. Good morning! – [Audience] Good morning! – Thank you, so very much. I know that you’re
excited that, let’s see, I think we get out on
Thursday, is that right? Is that our last day on Thursday? (audience agrees) Oh my goodness, that’s right. Thursday would be Thanksgiving, so let’s see, we’re out starting, let’s see, maybe Wednesday? (audience agrees) Alright, great! Look, welcome, I am delighted to be here, and good morning as Citizens of the Month, I want you to know as superintendent that I am so proud of you as individuals, and for the great job that you’re doing. You were selected based on scholarship, character, the respect and courtesy that you show for others, responsibility, and certainly sportsmanship as well. So, I want you to give yourselves a nice hand there
(audience applauds) for the great job that you’re doing. I also want to acknowledge
the fact that you are indeed a leader, and other
students will look to you as a model for their behavior. Stand up and sorta,
kind of, give the person seated next to you a high five and say, “I am a proud leader!” (crowd murmuring) Great, good job. I want you to know that you are the future of Hampton, and our future certainly looks bright. Congratulations on your selection
as Citizen of the Month. It is now my honor to recognize the chair of our school board, Mr. Jason Samuels. Please join me as we
invite him to come forward at this time, and enjoy your meal later. (audience applauds) – Good morning, boys and girls! – [Audience] Good morning. – Also, good morning to our executive team members, teachers,
and administrative staff. I am thrilled and honored
to be in your presence, as we recognize you for
being Citizen of the Month. A Good Citizen is like a Good Samaritan. One who respect, love,
and care for others. It also means that you strive
for academic excellence. There are a few people here to help celebrate your accomplishment, and your accomplishments, and they are my fellow board members. Will Vice Chair Ms. Ann
Cherry please stand, (applause) Ms. Martha Mugler, (applause) Ms. Phyllis Henry, (applause) and Mr. Joe Kilgore. (applause) We also have members
of Hampton City Counsel in attendance to help you celebrate your accomplishments, and they are Mayor Donnie Tuck, please stand, (applause) and Vice Mayor Linda Curtis. (applause) Thank you for your
attendance, and your support. This would not be possible without our generous luncheon
sponsors, and they are, Hampton Chevrolet, Dustin Edmonds, and Lisa Crump from 1st Advantage. At this time I would like for them to step forward, and make a few remarks. Thank you. (applause) – Good morning, boys and girls! – [Audience] Good morning! – How are you all? – [Audience] Good.
– Good! My name is Lisa Crump, and I am, in fact, the Branch Manager for two of 1st Advantage
locations in the Hampton area. On behalf of 1st Advantage, we do in fact congratulate
each and every one of you for being that leader and
role model in the community. You guys probably hear a lot of bad things that happen in society, right? Well guess what? You guys are doing
completely opposite of that. So, you deserve another round of applause (applause)
for setting the example, for leading the way, and for being that role models that others
can look to become. For those of you guys who don’t know, 1st Advantage is in fact
a financial institution. We are, in fact, we do, in fact, service the community for each and every one of you, and hopefully, one day,
we can service you too. So again, on behalf of 1st
Advantage, congratulations, and happy holidays to
each and every one of you. (applause) – Good morning. – [Audience] Good morning. – You guys are a great group. I was walking around, getting
to talk to some of the tables, and congratulations, I mean that. I’m Dustin Edmonds, I’m from
Hampton Chevrolet Mazda, the fun car dealership up the road. I started there when I was 19 years old. I was actually a customer,
and bought a car, and Councilman Billy
Hobbs actually hired me, as a salesperson, and
I haven’t left since. I’ve been there, and I’m now the General Manager of the dealership. When we were asked about this, this is right up our alley. You guys are awesome,
it’s our honor to be here. If you guys would just
humor me for a second, it’s going to take a little bit of moving. If everyone could stand
up, just for a second. I’m sorry, I know we’re comfortable. If every body could
stand on your tippy toes and put your hands in the
air as high as you can, on your tippy toes. Alright, sit back down, right on the front of your seat, right on the edge of it. Thank you all for that. When I go home, my wife is
going to ask how it went today, and I can tell her that I had everybody on the edge of their seats,
and jumping up and down. (laughing) Happy Thanksgiving, you guys, congratulations, thank you all so much. (applause) – Thank you, Dustin and Lisa. If you’ve attended this
luncheon in the past, you’ll probably remember
that we usually pass the microphone to each student so they can introduce themselves. In an effort to save time,
and ensure that each student is seen and heard on camera,
we changed this process, so that the students
introduce themselves on camera before the beginning of the luncheon. So, as you’ve been
settling into your seats, our Citizens of the
Month have been walking the red carpet, and introducing
themselves on camera. The good news about this
change in the process, is the fact that we get to
start eating a little earlier. So today, we actually, another change that we have is we have a buffet today, so we will be releasing you by tables. We are going to start, I can’t see all the table numbers from here, but we are going to start with this table, this table, this table. and this table. You guys can go ahead and rise, and go to the buffet table line. And then we will dismiss
each of you when we’re ready. Thank you. – Hello, my name is Robert Hoyt. – Hello, my name is Delvon Hall. – Hello, my name is Joshua Duke. – Hello, my name is Jasper Owens. – Hello, my name is Alexis Pfahl. – Hello, my name is Kahmilah Eley. – Hello, my name is Sayema Mohammed. – [Everyone Together] And
we represent Kecoughtan High School, the home of everyday greatness. – Hello, my name is Sage Hays. – Hello, my name is
Zechariah Keophilavanh-Jones. – Hello, my name is Mia Sierra. – Hello, I’m Caleb Shrader. – [Together] And we attend
Booker Elementary school. – Hello, my name is LeeAnn Higgs. – Hello, my name is
Reginald Perry the Third. – [Together] And we
attend Syms Middle School. – Hello, my name is Trush Patel. – Hello, my name is Tyree Kelley. – Hello, my name is Rhylee Wilkins. – [Together] And we attend
Barron Elementary School. – Hello, my name is Blake Williams. – My name is Rachel Spencer. – My name is Anissah Auzenne. – My name is Suzanne Parnell. – [Together] We attend
Asbury Elementary School. – Hello, my name is Azoryana Haskins. – Hello, my name is Londen Jones. – Hello, my name is Noah Jacob. – [Together] And we attend
Cary Elementary School. – Hello, my name is Tony Shockley. – Hello, my name is Warren Wood. – Hello, my name is Elizabeth Phillips. – Hello, my name is Journey Brooks. – [Together] And we attend
Smith Elementary School. – Hello, my name is Jason Michener. – Hello, my name is Ronald Griffin. – Hello, my name is Noah Easter. – Hello, my name is Joshua Bolt. – Hello, my name is Mersades Charlton. – Hello, my name is Yasmin Camacho. – [Together] And we attend
Phoebus High School. – Hello, my name is Jasauni Ringer. – Hello, my name is Jaidan Pauls. – Hello, my name is Javarr Johnsons. – Hello, my name is Brianna Andrews. – Hello, my name is Fernando Ramirez. – Hello, my name is Malachi Hall. – Hello, my name is Olivia Brown. – [Together] And we attend Andrews Pre-K through Eight School. – Hello, my name is Sharon Moore. – Hello, my name is Jamyria Tann. – [Together] And we attend
Jane H. Bryan school. – Hello, my name is Elias Chaltraw. – Hello, my name is Mai Ly. – Hello, my name is Keagen Watson. – [Together] And we attend
Armstrong Elementary School. – Hello, my name is Maurice Green. – Hello, my name is Alyssa Thomas. – Hello, my name is Kyler Brinkley. – Hello, my name is Rebecca Allen. – Hello, my name is Kevin Johnson. – Hello, my name is Cylie Prescott. – [Together] And we attend
Eaton Middle School. – Hi, my name is Maleia Tricoche. – Hi, my name is Ariana Overholt. – Hi, my name is Mayson Moffitt. – Hi, my name is James Leimgruber. – [Together] And we attend
Forrest Elementary School. – Hi, my name is Aviance Henderson. – Hello, my name is Timothy Watson. – Hello, my name is Damontae Brown. – Hello, my name is Kyndall Newby. – [Together] And we attend
Bassette Elementary School. – Hi, my name’s Makaila Murphy. – Hello, my name is Ashley Cabell. – Hello, my name is James Breedlove. – Hello, my name is Ajhani Franklin. – Hello, my name is Jose Islas. – Hello, my name is Dativa Eyembe. – Hello, my name is Joe Cooper. – Hello, my name is Titus Sapp. – [Together] And we
attend Bethel High School, the home of academic excellence. – Hello, my name is Alaia Goodson. – Hello, my name is Ethan Blackburn. – Hello, my name is Owen Link. – Hello, my name is Kailah McEachin. – Hello, my name’s Ahmad Ziedan. – Hello, my name is Zoe Challenger. – Hello, my name is Serenity Daniels. – Hello, my name’s Justin Harris. – Hello, my name is Alyssa Baird. – Hello, my name is Destiny Burrell. – [Together] And we attend
Phenix Pre-K through Eight. – Hello, name is Abdul Rahman-Anouti. – Hello, my name is Darryl Atkinson. – Hello, my name is Khadim Mbaye. – Hello, my name is Victoria Chambers. – Hello, my name is Trinity Washington. – Hello, my name is George Zama. – Hello, my name’s Ty’Aira Padilla. – Hello, my name is Cora Murphy. – [Together] We attend
Hampton High School, you can’t crush a crab. – Hello, my name is Wisdom Miller. – Hello, my name is Arionna Conwell. – Hello, my name is Nyasia Stevenson. – Hello my name is Jaquan Culbert. – [Together] And we attend
Aberdeen Elementary School. – Hello, my name is Gabe Rumburg. – Hello, my name is Conner Lee. – Hello, my name is Detren Meno. – Hello, my name is Madison Gentry. – [Together] And we attend
Phillips Elementary School. – Hi, my name is Jael Melvin. – Hello, my name is Tyson Denton. – Hello, my name is Jericho Nicely. – Hello, my name is Justin Bass. – Hello, my name is Astrid Cain. – Hello, my name is Jayden Jewell. – Hi, my names Jordyn White. – Hello, my name’s Jamya Ribbon. – Hello, my name is Jaylen Evelyn. – Hello, my name is Jacob Petery. – [Together] And we attend
Spratley Gifted Center. – Hello, my name is Brian Champman. – Hi, my name is Keriyona Williams. – Hello, my name is Lashae Toliver. – Hello, my name is Jamari Blount. – Hi, my name is Tayler Denton. – [Together] And we attend
Lindsay Middle School. – Hello, my name is Alexis Bass. – Hello, my name is Brett Keefer. – Hello, my name’s Braedon McBride. – Hello, my name is Jose Martinez. – Hello, my name is Hope Carpenter. – Hello, my name is Atsar Williams. – [Together] And we attend
Jones Magnet Middle School. – Hello, my name is Timothy Wright. – Hello, my name’s Nekana Smiley. – Hello, my name is Shemaiah Reynolds. – Hello, my name is Camryn Jones. – [Together] We attend
Tyler Elementary School. – Hello, my name is Yasmine Stanley. – Hello, my name is Tyler Gross. – Hello, my name is Ariana Cornick. – Hello, my name is Kayla Faison. – [Together] And we attend
Machen Elementary School. – Hello, my name is Elijah Lee-Boone. – Hello, my name is Brianna Parks. – Hello, my name is Brehonna Earley. – [Together] And we attend
Kraft Elementary School. – Hello, my name is Madison Thomas. – Hello, my name is Genesis Porter. – Hello, my name is Alayah Liggins. – Hello, my name’s Deanna Nguyen. – [Together] And we attend
Cooper Elementary School. – Hello, my name is Paige LaRoche. – Hello, my name is Kayleigh Quick-Cole. – Hello, my name is Justin Quick-Cole. – Hello, my name is Jose Oben. – [Together] And we attend
Langley Elementary School. – Hello, my name is Kaliea McCanick. – Hello, my name is Kayden Arciles. – Hello, my name is Noelle Pendleton. – [Together] We attend
Burbank Elementary School. – Hello, my name is Landon Norton. – Hello, my name is Emily Morgan. – Hello, my name is Kayla. – Hello, my name is Jonathan Jackson. – [Together] We attend
Tucker-Capps Elementary School. – Hello, my name is Bianca Rodriquez. – Hello, my name is Trevor Hargrave. – Hello, my name is Aamya Cheeseboro. – Hello, my name is Christina Ortiz. – Hello, my name’s Tamia Kelly. – [Together] And we attend
Davis Middle School. – Hello again, how was lunch? Thumbs up, was it great? Okay, if you haven’t
gotten your dessert yet, it’s okay for you to quietly
get up and go get your dessert while our speaking is speaking, okay. Our speaker today is Michelle Vinnie. She’s a past Hampton city
school’s teacher of the year. She currently teacher math
at Hampton High School, and she’s been teaching
math for Hampton city schools for more than seven years. She previously taught at
Kecoughtan High School. She has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Christopher Newport University, and has couched high school basketball. She’s very involved in our community, participating in the art of spoken word poetry, to inspire and
motivate young people. She’s the co-founder
of an outreach program, called Knowledge Empowers You. Miss Vinnie is a proud, proudly grew up in Hampton. She attended Cooper, Bryan,
and Moton Elementary Schools. Spratley Middle School, and she graduated from Phoebus High School. Where’s our Phantoms? Alright, it is my pleasure
to welcome Miss Vinnie. (applause) – Greetings everyone. First I would like to say thank
you to Hampton city school’s teachers, administrators, school board, and community leaders who lead the way, and make it possible for students to get a good education in
Hampton city schools. I’m truly honored to be
your speaker tonight, or today, I’m sorry. I’m just looking around
at all of these students, and I can’t help but
feel a sense of pride. For one, I’m very proud of you
guys for waking up every day and going to school, and
being the best you can be. I’m proud to say that I was
once a student at Hampton city schools, and now that I
have a chance to give back, like my teachers once gave to me. I’m also thankful, I’m
thankful for that meal, that was really good.
(applause) It was good right? I’m very thankful that I
went to school in Hampton, and had teachers that cared about me. Raise your hand if you have a teacher right now who cares about you. Look at that, that’s amazing. I want you to start thinking
about what you are thankful for, and keep this feeling that
you have right now with you. Right now you should feel
rewarded, you should feel good. Matter of fact, I want everybody
to do something for me. Look to the person left or right of you, and say, “I feel good.” – [Crowd] I feel good. – Yes, yes, and you should feel good, because you all are leaders
in your very own way. I like to make three points today. First, life’s about choices. One thing that will help you be successful in life is making good choices. I have a seven year old son
that attends Jane H. Bryan. I tell him to choose
his friends carefully. See, sometimes when you
want to continue on the path of true leadership, you
have to surround yourself with people that have
similar goals as you. Now that you are being
recognized at a luncheon, that you are top of your class,
you are now a role model, and that really puts you in
a position of leadership. When you are a leader,
I want you to know now, people have high expectations of you. Don’t let them down,
don’t let yourself down. Consider it a compliment, and don’t take any moment for granted. After all, not everyone
can earn the privilege of being the citizen of
the month, you are special. The second thing is, I believe
you should stay motivated. Not everything in your
life is gonna go perfect. As you move along the road, you’re gonna hit a few road blocks. I’m constantly reminded of a
quote by Frederick Douglass. He said, “If there is no
struggle, there is no progress.” So now, as I go out throughout my life, I look forward to something
maybe not going right. I maybe, the door might can’t
open, I may need the key. I may need to take a different route, but everything will not
always go perfectly. Let’s use school, for an example. In math class, what does your teacher want you to write with? – [Crowd] Pencil. – Because you’re gonna
write, you’re gonna erase it, you’re gonna try, and
you’re gonna try again. Science class, you put on glasses so you can do that experiment, right? You mix things together, until you can find that right solution. In english class, before
you give your final, you have to have your rough draft. So, life is about
starting off with scratch, and then molding it
until you get it right. Basketball, you take a shot,
you make some, you miss some. Gymnastics, you have to be flexible. Everything that we go through
in our life teaches us one thing, it teaches us life
lessons about never giving up. The third thing, or before that, no matter how much you struggle
make sure you never quit. The third thing, you know what holds people back from getting better? That’s the fear of failure. You have to believe in yourself. I mean, look at me, I’m gonna step out from the mic for a minute. I’m only this tall. I’m just a little bitty
thing, but you know one thing that I do is, I believe in myself. No matter how many times
someone tells you that you can’t do it, you have to say, “Yes I can”, no matter what. Fear of failure stops
people from being great. Speaking of failure, it’s gonna happen several times in your life. Sometimes you have to
take a couple losses, to get that true win that you value. You cannot be afraid to try new things. This is what I want you to do, when your next opportunity
comes, go for it. Do not hold back, face your
fears, and go be somebody. This is only the beginning, in fact, for most of you the
grades you’re receiving right now may have come easy to you, but when you go to college,
however, imagine that. You’re gonna be in college one day. You will experience unexpected
obstacles, and I want you to think about how you will
respond to those obstacles. Will you quit because it’s not easy, or will you be determined
to figure out the solution? Those of you willing to outwork people, and never give up are the ones that will be the most successful in your careers. So from this day on, I
want you to remember this, no excuses, no doubts,
just obstacles and routes. The words, “I can’t”, should
never come out of your mouth. Now repeat after me, say, “I can.” – [Crowd] I can. – “Be somebody.”
– Be somebody. – Because you have character,
you provide service, you are leaders, and most of all you have the potential to be great. Now I’m just gonna close with
a short poem that I entitle, and that I wrote myself,
it’s called, “Imagine”. Imagine, that you lived
in a perfect world, where wild animals play
with boys and girls. While tigers and lions,
bears and butterflying, there were gobs of vegetables,
and myriads of fruit. Imagine that you lived
in this perfect world where there were no lies, and only truths. Imagine, that you could run
away to a place where diverse people play, and nobody
is judging somebody. See, in this place you can wear your hair down, or wear it up. You could curls or bun it up, and no one would say, “You need to change. “Pin it like this, or braid it like that.” Go natural, or get a perm,
or maybe a silk wrap. Imagine that you had the
power to change the world, like lights on, lights
off, with two claps. Imagine, that you could be anything you wanted to be when you grow up. I mean, just dream of the
most fascinating thing, what would it be? For anyone who told you, you can’t do it, you will prove them wrong. Imagine, that you’re the
favorite verse in someone’s song. The subject, and verb, and
adjective to their lyrics. Imagine that you a
rapper, with hot lyrics. Imagine, that you’re
a hero and save lives. I know that you’re just simply a child, but imagine that you had the power to just make someone else smile. Accompany that with the
will power to never give up, you would be a person pretty hard to beat. Imagine that you became the person that you really wanted to be. Wait a minute, you don’t have to imagine. Because there’s something
called the power of now. You guys are actually living
in your dreams right now, in fact, the decisions you made yesterday determine your today. So I ask, what decisions
will you make today, so that your tomorrow
is an even better day? The next time someone asks
you, “What do you want to be?” You’ll simply respond, “I am somebody.” Thank you.
(applause) – In case you didn’t get
enough chocolate today, we do have a chocolate bar
for you, as a thank you. – Thank you. – Let’s give her another
round of applause. (applause)
– Thank you. – Thanks again to our
sponsors, and congratulations again to our citizens of the month. Shortly we will dismiss
our students by bus number. Also, don’t forget the
packets that we gave you, which will include a schedule sharing when this luncheon will air on channel 46. Congratulations again,
and have a great day. (upbeat music)